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  1. I am honestly more excited for the park this year with all of the improvements than if they were getting a new ride. Kings Island will look great this season.
  2. It would be great if they also brought back the streamers on the ceiling again.
  3. Thank you for the photos, is my child memory correct about the interior gazebos left and right of the main stage, or something I dreamed up? Do you think there is chance now that the exterior has been restored that they may restore the interior and bring back the ceiling streamers and wall murals, or is it destined to just be a food court?
  4. Does anyone have photos of the Festhaus the first couple of years after it opened? I was just a young kid but I recall when it had an Oktoberfest show in it, it had a gazebo on each side of the stage with an animated polka band in them like the clock.
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