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  1. Well, after the Outer Limits IP was lost, the control voice became a generic alien leader, and I'm detailing lore about that. It's more interesting. Also, this is what Adam Bezark has to say about it... "We were just kind of riffing on the “Outer Limits” opening titles and expanding that into a little UFO story. The mystery was part of the fun - we don’t know who these aliens are, what they want, or what they’re about to do to us. But it would definitely be fun to go back and deepen this story." He says it was an alien even back then. But if it were supposed to be the control voice, then OK.
  2. Do you have any materials that detail this? Anyway, I gave the leader a name: Krazeb (Bezark backwards) and even a title: "Leader of the Unknown." He looks humanoid, with an animesque appearance complimented by two tentacles protruding from his back and a long, flowing black cape.
  3. I mean the voice that goes "So.... you believe that you stumbled across us? Then kindly explain... why YOU are the ones trapped in your seats." That's slightly different from the control voice. It's more, how should I put it, "slithering." That belongs to the alien leader. 1:59
  4. Why? There's nothing weird about this. I just like Jim Cummings' voice acting.
  5. As embarrassing as it is to say, I have a crush on the alien leader from Flight of Fear (thanks to Jim Cummings' wonderful voice acting.) I would like to know if anyone has made up a name for him that I could use. Adam Bezark, who also wrote the T2 3D attraction at Universal, wrote the script to FoF back in its Outer Limits days, and I don't think he gave a name to the alien leader. I've reached out to him on his YouTube channel and hopefully I'll get a response. I also wanna know a few more things about him. Is he a hero or a villain? Or just an anti-hero? His lines in the stations imply he's either a villain or an anti-hero. ("How naive!") We also don't see a lot of his personality, other than the fact that he's fascinated by how we're studying his race. The main thing I wanna know is what he looks like. He probably looks like Orthopox from Destroy All Humans! but more... ya know... humanoid. IDK, just me. One of the earliest bits I've come up with for my forthcoming MCU level of lore surrounding him and the ride is that his planet has something akin to social security on Earth, and he controls the district that handles "social insurance" for survivors and retired soldiers. (Disabilities do not exist in aliens.) The numbers that are given out to these survivors and retired soldiers can then be used to track them and let them know when to pay their taxes. The alien leader has a... uh... fetish for, uh, giving them out (taken from an ElToroRyan video; it makes sense in context.) So yes, he does have a sense of humor too. In order to flesh out my lore more, I've been coming up with a playlist called "Flight of Fear: The Album" which would be a compilation of music suiting the ride that Paramount would put out in the late '90s in KI's gift shops. Including Pantera, Moloko, and more industrial/D&B/techno artists. That's all I have to say... peace...
  6. Six Flags doesn't care to inspect their rides, even after a worldwide pandemic. They are running their parks like a ghetto.
  7. Well guess what, they're the only hope Six Flags has left if they wanna stop being so "ghetto."
  8. Wait, is that the Galaxy Trio in one concept art? Or is that just the Phantom Cruiser... if it were the Galaxy Trio, then there could've been a Birdman ride!!
  9. I never really watched that show; it wasn't on Boomerang that often. Where were Birdman and Space Ghost in the Enchanted Voyage?
  10. *plays the music box (orugoru) ending of the Enchanted Voyage song over the current state of Hanna-Barbera and its characters...*

  11. How did they take this in 1973? Video cameras weren't as popular as they were in the late '80s. Does this have the Enchanted Voyage?
  12. Six Flags has become owners of many ghetto parks. Six Flags Over Georgia competes with the mall for foul-mouthed teenagers to be dropped off at. Six Flags Great Adventure lacks inspection of their rides (this and the Log Flume.) They used to be SO much better in the Time Warner days. Why doesn't AT&T buy them?
  13. The reason HB is not relevant with the kids of today is because WB does NOTHING to popularize them. The Flintstones are only known through cereal and vitamins (and a popular Internet meme.) Scooby Doo is the only one who's popular right now. Yogi Bear failed due to Yo Yogi and the live-action movie. Boomerang stopped playing classic cartoons. THIS is why HB isn't relevant anymore. Hopefully Jellystone will change that.
  14. Who's Tagg? Don't remember him being a Hanna-Barbera character, and I'm an HB buff.
  15. I think part of the reason why I want the Phantom Virus to be in the parks despite him being a one-off Scooby monster is because he's nostalgia to many cryptic millennial-Gen Z'ers, and perhaps younger.
  16. I wish the Space Ghost ride made it, because it would've been the FIRST superhero themed ride in a theme park (that honor actually goes to Batman: The Ride at SFGAm.) There should've also been a Birdman ride. Nowadays, a flying coaster themed after him would've sold a million... if kids even knew who he was (Harvey Birdman does not count.)
  17. Since KECO folded in the early 1990s, and Paramount removed the Hanna-Barbera license in 2006, Hanna-Barbera hasn't been seen in theme parks ever since Camp Cartoon at Six Flags Great America was rethemed in 2018. What park do you think will own the rights to HB? I bet it'll be Six Flags, IF they ever decide to renew the license. Universal might still own the rights, but they've rarely done ANYTHING with it. If AT&T buys Six Flags (which I really, REALLY want to happen!), they'll own the rights to HB. That means they can bring back the Enchanted Voyage with newer characters like the Phantom Virus, and use the action characters like Space Ghost and Birdman in more intense rides (I want a Birdman themed flying coaster!) Or maybe today's kids just don't care about Hanna-Barbera, because Boomerang has become a ****show and rarely airs classic cartoons. Aside from Scooby Doo, Hanna-Barbera is literally an outsider in these kids' eyes. Mention Fred Flintstone and they'll be like "Who?" (Then there's the "GRAND DAD" meme, but that's a different story.)
  18. Since you are a KI expert, could you tell us the reason why Space Ghost and Birdman didn't appear in the parks? They are my two favorite HB characters (besides the Phantom Virus, but he's from 2001) and I wonder why they never used the action characters. I bet kids would love them.
  19. 1. Enchanted Voyage 2. Scooby Doo and the Haunted Castle 3. Scooby Doo Coaster 4. Winnie Witch's Cauldrons 5. Tomb Raider: The Ride As you can see, I'm a big fan of the KECO days.
  20. Bring back the Hanna-Barbera license and give a nod to the Phantom Virus (character on my avatar.)
  21. おはようございます、みなさん!

  22. If Paramount didn't buy out KECO, and if the ride hadn't been replaced with Smurfs (which I hate)/came back in a revamped version, here is a new verse for the Enchanted Voyage song. This comes after the Banana Splits part. The Phantom Virus hits the home run, Birdman soars powered by the sun Black Vulcan throws his lightnin' bolts Race Bannon is strong, brave and bold. Then we'd go into the regular end part. How did you like it? Feedback appreciated.
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