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  1. I understand that the food prices are rediculous, I expect that from a theme park and that's why we always pack food. But has anyone eaten there and is it a good deal comparing it to Kings Island standards? Thanks.
  2. Hey guys, I was wondering what everyone thought of this new buffet place. Whenever we go to the park we always pack lunch in the car but it's a hassle to walk all the way to the parking lot for food. My friend was telling me about the new buffet they had and I thought it sounded like a good deal. I've always thought the food at KI was of low quality and not the most healthy but my buddy told me the food at the buffet is 10 times better than last year. I want to try it the next time I visit the park but I first want to know what the experts think. Has anyone gone THIS year? What were your experiences? Would you recommend it? Thanks!
  3. Nice pics! It's really cool to see PKI in the winter time when it's snowing.
  4. 10. Psycho Mouse 9. Orient Express 8. Loch Ness Monster 7. Dragon Mountain 6. Big Bad Wolf 5. Drachen Fire 4. Tennessee Tornado 3. Phantom's Revenge 2. Magnum XL-200 1. X
  5. Well now we've gotten off topic, but let's get back on. Do you think PKI will get a 4D?
  6. The Bat is by far the best defunct roller coaster. Sadly, Arrow took away the best parts of The Bat from the suspended coaster.
  7. Are you talking about where Vortex sits? There might have been a lake there a long time ago but I don't think there was a lake there when KI bought the land.
  8. Flight of Fear...I've ridden that coaster before any other coaster at the beginning of each season for three years and I'm going to make it four.
  9. No Magnum is not sinking and Vortex isn't either.
  10. Impossible for a launched 4D coaster it would hurt every one on the ride, it's structurely unstable i think a regular 4D would be nice. :cowboy: A launched 4D is more than possible. S&S and Arrow are already working on one with lighter 4D trains. The track is also different with only one guiderail in between the two other rails. Where did you get that it's unstable? I bet you don't know a thing about stability with roller coasters. I'm not saying that PKI will get a launched 4D, but I think it's possible for them to get a regular 4D. PKI was supposed to get the first ArrowBatic but that deal fell through. Now I think it's time for PKI to get the second 4D.
  11. PKI has never had a B&M or Intamin coaster, but PKI has had a great relationship with Arrow. Also, PKI like record breaking rides and new and innovative rides. Who's to say that PKI will not stick with going B&M and Intamin free by going with an Arrow 4th Dimensional coaster? For all of you who say that the 4D is unreliable, well that really isn't the case anymore since Arrow has been working out all of the flaws. They even have a launching version of the 4D. Now if they could do that thne they could get the regular 4D worked out. Do you think PKI will see a 4D in the future?
  12. Adventure Express, Top Gun, and Vortex are all just too good of Arrows to take away from us.
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