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  1. I'm somewhat of a newbie to Kings Island myself. I have a bucket list item this summer to ride in the front seat and back seat of every rollercoaster!
  2. That makes sense! Thank you @jimlaheyscar and @Hawaiian Coasters 325!
  3. In KI's re-opening plan they said guests have to plan for their visit in advance - does anyone know if we have to make reservations for a specific day ahead of time, even if we have season passes? Admittedly I didn't make it out to the park last summer, so I'm not sure if the same plan was in place last year, but wondering how that works. Also, with Ohio's new guidelines no longer limiting outdoor event capacity (although keeping mask guidance and social distancing in place), do you think KI will increase daily capacity?
  4. I agree, hopefully KI doesn't close lines early. I have season tix for the first time to KI this year, but was planning on going at night a few times between 8-10p when my 1 year old is in bed since my wife isn't a huge roller coaster fan.
  5. Hi everyone, first-time poster here, and apologies if this was answered somewhere else, but I happened to notice that The Racer has been removed from the Roller Coasters section on Kings Island's website - is this temporary until the re-tracking is complete? It should be open in 2021, correct? Thanks!
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