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  1. Introducing the longest... The fastest... The tallest... coaster ever built in Planet Snoopy
  2. How much would one of these actually cost compared to the traditional ground up? I can see Cedar Fair sending one of these to one of the smaller parks like Michigan’s Adventure
  3. Kings Island... if you’re reading this... I demand my RMC
  4. Tone it down? How could you possibly say that when we are obviously on track to get a 550 ft RMC T rex that’s 7000 ft long while setting the world inversion record?
  5. Area 72 would be a good location for it if they were to actually relocate it, perhaps between The Racer and FoF
  6. To be fair, it was mainly the GP who really hated on Vortex. Most enthusiasts I’ve come across have said that it was their favorite arrow looper... but without that knowledge about the history / manufacturer / ride type, along with rumors that the ride itself was sinking, that would probably explain why people hated it. It was getting rough, and although it wasn’t the absolute roughest arrow (I’m looking at you, Anaconda) most GP probably just looked at it as a painful experience. I hear some pretty crazy opinions about certain things whenever I go to the park and it always makes me chuckle.
  7. Here’s a little visual for what I’m talking about! Key: Light Green- Landscaping upgrades Light Blue- New flats Red/Black- Area 72 Expansion + new entrance Yellow- Future RMC Purple- Upgraded pathways throughout rivertown Dark Green- Ivy tunnel
  8. I have a few ideas that are a little out there but would love to see happen. I’m definitely in that group of people who would kill to have a massive RMC at our park, but I do not see Kings Island implementing something huge anytime soon or cutting down more trees near The Beast. However, I’d like to bring up the idea about BLSC and it feeling very out of place as moving it would create even more space for a future investment. After spending a lot of time on google earth, I decided that the space between FoF and racer would be the perfect fit for Backlot. It would be very easy to slap on a spac
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