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  1. I feel nostalgic though. I rode so many carni-rides as a kid, and lived to tell the story. They're basically gone now. The local fair isn't the same, the spring carnival is gone. For some of us our first Tilt-a-Whirl, Ferris Wheel, Gravity-Sucking-Spinning-Thing (TM), was at the local carnival. My kids have missed all that, for better or worse.
  2. Looks like the park opens at 11am on the weekends, but what time are they actually letting people in? Is ERT a thing right now? I think I saw somewhere on here that there is no ERT, but they were letting folks in the gates at 10:30---or at least prior to 11? I think we're going this weekend. Would like to be in as early as possible and out early as well. Thx.
  3. If I was a local I would be hesitant to support a chaperone policy too quickly---I'm sure many that live around the park have kids that behave 100% of the time or at least such that no one would notice. I have the utmost faith that KI will figure this out one way or another though. In very general terms they need to send a message to those that might be inclined to cause trouble that KI is not the place to do it. It won't be tolerated, so let's not go there---let's go somewhere else to cause trouble, it's no fun to do it there.
  4. My wife and her sister both hurled after riding it, and that was it for them. I loved Vortex, but even for me the six inversions would have my head spinning a little bit after one ride. Not sure how people could marathon it, but I know some did.
  5. Entering a park I've never been to, I still prefer a paper map that I can spread out and look over and find my way. Much easier than a phone. I try to research parks before-hand, but until you actually get the lay of the land it can be confusing staring at a 5" screen.
  6. I'm glad there's a Fast Lane line. It greatly reduces our wait time in the regular line.
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