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  1. I got into the park itself around 1130. I went on Orion first. It was about a 40 minute wait. Next I went to Flight of Fear. That was easily a good hour and a half wait but a ton of fun. Went to The Beast afterwards and that was about a 30 minutes wait. That was one of the most incredibly amazing wooden coasters I ever rode. The last part where you go down the hill slightly sideways into the two tunnels was absolutely incredible. I then took a ton of photos. And decided I would save the rest for another day. The reason I did that is they said my ticket is good for another admission free so I plan to make the 10 hour drive back from Pennsylvania before the season is over. Overall I thought the park was awesome even though I only did 3 rides.
  2. I ended up just taking a chance and going today with the cold weather that slightly less people would show than a normal Saturday. I am in line now to park my car I will let you know how it is.
  3. I'm on vacation in Kentucky for my very first time until Monday. I mainly came here to visit the ark encounter and the Creation museum. However I'm a huge roller coaster and theme park fan. I hear The Beast is the longest wooden roller coaster in the world and would love to ride it. Do you think I should go there on sunday? Or should I just pass as they will probably be long lines?
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