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  1. Kentucky Kingdom would have a better shot at getting either a space shot or turbo drop from S&S. with it being a completely different firm, and totally different style of ride, the clientèle would me more likely to ride this attraction. Am I the only one who thinks the shade structure from S.T.O.P. looks tacky in the Looney Tunes area?
  2. Legend Rider

    Pre-Opening day Photos and Report

    know what I'd like? a traditional Hyper... like Magnum XL-200... yeah with G-Force you can actually feel... and AIRTIME!
  3. Legend Rider

    Pre-Opening day Photos and Report

    Well, not to shoot you down, but the footing looks like the ones for IntaRide or B&M, so don't be upset if its not a B&M Diver, because those are much larger... that footing is not all that large at Antique Photos. I used to walk by Oodles of Beemer footers... on the daily.
  4. Legend Rider

    Best Shoes to Wear

    for extended active wear, and for hiking... its all about the Crocs, don't worry about the look, its for the feel! when it comes to an active job... or one that you should look good in... Do not buy Sketchers, they rub your feet raw. Sauconys are the best, but they fit snug. Pumas dont bend easily unless you get the suede ones, and they rot easily. new balance is okay, they dont wear out so easily, but they look pretty ugly if you dont get the perfect ones. Adidas is pretty good, but I go my route of black shoes... Airwalk, Payless, Twenty Bucks!!
  5. Legend Rider

    King Cobra Returns?

    Are you saying Six Flags constructed Thunder Run and Chang? Because that isn't true They were part of the temptation to buy the park. Chang was bought last minute to entice the buyers that it was a decent park. I say Chang should be preserved with Greezed Lightnin' and because Kentucky Kingdom's days may be numbered. Sure we need to Keep Twisted Twins, and Thunder Run and that "Hang'n'Bang" but those aren't nearly as popular. ::waits for riots to end:: Greezed Lightnin' is a landmark, a treasure from both Marriott Parks. Chang, was built to be the longest and Tallest Stand-Up Roller Coaster, and well, it's number 2 to Riddler's Revenge. so thats still exciting. Twisted Twins... umm, rough much? Thunder Run... nice ride, but again, these are the classic "Hurler" Design... its been done. Roadrunner, Rollerskater? multiple production rides. That about covers it. If King's Island gets Chang... I will move to Cincinnati, and at least attempt to be employed there. Okay, I'm kidding, I live in Western/Southern Kentucky and am tired of the cold here. ...but Chang is still amazing.
  6. Legend Rider

    Six Flags Signs China Licensing Agreement

    Most Asian wooden roller coasters are painted white. this is thought to prevent fires, also the wooden "bents" are constructed much more closely than in the states, more wood for fear of quakes... gotta make the people happy. Actually, lots of Asian coasters are white... kinda tacky if you ask me...
  7. Legend Rider

    BLSC Question

    Test Ride? 3-2-1-ZOOM
  8. Legend Rider


    Cedar Fair rider admission policy; if it is same as CP, you can ride with a wrist brace/cast, as long as you are the outside rider, this is to prevent injury to another rider. if you can shake your wrist pretty heavily, with no pain to yourself Go for the "Level 5"s if its a little pain... stick to only a few "Level 4"s if there is a lot... you might hope to go back pre-Italian Job or uh, Backlot Stunt Coaster... to the Tiques... cuz, you're screwed until you get that off.
  9. Legend Rider

    Future of Coney Island, Cincinnati- our Beloved Park

    It sounds a lot like Beech Bend Park, from time to time it seems as though they "over buy" I think the trick is pacing the budget... because thats what it is, a budget. but they both try to get people out of the lines and onto the rides.
  10. Legend Rider

    Old School Attractions

    Most Definitely the Flying Eagles. How I miss it so.
  11. Legend Rider


    Ok, flaming was strictly forbidden 2 years ago, why has it come back, share some love! they obviously want to plan the trip, winter is a great time for that. ssdd1970, in wishing to spend a week in Cincinnati, I would also recommend visiting the Carew Tower downtown, its taller than the Tallest Roller Coaster in the World!! I have always stayed near exit 19 (Fields-Ertel Road, not so sure of spelling) they have some good rates, however I recommend the Ramada located next to the Days Inn, they have better staff, and continental breakfast. Yay Food! Best of luck. And for the love people, spell check!
  12. Legend Rider

    Demon Drop for 2008?

    and goes down for weather after three drops of rain... 1... oh wait... ... ehh... "DISPATCH 1" 2... yes yes yes... "DISPATCH 2" oh come on one more! "DISPATCH 3" 3... YES!! RIDE PARK Riders waiting for demon drop, at this time, demon drop is closed due to WEATHER! we do not know how long this delay will last... blah blah blah... EVACUATE RIDE!!!
  13. Legend Rider

    Can you ride at CP?

    exactly, if Maverick had just a simple lapbar, it would be a much more enjoyable ride... :-)
  14. Legend Rider

    Can you ride at CP?

    In the case of CP, the operators try to do their best to catch all large guests before entering the line, at MF its but forcing everyone to climb on the test seat and ask if they have ridden this year. if yeah, then they assume that the rider has ridden, and proceeds... I have been stopped... and everyone knows, I'm MF riding material. it hard to catch everything.and when you allow someone to enter, just to spend 2 hours in a line then get turned away and do the WALK OF SHAME!! that hurts. Trust me... MF big-kids sitting in the back seat is the most hilarious thing ever... think about it... you get released after saying "sorry" then you have to walk the entire train length to the front of the train, and exit the station out the back of the platform... that has to be the worst feeling... but its better than them asking, "can't i just ride without it? I'll be fine!"
  15. Legend Rider

    CP and the whole summer

    wait, who are you? lol