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  1. Thank you for the advice, everyone! My wife and I are going to Kings Island tonight for me to try out Mystic Timbers. She claims I should be able to make it through that one. I'll be taking original Dramamine, staying well-hydrated and well-fed, and am going to try to keep my eyes ahead. I got a new pair of glasses, so hopefully that will help some too. I guess we'll find out tonight!
  2. It definitely starts with dizziness, but I am not sure if my vision plays a role. I do have some vision issues and wear glasses. I get a little dizzy on the Carousel in Planet Snoopy when I ride with my kids, but it's not bad at all really.
  3. BoddaH1994: Yep, I took the "all day relief" Dramamine about 7 hours before I rode The Bat. I think in my original post I said 5-6 but now I'm thinking the time was closer to 6.5-7 hours prior. Not sure if the effects were diminished.
  4. Hi everyone, I am seeking advice and thought here would be a great place to ask. I have a major phobia of roller coasters. As a kid (8 or 9) I was tricked into riding The Beast by my parents and it was a tortuous experience having only ridden one coaster before, Top Gun or The Bat as it is currently named. I enjoyed The Bat but The Beast wreaked havoc on me and I ended up throwing up all over the station when I got off the ride. Aside from Adventure Express I never rode another roller coaster again because the experience was so traumatic. Fast forward 25 years and 4 kids later and I have decided enough is enough and I want to overcome some of these fears. Two weekends ago I went to KI late at night with my wife with the goal of riding The Bat since I had a fun experience on it when I was 8 or 9. It was definitely intense since I have basically no coaster experience, but it was fun and i had a major adrenaline rush for the rest of the night. The only problem was again I had severe nausea for about 15 or 20 minutes at least after getting off the ride. I had to sit down and drink some water to settle my stomach down. I had taken all-day relief dramamine about 5 hours before I rode The Bat because I thought I was going to go to KI earlier than I ended up going, but plans changed because of kids, etc. Some questions: 1. Is there a solid method for avoiding motion sickness? 2. Is The Bat known to induce motion sickness? Just thinking of the swinging trains and quick successions of turns, 3. What coaster should I try next? I want to keep riding, and have an ultimate goal of at least riding The Beast again at some point to get over that childhood experience. Thank you!
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