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  1. Keep in mind the free ticket for renewals is only valid on Sundays.
  2. It also looks like a contributing factor is that the lift kept running with a boat stopped at the beginning of the turntable. WWC's lift stops when the turntable is stopped or a boat is still to close to the top of the lift.
  3. From Intamin's website http://www.intaminworldwide.com/amusement/Home/News/tabid/196/Default.aspx Like everyone in our industry, we are shocked and saddened about the tragic event at Dreamworld. Please be informed that this ride was neither built by Intamin nor supplied by Intamin. We are therefore not in the position to make any comment. Our thoughts are with the families and friends of those affected.
  4. The article says it was the "Longest, fastest, and tallest wooden roller coaster in the world when it opened in 1991" Guess they never heard of The Beast.
  5. Sorority house is also a good one to start with, due to the fact that most of the actors just sit around and do nothing,
  6. Of course you would have no problem using it this past weekend, its going to be the 2017 you may run into issues. Why do you not want to use a new picture? Uploading online takes like 10 seconds, doing it at the park right now probably would be a few minutes, but still no big deal.
  7. They are requiring everyone to have a new picture for next year, since some people may still be using pictures from around 2007, so you must choose one of those options. Also, does anyone know the process for getting a new card for someone who renewed from a Gold Pass to a Platinum Pass. IE can they get their platinum card this year and be able to use it for the remainder of the 2016 season (renewal) with the understanding that the platinum benefits do not work until 2017?
  8. IIRC 2000 and prior the height requirement was something less than 44", it was changed to 44" in 2001, and now is 48".
  9. Boo Blasters is in terrible condition, rode last night and while most the targets are working, the responses are not working properly.
  10. Does anybody know what the agreement is between the park and the food vendors concerning how they get reimbursed for the dining plans?
  11. The Festhaus LaRosas also appears to not have cheese on the breadsticks, al least last Friday anyways.
  12. They are $12 now. (The first weekend they were being sold for $10)
  13. Did anybody eat at Tom + Chee Saturday? If so what was included on the dining plan?
  14. Can anyone confirm is Panda Express or Chick-fil-a still participates in the dining plan. It is no longer listed on Kings Island's website as such. Edit - it is still listed if you navigate through dining plans, but not if you click on the all dining locations.
  15. The "No Boo" Necklaces are now $12, last Friday they were being sold for $10. Also ironically the Everything $10 and under store near The Racer is selling the necklaces for $12, the worker said they have received a lot of complaints regarding this. It is also made clear that the No Boo necklaces are not good in the mazes and must be turned off.
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