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  1. I can't think of any more Flight Commander rides still in use but I know that Gerstlauer has a ride pretty similar called Sky Fly, where you can change your ride experience by choosing when to go upside down. Any time someone mentions Sky Fly, I can only think of Flight Commander lol. https://www.gerstlauer-rides.de/products/flat-rides/sky-fly-en-US/
  2. If they ever replace LaRosa's with another pizza place (which I can't really see them doing any time soon to be honest), I could see them maybe doing something with Mikey's Late Night Slice which is a local pizza place that originated in Columbus. They do pizza by the slice as part of their actual menu which I think would work well with the whole amusement park thing. They also do like wings as well so it's not just another pizza place in the park, it's something different. I know they have a location in Cincinnati so it's not as if they're 1 1/2 away from the whole chain. I could even see them being part of the food truck line up if they ever bring the festival back since their food truck is pretty well know around Columbus.
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