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  1. @Shawn Meyer From what I heard, a women came back into the station unconscious. they took a precaution to inspect the ride and close it early, we can expect it to re-open tomorrow given no issues are found (was likely a pre-existing condition, so I presume it wasn’t really the rides direct fault) I may be wrong, but whatever it is hope the women is doing alright.
  2. The park has really upped their game on line-jumpers, while confrontation can lead to unneeded violence it can help detour some people from considering even line-jumping. Kids especially seem to think nobody will care if they cut, but it adds up.
  3. Hi, I had a pretty simple question regarding season passholder parking benefits. This is sorta going off of how with a Gold Pass at Kings Island it will only grant you entry into the park once per day and you will need a hand-stamp to enter again afterwards that same day. Is there a limit to how many times I can enter the parking lot with a gold pass? Main reason I'm asking is because during the Coasterstock event I plan on leaving the park in the late afternoon to recuperate at our hotel room for an hour or two before going back to the park for rest of the day. I'm not entirely sure if this is allowed or not, which is why I'm asking. Doesn't really saying you can't in the https://www.visitkingsisland.com/legal/season-pass-terms but always doesn't directly say you can - "Gold Pass entitles the Passholder to complimentary parking ONLY at the park from which it was issued at the following Cedar Fair L.P. amusement parks; however, the registered Passholder must be present in the vehicle" Thanks in advance
  4. one from Cedar Point: "Yesterday I rode wicked twister and the person next to me FELL OUT and DIED… never riding a coaster again…" in line for Diamondback opening day: "How tall is this ride??" "It's tall enough that you DIE at the bottom!!!" "REALLY??? WHY IS IT OPEN?" honorary mention to people who add "The" to every ride The Flight of Fear The Diamondback The Orion The Invertigo The Adventure Express The The Beast (I've heard it once!)
  5. I believe the park will go one of three routes with this. 1. The Steel Vengeance route - What slingshot? There never was a slingshot. Never existed. That's always been a concrete slab. 2. Formally announce it's removal for "service life" or something along that line with no current replacement down the road 3. Announce it's being replaced with a new one? Sad to see it go of course, one less flat in the already low collection of flats, but was fun to watch. I never rode it, not big into upcharge attractions like that. Always seemed to have a line whenever I did see it operating.
  6. At this rate I wouldn't be surprised if we saw WindSeeker open sometime this week.
  7. Beast is back to the huge crowd pleaser it once was, it'll be pretty busy all season! I'm glad to see the queue so full. Haunt will be crazy...
  8. Seems like a lot of schools/students have left already and/or are leaving
  9. Got a photo by chance? Would love to see the new layout
  10. It is not open. It was up at the top earlier in the morning, but they moved it down. Didn't catch when, but at least before 3pm.
  11. Charles Dinn and Al Collins would find it very fitting if they were still with us today.
  12. Question for previous Coasterstock attendees What were the lines like during the morning/night ERT sessions? I'm mainly curious as what to expect with wait times during those. Are they station waits, 10-20 minutes? Thanks in advance.
  13. Park stated on Twitter that they will be releasing a new POV around early summer, so I suspect mid to late May up to early June.
  14. Coasterstock itinerary is now officially listed on the Kings Island site. See here: https://www.visitkingsisland.com/events/coasterstock
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