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  1. No on lights in woods around Beast, would be cool though but would ruin a good part of the night rides. The ride already "roars" through the woods, especially in the tunnels. The intense squeals of the cars as it rounds the turn, it's riders making noise, and the wind in your face combined with the lack of sight generates a sense that you don't get to experience all that often. Fog in the woods during the day would be a benefit, but no lights at night unless you are super scarce in using them. (like tunnel entrances) I know it'll never happen but I will continue to talk about it; *inhale* custom Beast soundtrack.
  2. I imagine some of these scare actors might be newer to scare acting; I likely would give it a few more nights to see if the scares improve at all.
  3. Drop Towers been down for weeks at this point. Don’t think it operated this past weekend at the private P&G event.
  4. The 2022 Haunt map was officially released today! Check it out: https://qr1.be/WUZV
  5. When you buy a 2023 gold pass today; this will grant you access to the rest of this season (Haunt) plus the entire next season. This means you can use your new pass as your entry ticket (and parking ticket) on public operating days. (See the park calendar for all public hours) As a Gold Pass member, you are allowed 30 minutes early entry. This does not exclusively mean just entering early but it will allow you to get on select rides: https://www.visitkingsisland.com/season-passes/early-ride-times The parking lot opens around an hour before the park opens, or half an hour before early ride times start. For the remainder of the year, Diamondback and Mystic Timbers are open 30 minutes early to Gold Pass (and above) holders, as well as some kids rides.
  6. That is a great point to make; I would rather the park be open about what they plan on doing but it seems more often than not they're very secretive behind closed doors. While I can't really blame them, as it's likely the way corporate wants them to deal with it, there's not much I can do to change that. More often then not the park is beaten to the announcement by enthusiasts who leak plans and/or on-going construction. The park is often not a fan of this sort of behavior too. Sometimes they purposefully "leak" things to get the ball rolling.
  7. I still have speculation that the park might continue working on Beast with the goal of finishing the helix structure rebuild. Won’t find out until we enter the off-season, but the hopes are there. If not we’ll deal with waiting another year. I trust they have some good stuff in store for us.
  8. Keep in mind just because the park doesn’t announce it doesn’t mean nothing is going to change. Every park gets an offseason budget to spice things up. Will we see more Beast work? Are they gonna paint DB? Will they do track work on Diamondback by the trim? Will the parking lot get more repaving? CF loves KI, it in my opinion is better than Cedar Point, it’s gonna get a Vortex replacement just give it time; stuff takes a while to plan. At this point you can know they likely are planning as it’s usually done 2 years in advance.
  9. We should see the park post the official Haunt map sometime before the 23rd.
  10. I used to see a lot of Kings Island ads; especially for Mystic Timbers. I never saw any TV ads for Orion.
  11. Cedar Fair in general is a very quiet with how they handle situations and discuss their future plans. I feel the park PR people may be concerned about corporate getting angry at something said publicly and/or revealed accidentally, which is why news comes slowly or all at once. I could be completely wrong; but it seems that way in my eyes at least.
  12. They seem to be working on the lift motor as of this moment. A few cars parked right next to it. Update: A few more cars showed up with people heading to the lift motor area. They are definitely working on it.
  13. I believe they’re having lift motor issues. Some days are better than others; likely will see a full motor replacement soon?
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