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  1. What if Tom & Chee moves to the now empty Chick-Fil-A building... that'd be neat.
  2. Glad you got a ticket this year, Indy! I will be attending Coasterstock for my second year, really excited!
  3. Tickets acquired, looking forward to it!
  4. Really hoping they paint it :fingers_crossed: Excited to ride it! Curious if they'll do the north side next off-season?
  5. Was gonna start a new thread but noticed this one, so I'll post here. Recent news from Daddy Don, (via the Coasterstock Facebook group), Tickets for 2022 Coasterstock went on-sale around the end of this week last year. We may see something similar for 2023, but Don/KI usually give at least a days heads up by the looks of it! I am going to try to attend the event again this year, anyone else going to try attending? I advise checking the Coasterstock page for any updates should they appear...
  6. @Hawaiian Coasters 325 Here is that same area about a week ago: and that same area about a month ago: Def interesting!
  7. I would say weather, but it's certainly been warm enough to paint recently. Maybe it's something they got planned for later in the off-season. Seems very odd for sure though.
  8. let's hope they don't remove/reduce those perks in the middle of the season then!
  9. I think you're looking for Rick Purdy
  10. Haven't gotten that perk for my gold pass. Looks like you're really getting your moneys worth...
  11. They could very easily have also used the fact Adventure Port was announced late (along with the notice) as a way to hide a later, major, addition. Of course we won't know until later if anything does happen. It's fun to speculate.
  12. Knowing they can disable the magnet… all the more reason for such possibilities at CoasterStock…
  13. Really being specific about the height. That 0.67 feet will make all the difference.
  14. This is interesting. Hoping to see less capacity in FL overall with this merge.
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