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  1. Drove past KI (again) and I saw that the Eiffel Tower lights are on! I don't think they are fully prepped due to the fact that one side of the tower has no lights and the lights are glitchy! Just a bunch of rainbow lines that probably aren't programmed yet, but I am glad to see they are on!
  2. Just drove past KI! All the trees in the front of the park have been wrapped and are shining bright! The tree in the front of the park is up as well! Interesting that they might not be accepting meal plans…
  3. To be honest, I truly don’t mind the logo except it would be more fitting if they used the original logo. For the 50th, i’m really hoping for some old rides to be brought back and for a Cedar Park level celebration. I feel like KI deserves a nice celebration… I’m really excited because of all the refurbishment (for lack of better words) some areas of the park have received! I’m honestly pretty curious on what colors some of the rides will be painted and I am PRAYING that Drop Tower gets a different color scheme. The checkerboard just looks so outdated…
  4. Completely agree about the Adventure Express station... is it just me or could the station use some better theming?
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