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  1. I am totally going to have to beg my mom to buy me a copy!!! I’m almost done with Kings Island a Ride Through Time, and the photos in there are amazing! I’m reading it on my Kindle, so the pictures are in black and white, but they still give me a great visual of a Kings Island era I didn’t get the chance to experience! The preview online looks great!

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  2. Ok, tiny little time jump here, but I have some questions! I mainly use this blog to learn about the park, and I don’t post much because I don’t have nearly as much knowledge as you all do! I was going on a road trip to see my extended family, and decided to read Kings Island A Ride Through Time to gain more knowledge! First off, the book is absolutely amazing, and I have not been able to put it down. I read it for a total of 8 hours in the car. Since the park has been owned by Cedar Fair since I have been able to walk, I have some questions about Paramount’s FearFest.

    1. Do any of the current, or recently closed, Halloween Haunt mazes reuse the props from old FearFest mazes?

    2. Was the Paramount Theatre located in the same building as the current Kings Island Theatre?

    3. Were the mazes scarier under Cedar Fair’s ownership or Paramount’s ownership? (I only ask this because older threads seem to believe that Paramount’s mazes were scarier, and I want details as to why!!)

    4. If the Sewer maze was happening in Festhaus, how was the Studio Fifty-Gore show also occurring there in 2000?


  3. On 10/3/2022 at 11:39 AM, BB1 said:

    Anyone who says that is seriously on some heavy stuff. HHN this year blew it out of the water, heck even Halloweekends at CP just this last weekend had a holistically better event overall. The scares were actually there (unlike this year at KI), the theming is amazing, the overall experience is just so much better than what we get at KI. 

    HHNs storylines and theming are phenomenal. The scare zones are packed with scare actors who make some great acting choices. This includes doing chicken motions towards peoples hiding in shops, or standing right near shop doors getting ready to jump at people. One certain scare zone set to a parade has a wonderful storyline that you really need to understand before you go. Also, as much as I love and appreciate KI’s haunted houses and their fabulous theming, the Blumhouse maze at HHN should have blown the competition out of the water.

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  4. 19 hours ago, buckeyecoaster said:

    Went to Haunt Opening Night last night and was extremely let-down. What once was a well-themed and well-executed Haunt has slowly become a vague, almost thrown-together event.

    Honestly, this year seemed that it could've taken one week to put everything together. The decor is sparse this year. It used to feel like there was decor and theming around every corner and this year, it doesn't. There is barely any fog, lots of untouched spaces, and lots of random lighting features.

    There are six mazes. In year's past, there used to be over 7/8 mazes and scare zones. They took away mazes/zones and you can definitely tell. We went through three mazes last night and it is the same old same old. The new maze, Hotel St. Michelle, was well-done but it seems they used a bunch of old props/items from old houses and tried to make a cohesive idea come to life.

    The scare zones had just a few actors, not a lot of fog, and just lacked the charm/personality of years past. Don't even get me started about "AlienX". This scare zone had people dressed in silver bodysuits with lizard face painting. The mom in front of us said "are these alien pimps?" It was.....something.

    The shows were entertaining but not outstanding. Nytewalkers has so much going on during the show that you can't even focus on what is going on. The dancing went from show choir moves to a bit more "suggestive" but when you've seen all the Cirque shows and other All Wheels Shows, this is just another show with the same stunts you've seen in those shows. 

    Leaving last night, we discussed as a group that they need to drop the word "Haunt" and just have Haunt be a part of Kings Island at night. It didn't even feel like a Halloween event honestly. Back in the day, Haunt and Fear Fest were really special...there was a special charm/environment/mood that is severely lacking this year. The intense fog, cheeky music throughout the park, an abundance of decor and theming....none of this is here this year. It seems like Cedar Fair Corporate is trying to take this event and make it a more "corporate" event and it just doesn't work.

    Bring back the fun and the excitement. 

    I would agree that while the scare actors were phenomenal it felt like there weren’t that many. This may be because of the lessened fog and the fact that I could see much clearer, but if I wanted a good scare it felt as though we were walking towards scare actors. Alien X was a bit odd and that area could definitely use some more actors, but the concept could get somewhere. Overall, the experience was a bit underwhelming.

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  5. I really do see this as the perfect choice for Park of the Year even without my bias :P There really is no other park that is more proud of their history than Kings Island itself! I am so lucky to live near a park that does things right! Congrats to everyone who put it in the work to make this happen whether you are a part of this wonderful blog or not!

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  6. 3 hours ago, TombRaiderFTW said:

    I agree with @standbyme. As far as the actors go, there aren't "scarier houses" and "less scary houses." It really depends on who is working when.

    What DOES change from house to house is things like gore, lighting, or the particular fear(s) that the house is attempting to play on.

    Slaughterhouse is very gory but decently well-lit and is themed to cannibalistic butchers. There are parts of it where, with the right actors, you can have people approaching you on multiple sides--but again, that depends on how it's staffed.

    Madame Fatale's Cavern of Terror is darker, which can make it harder to see what's a person and what's a prop, but it's not particularly gory. It's themed to a wax museum whose owner has a dark secret (the displays are made from real people!)

    Cornered, at least in previous years, has been a dark, outdoor path lined with corn on both sides, and the actors are typically dressed to blend in very well with their surroundings. I believe the story behind it is that scarecrows are coming to life and want revenge. I would argue that the set pieces for this one don't really prime it to be super intense (there is zero blood--it's just corn), but again, it depends on who is working. It's moving to a new location within the park this year, and it's unclear what changes (if any) will be made to it with its move to Action Zone.

    I'm not as familiar with C.H.A.O.S., but I don't recall it being particularly gory or dark.

    KillMart is on the darker, gorier side (though not as dark as Madame Fatale's and not as gory as Slaughterhouse.) In that one, you are wandering a supermarket that has been overrun by zombies. In my experience, when KillMart is staffed by the right people, they can find very inconspicuous places to hide to get great scares... but that hasn't happened for me very often over the years.

    Hotel St. Michelle is new this year, so your guess is a good as mine for what to expect! :)

    I hope you and your friends have a fun time!

    Thanks this is super helpful!!’

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  7. Hi all! This year will be the first year that my friends and I are going to Haunt and trying to get in a maze! We really want some insight as to which mazes are the scariest and which aren’t as scary (minus the two new mazes for this year) Note: we are a group of girls from 13-14 years old! It feels odd posting on a thread because I usually just read every single thread over and over lol. Thanks for the help!

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  8. 28 minutes ago, disco2000 said:


    I guess without the fearless KIC leader in the Coasterstock house, everyone was afraid to post an update :P  I hope the site sticks around because it offers something that a social media site cannot.  You know the number of new members and posts better than I do, but I recall plenty of times in the past where at least one thread in every subforum was no older than a few hours, and now they go days, months or a year since the last post in that subforum.  Maybe a new coaster on the horizon will get it more active LOL.



    I have no idea why this would upset some?  And you are absolutely correct, sites like this offer way more than a Facebook account provides.

    I was just nervous that there was an age restriction on the forum! I didn’t know if you had to be above 18 or something like that!! Sorry I should have explained that!

  9. On 5/22/2022 at 2:27 PM, disco2000 said:

    And that makes the point I was getting at LOL. 

    At one time many would consider KIC one of the best fan forums around.  Always a lot of content, great members, great layout with subforums, easy to navigate, etc. and the go to place for the happenings at KI.  Coasterstock was a great event as always and not a single post here about it.

    With other social media outlets and changing consumer habits, forums like this are slowly disappearing, which is a shame. 

    The Facebook pages are annoying with the same questions repeated weekly - are there fireworks tonight, how does the meal plan work, is the park busy today, etc., Almost of which every question there could be answered if someone simply looked at the KI website!  Lots of content and activity on the season passholder Facebook page, but no substance.

    Contrast that to a site like this that one can easier find the info one is looking for.  Wanna know if it is busy - there is a thread for that. Wanna know what is new for 22, there is a thread for that. And then the opportunity to just dive deeper into content.

    Sadly we will probably see this site follow in the paths of similar forums like the Carowinds forum and PKI Extreme.

    This may make some people happy and my a upset some, but I thought I would share anyways. I am a teenage girl, which sounds weird to say, that has always been fascinated by the history of Kings Island. I actually did my huge research project on it! The information this forum has supplied me with for my project and own enjoyment is tremendous. I have gone to Kings Island every weekend since it has opened, and sharing facts from this forum always fascinates who I am with. As a girl who has been watching those Kings Island history videos since I was 6, I have obtained so much info. The first hand accounts and wonderful stories on this forum are something you don’t really see anywhere else. I really won’t allow this forum to go to waste and hope that this is viewed as another generation sharing the history behind this beautiful park.

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  10. 6 minutes ago, KIEagle33 said:

    Did anyone else notice the clearing of some of the trees by the entrance of Adventure Express??

    Yes. We were walking up to the station and I was wondering what that long, white building was through the trees LOL. I then realized that that was the AE station and it kind of stuck out like a sore thumb. It does take away from the aura and “theming” of the ride and I did kind of like its isolation. Also, did anyone else notice The Crypt building in that soccer area? I’m not sure if it’s always been there and I just wasn’t looking for it that time, but I definitely recognized it and it was an interesting place for it. 


    edit: I thought I had seen this in another thread LOL.

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  11. 2 hours ago, Driver8rws said:

    I found the TOTAL OPPOSITE of The Racer crew at 1:30pm.  The left side turnstiles were full and it took over 30 min to get on.  They were dispatching trains at LEAST 4min apart (I timed it several times). Many times it was 5min. The "GateKeeper" who lets you up on the loading platform would only let the next group in after "the gates are closing" announcement (so you couldn't just grab an empty row on the previous train because it was too late) AND on top of that wasn't counting people!  So 1/3 of the rows would be EMPTY on most trains!  They had PLENTY of workers on the platform for seatbelts and checks (and managers standing around) but no one would yell down and tell him to let more people in to fill in the empty rows!   If they would just let more people up there than it holds (like double the amount) the problem fixes itself because people say "oh look!  We can get on NOW if we go in that row!"   They didn't care at all about moving the line.  It's such stark contrast to Orion or Banshee, etc where they are TIMED on how fast they can dispatch.  

    I will say The Racer looked GREAT!  (except there's still a lot to paint after the split) and it is INSANELY smoother/better than it was before the retrack!!   I HOPE The Beast TURNS OUT THAT SMOOTH!!! 

    The Banshee line was going by so quickly this morning! The staff was moving so quickly and the ride line took like 15 minutes. This also maybe due to the fact that there aren’t that many people here though. Either way, props to all the staff!

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  12. I have family that lives in Cleveland so I know a bit about the place! I have some great (and affordable) dining options that we usually stop by in downtown Cleveland.

    -Momocho (Really good Mexican food and I think you can get a good deal on tacos during happy hour.)

    -Sweet Moses (This is an ice cream parlor, but the place is so cute and it is delicious!)

    -Slyman's Restaurant (Not very pricey, but you have to get the pastrami and corned beef sandwich! This restaurant is kind of like a deli style.)

    -Lola Bistro (This is a bit more pricey, but it is definetly worth it! The bistro was opened by an Iron Chef winner and judge!)

    Anyways, hope that helps!


  13. 2 hours ago, BB1 said:

    Honestly I'm getting there pretty early, getting straight back to Banshee (see how out of the loop I am?) or Racer and probably going to hop around to some major coasters throughout the day. I do not plan on buying anything till at least 30 minutes before I'm actually leaving. My best suggestion is get there early, ride early, and get out when you want. It's going to get really busy, really quick so be prepared.

    As a gold pass holder, I always check out which rides have early access. From opening day until sometime in May you can get to the park 30 minutes before opening to ride Banshee if you have a pass. Banshee is currently the only coaster available for early access, but in May you can get on Orion and Racer early.  I personally will be getting in the early line for Banshee and then once we get a ride in we will be standing near Orion to get in line as soon as it opens. 

  14. Drove past KI (again) and I saw that the Eiffel Tower lights are on! I don't think they are fully prepped due to the fact that one side of the tower has no lights and the lights are glitchy! Just a bunch of rainbow lines that probably aren't programmed yet, but I am glad to see they are on!

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  15. To be honest, I truly don’t mind the logo except it would be more fitting if they used the original logo. For the 50th, i’m really hoping for some old rides to be brought back and for a Cedar Park level celebration. I feel like KI deserves a nice celebration… I’m really excited because of all the refurbishment (for lack of better words) some areas of the park have received! I’m honestly pretty curious on what colors some of the rides will be painted and I am PRAYING that Drop Tower gets a different color scheme. The checkerboard just looks so outdated…

  16. 17 minutes ago, DoomPlague said:

    Good point.

    Agree about those stations. Last time I was in the AE line it felt kind of run down or at least dirty. With Beast I don't really notice that much, since its supposed to have a rustic look to it, but I did notice there are some boards replaced in the queue that stick out like sore thumbs now.

    Completely agree about the Adventure Express station... is it just me or could the station use some better theming?

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