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  1. As far as I can tell the DJ and MC for Club KI are not involved in the Street Party, so presumably they could begin the dance party as the floats clear the area like the DJ does at Grand Carnivale. But perhaps they have their reasons for not going that route with the Golden Celebration. And to echo what others have said, I am extremely pleased with the entertainment offerings this year. Not many seasonal theme parks get this many original productions (including a truly impressive nighttime spectacular) all in one summer. We are indeed very fortunate to have such an amazing lineup, particularly after a season like 2020.
  2. I do wish there was something to bridge the time between the end of the Street Party and the start of Club KI. At Grand Carnivale the DJ and dance party activated immediately after Spectacle of Color to keep the energy rolling into the evening. It's a bummer to see the energy of the Street Party dissipate so quickly when it should feed right into Club KI.
  3. I think being written by K.C. Gussler from Knott's Berry Farm is a big part of that. Knott's has been really good about channeling old-fashioned showbiz numbers into their more recent shows, particularly at Christmas, so it's great to see some of those classic vibes brought into Phantom Theater Encore.
  4. The Royal Coasters at Club KI saw a few small changes Monday evening that improved the flow of their entire set. The cast seemed to be more energized as well. It was a good night!
  5. If I had one "criticism" it would be that the show almost could be longer than just a half hour. They've created such a unique and colorful world inspired by the original attraction that I wouldn't mind seeing a couple more acts (like magic, more acrobatics/stunts, etc.) play out on the stage. It would be fun to have Phantom Theater Encore return in future seasons with newly "unearthed" performers!
  6. The Street Party is indeed fun! It's a nice complement to the already-impressive lineup of Golden Celebration offerings. We're very fortunate to have such a terrific slate of entertainment produced specifically for Kings Island this season!
  7. Looks like fun! How long are the show stops? Are they similar to the stops in Spectacle of Color and WinterFest Wonderland Parade?
  8. It's posted on the fence near the service gate in Area 72 alongside The Racer's lift hill where the parades (and presumably the Street Party) step off from.
  9. The map posted by Flight of Fear shows five "Celebration Zones" that match the show stop locations of the parades (with the addition of a stop at the front gate area):
  10. The recent KI Blog post about the show mentioned that Phantom Theater Encore was written by K.C. Gussler who is a show writer/director at Knott's Berry Farm. I'm not sure about his history with Kings Island but he does have a good sense of showmanship. That might explain why certain specific Phantom Theater beats didn't show up though.
  11. That's exactly what happened tonight. No drones but thankfully the rain held off and the rest of the show went on like usual.
  12. We noticed that too. There appears to be only a couple speakers facing the front gate so most of the audio is echoing off the International Street buildings. The area around the Bandstand has much clearer sound. Otherwise it is really awesome to see the park pull off a production of this scope!
  13. That's been our experience with many Sweet Spot items. They tend to have a great "curb appeal" in that items look really rich and tasty but most of the time the product itself is often dry and lacking flavor. We're still excited to try more of the Golden Celebration offerings though.
  14. It's possible the new VIP tours might use part of Tower Gardens as a lounge area like the ones set up at Cedar Point for their 150th.
  15. Starting May 28th Club KI will be centered around the International Street Bandstand with a live band, dancers, and more along with a DJ, so apparently they are going to bring a new lighting and sound setup to the stage soon.
  16. We were just saying the same thing. The logo itself is fairly plain but the "ribbon" framing really looks great around the park on all the banner signs.
  17. The new music on International Street was very pleasant (if perhaps a bit loud). Will this be the regular music for the year or were they trying something out for the passholder preview day?
  18. We actually noted to each other that the "Festhaus smell" didn't seem quite as severe, possibly due to the new floor not having a season's worth of spills and mopping. The regular (mostly pleasant) food smells were still there, of course.
  19. Those tiny pieces of concept art for the Golden Celebration shows are very encouraging! It appears we'll be getting something in the vein of Celebrate 150 at Cedar Point with the larger-than-life costumes (like a walk-around blue ice cream man!) and performers for the Street Party at the Eiffel Tower. This could be something special!
  20. To paraphrase Muppet Vision 3D, the banner is a salute to all eras of Kings Island but mostly the Cedar Fair one.
  21. The "abandoned" old truck having steady-burning bright blue-white LED headlights has always struck me as odd.
  22. https://www.visitkingsisland.com/events/haunt The official page shows dates for 2022.
  23. https://www.valleyfair.com/events/tricks-and-treats https://www.cagreatamerica.com/events/tricks-and-treats
  24. Kings Island really shines during their seasonal events so it would be great if the park had something for April-May before the main summer season kicks in. Something like the Peanuts Celebration or Frontier Festival would be nice!
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