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  1. I still haven't made it to alot of the PA parks but I really want to do it later this year. Thanks for the info! If dorney park has an enterprise I'm definitely going to stop by. I don't know why but I love that type of ride. I was super upset when Cedar Point took down the witches wheel and replaced it was a restaurant..."like how the heck are we supposed to find Magnum XL 200 now??" Was my dad's quote.
  2. I have not been for years but absolutely loved it when I was there! Tennessee Tornado is the best Arrow Dynamics looper our there in my opinion. Blazing Fury (powered rollercoaster) was really cool too I remember.
  3. I mean if for some reason The Bat did get replaced (hopefully never! Long live Top Gun!)I could see reusing the sotb station if it's actually still intact. I wouldn't put it past them to still have The Vortex station in storage somewhere in different pieces. It might resurface at some point. I mean the Skylab booth resurfaced as a prop in the Orion que line...why they had been hanging onto that for all those years who knows!
  4. Hey it didn't get replaced with a flat ride but they definitely axed the ladder game! I remember a friend of mine who was retired running that game during the volunteer paramount days and getting screamed at by a teenaged supervisor for holding the ladder for a handicapped kid...I don't think anyone is crying that the ladder game is gone and if for some reason you are crying I offer my sincere condolences. Can't decide whether I like new landscape around Adventure Express que. Anyone else have an opinion on that?
  5. This was a really nice addition. I randomly discovered it a few weeks ago. I thought tower gardens was usually just the smokers hang out spot since you aren't allowed to puff on the Eiffel Tower...
  6. I'm very happy with it! Looked great....now if they could somehow figure out how to make the blue one go backwards again it would be a perfect ride...
  7. Oh funny story - a ride operator told me that The Beast breaks down alot because it's "just an old ride" so I really thought about asking why The Racer seldom breaks down and I've never seen or heard of Woodstock Express having any issues. Both of those coasters are older than The Beast....why are they seldom if ever closed? I'm actually really curious why they are so reliable or if anyone else has had issues with them being unreliable...
  8. I was there Monday June 20th and FINALLY got to ride it after waiting an hour and it broke down so long that everyone left the line and the operators were emptying the garbage cans....then waited an hour again later and got to ride. the start stop thing was less than before so that's good. Overall the ride was still way smoother. Ending after second lift feels faster to me and I love it. First drop trim is still more noticeable to me than pre retrack but it's not a problem. Overall it's probably a better ride now but hopefully they cut down on the down time.
  9. King's Island needs to keep this classic around! I know you could build a new ride but something is lost when these older rides disappear. I mean this is one of 5 left in the entire world and the last ever built of the model so it deserves to live on. We already lost Vortex and Firehawk. Let's not lose The Bat or Top Gun as the true fans know it. If the people of Chicago can save the Whizzer who knows, Cincy might be able to save The Bat if we really tried..... However I do hope the damage is minimal and the ride reopens as quickly as possible. I remember when The Vortex chain broke and they had to get a new one...that repair took a couple months but they got it running again before the end of the season.
  10. So I would love to see a new flat ride in 2023. Especially in Octoberfest. There's so many great flat rides out there but here's my top picks - 3 retro and 3 new flats. Retro 1. Der Spinnen Keggers or Intamin Drunken Barrels (these looked like fun and would fit the beergarten theme nicely) 2. Bayne Kurve (I always thought these rides looked really cool and unfortunately they aren't very common anymore. I think CA Great America And Knoebels are the only parks that have one in the U.S.) 3. Ferris Wheel (I prefer the smaller Eli Wheel models as compared to the giant wheel like CP has. The big wheels are so slow and take forever to load that they are more of an observation tower than anything else) New 1. Gerstlauer Sky Roller (idk how this fits the theme? Maybe some WWII European flag markings on the planes? However this looks amazing and hey....pay homage to flight commander) 2. Zamperla Endeavor (pay homage to Skylab with this near version. I loved the enterprise ride design and these are still really fun.) 3. Huss Condor (nothing like this ride! One at Six Flags Great America is awesome on a hot day. I think Kansas City worlds of fun actually got one of these in 2017, maybe?)
  11. I would like them to fix the crappy controls on The Beast! It's downtime is ridiculous this year. It's been broke every day I've been this year at some point during the day.
  12. Ok so the ride itself is awesome but the controls are the worst ever. Like horrendous. KI needs to address this very soon because this ride literally breaks down every day I go. And the stop start thing is the station is terrible too. Like come on guys this feels so cheap and terrible. The Beast was always reliable in the past and now that is ruined like no other coaster breaks down this much! It's ridiculous and needs to be addressed.
  13. I was there with my Great Uncle and when standing in line for Banshee he asked, "didn't this use to be called The Vortex?"
  14. I am all in favor of Sling Shot being relocated or removed. I never rode it because if I'm throwing down $20 extra the EXtreme Skyflyer looks alot more fun. I personally think we need a flat ride. Return of the der Spinnen Keggers? (Do I dare hope for that?) or even if they just moved the Matterhorn from Cedar Point down here. I mean CP would still have the Himalaya ride which is rather similar....
  15. So I think they need to reconfigure The Racer Que to make it all one big que and please make the ques wider... unless you are a kid they are kinda close and uncomfortable. As for the "Old Man Beast" he needs all the que he can get. I've waited in all that stinkin que before. Not like a million years ago either. Go on a Saturday or get this opening day or the end of the season and that que is packed. Every que open. The Beast is about the only ride in the park I'll wait in all the ques to ride.
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