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  1. Now that The Beast has been working well for a change, something I'd like to see in the upcoming future - 1. Childhood dream of seeing Intamin manufacture their double or triple Ferris wheel again with the first installation being the new Zodiac at KI..... wishful thinking because I don't think that'll ever happen. 2. I'm with some of you.guys that painting and or adding lights on Banshee and dback would be great 3. Repaint of Woodstock Express. It's still very nickelodeon in it's color scheme. Should have yellow track with red trains or something like that. Definitely yellow track because Woodstock is yellow. Idk what color trains but definitely stay away from the neon nickelodeon colors.... don't want a tatsu repaint on our hands!
  2. Revisiting this topic which has been dead for awhile... https://www.interlink-lg.com/used-rides/bobsleigh/ There's a used Mack Bobsled for Sale...Based on my research I think it formerly operated at a now defunct park in Japan. It actually looks pretty fun.
  3. Ok so July 31-Aug 4 I hit 5 parks over 3 states. These were Lakemont Park, Knobles Amusement Park, Six Flags Great Adventure, Hershey Park, and Busch Gardens Williamsburg. (Drove right past Kings Dominion and Dorney Park....I currently don't have a platinum pass and decided to invest my time and $ into non Cedar Fair parks since conceivably I could upgrade to a platinum pass in future years.) Regardless so here's my thoughts and let me know if any of you have been and what your thoughts are. Lakemont Park is so small and seems mors like a recreational park but leap the Dips is an amazing piece of history and actually Skyliner was a pretty good Woodie... similar to Thunderbolt at Kennywood. Knobles Amusement Park was amazing.... well except that I spent$60 in 4 hrs on tickets. Regardless Pheonix is my second fav Wooden wonder after The Beast at KI. Twister was amazing too and is my 4th fav Wooden coaster. You usually don't hear much about twister but it was really good. Rode my first ever bobsled style (flying turns) was cool. Black Diamond was a way better dark ride than boo blaster. The teacups were a PTC crazy daisy and was alot of fun. The Flyer was the old Bisch-Rocco style and now I know why my dad hates Woodstock Gliders because it's so dumbed down compared to the old models. He remembers the Eagles at KI which is now at Carowinds. Now I've been spoiled on a Bisch-Rocco model and I'll probably never ride Woodstock Gliders ever again.... Six Flags Great Adventure surprised me in many ways. First El Toro didn't live up to irs hype....so first of all I had high expectations like maybe this can knock beast out of my top wooden coaster spot?.Nope! Not even close Beast is WAY BETTER! El Toro is probably my #5 wooden coaster but I felt it was rough and the end of the ride wasn't very enjoyable. (I don't like Mystic Timbers because of that side to side throwing motion and Toro was doing that too.) The airtime was crazy but I prefer the Pheonix for air and The Beast for location and speed and length and location and speed and length and did I forget to say location!? Anyway I rode 3x in 3 different seats and walked away with a headache so no I'm here to say El Toro isn't the best wooden coaster out there. It's good but not the best. Kingda Ka was amazing especially considering the dragster at CP has been closed for awhile now. I love b&m stand-ups and Green Lantern was of course one of my favs at the park. Nitro was great. Second favorite hyper after Dback. Skull Mountain was cool. Biggest surprise was the Runaway Mine Train. Everyone on YouTube and in articles say it's rough and I disagree. I didn't get a headache from the mine train and I rode it 3x in a row and probably close to 6x throughout the day. The location and speed and airtime was awesome...one of the better arrows in my opinion. Final rides to comment on at the Para-Drop which was unique, Twister which was my first "top spin" and it was a blast (kind wish Crypt would make a return to KI because top spin was alot of fun), and the Houdini Great Escape which was one of.the weirdest rides I've ridden....like I logically know it doesn't flip upside down but it feels like it. Trying to determine how a Vekoma Mad House works makes my head hurt.... anyway I Love that ride. Won't ever happen but I would go for a Phantom Theater themed Vekoma madhouse in the former action theater building at KI you know former action theater is now phantom theater.... Hershey Park was really nice. Super Duper Looper, Great Bear, Candymonium were awesome...laff Trak was cool too. Skyrush was like a mini millennium Force but those restraints kill.your legs. Trailblazer was a cute mine ride and comet was a classic. The Kissing Tower was the first observation tower type ride I've done that isn't an elevator to a platform like the Eiffel Tower. Busch Gardens Williamsburg I can't say enough....rival to Epcot in my book. Such great theming and rides. I did behind the scenes tour which was worth every $ . Loch Ness Monster was a terrific arrow looper and was really smooth for that ride type. They went into how much maintenance goes into that ride and how often they replace wheels to keep it smooth.... just visually looking at some of KI wheels on Arrows like The Bat for example I think that Busch Gardens hold theirs to a much higher standard. Like the wheels on The Bat would be replaced if it was at Busch gardens. Griffon was a great dive coaster. Apollo's Chariot was a good hyper. Idk.why people hate on it. Pantheon was down alot but I finally did get a ride on it and it was a fun mix of velocicoaster and Mr freeze reverse blast. InvadR was BETTER than Mystic Timbers in my opinion. Alpengeist was surprisingly rough and had bad transitions so it was a 2x and done for me. Raptor and Banshee are more comfortable. Verboten I cannot say enough about. Rode it 10x and got all 3 show scenes. Smooth, great launches and positive gs, great night ride, drop track was amazing! Best coaster in the park. (Wish I could reverse the clock and ride big bad Wolf because I know some people say it was even better than verboten) Escape From Pompeii was best themed splash Boat type ride I've ever been on. The fire in there is nuts! So there's my thoughts on these 5 parks and their offerings.
  4. My "luck" has finally improved with the post refurbishment Beast. Have been up there once a week for the last 3 weeks and have encountered no beast breakdowns or closures. If there was a problem I guess it's resolved or maybe I finally kicked that bad luck in the butt.
  5. The organ is awesome but it's definitely really loud.....I can usually hear it on Diamondback break run while I'm waiting to get off the ride... Glad it's working again!
  6. I'd love to see the Bayne Kurve in the former Skylab location right by Adventure Express. Maybe tie in their themeing/architecture? I think Knoebels is opening one next year so one can hope KI opens one in 2024? Would still love to see Skyride from CAGM moved to KI. Station where Slingshot once was and other station in Planet Snoopy. Nice way for families to get kids from kiddyland over to the other rides like Viking Fury,. Scrambler, Monster,. Antique Cars, Etc that they can Also ride before they hit 48"Currently it's kinda a pain to drag kids clear cross the park but skyride could fix that!
  7. And people were worried about The Bat biting the dust! :-) I always ride in the front 4 rows of Banshee Because the force always smashes that restraint on my hips and it's very uncomfortable if I ride in the back rows. I haven't noticed any more rattle than last year and I've ridden quite a few times this season. Honestly, Flight of Fear is the one I think got rougher over the off season. It's really slamming me around for some reason this year. Anyone else have the same experience?
  8. Still hoping that in a few years we can get the one from CA Great America.....if they moved the one from coney island 50 years ago surely they can figure out how to move the CA one to Kings Island. I'll take the skyride over any of CAGA coasters any day!
  9. I'm at the park today and The Beast is down with trains pulled off the track. I can verify it was running earlier today. However, as I've said before it's broken down literally every time I come. I understand the sensor reset stuff and that's not what I'm talking about. I'm talking about it being broke down and closed for over 30 minutes. I agree with Jeorby Nanpa that this is unacceptable. I understand the safety arguments and the sensors are touchy and occasionally it goes down for 10 minutes but I'm saying that it going down for 30 min plus is really annoying especially after waiting over an hour and having to come back later and wait an hour again. What other ride in the park has that much downtime this often??? Please let me know if I'm just having really bad luck as I'm sure others are at the park more often than I am.
  10. I definitely think they will move the coasters to other parks in the Chain. My opinion is that the smaller parks (Valley fair, Dorney, Worlds of Fun, and Michigan Great Adventure) should all benefit. Cedar Point, Kings Island & Dominion, Carowinds, and Canada's Wonderland don't really NEED any of those coasters....if we (KI) did get one I think I'd go for Patriot just because we don't have a Floorless and it might be good in The Vortex plot. However, we really don't need it and it probably wouldn't be very popular here when competing with Diamondback and beast and Banshee and etc. However, I'd LOVE to see us get some flat rides out of the deal! If that skyride can be moved then hopefully it comes to us. Would love to see the Bayne Kurve and or Orbit relocated here. The double decker carousel needs to be saved and moved somewhere. Can't destroy/scrap a thing of beauty like that. I would also really love to see the Demon relocated and saved but it'll probably get scrapped which is really sad because I really liked the one at Six Flags Great America in Gurnee. That arrow model is actually one of the better ones.
  11. I still haven't made it to alot of the PA parks but I really want to do it later this year. Thanks for the info! If dorney park has an enterprise I'm definitely going to stop by. I don't know why but I love that type of ride. I was super upset when Cedar Point took down the witches wheel and replaced it was a restaurant..."like how the heck are we supposed to find Magnum XL 200 now??" Was my dad's quote.
  12. I have not been for years but absolutely loved it when I was there! Tennessee Tornado is the best Arrow Dynamics looper our there in my opinion. Blazing Fury (powered rollercoaster) was really cool too I remember.
  13. I mean if for some reason The Bat did get replaced (hopefully never! Long live Top Gun!)I could see reusing the sotb station if it's actually still intact. I wouldn't put it past them to still have The Vortex station in storage somewhere in different pieces. It might resurface at some point. I mean the Skylab booth resurfaced as a prop in the Orion que line...why they had been hanging onto that for all those years who knows!
  14. Hey it didn't get replaced with a flat ride but they definitely axed the ladder game! I remember a friend of mine who was retired running that game during the volunteer paramount days and getting screamed at by a teenaged supervisor for holding the ladder for a handicapped kid...I don't think anyone is crying that the ladder game is gone and if for some reason you are crying I offer my sincere condolences. Can't decide whether I like new landscape around Adventure Express que. Anyone else have an opinion on that?
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