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  1. Well I've always loved most of the shows I've seen at Winterfest. Over the years, Charlie Brown Christmas Spictactular (RIP) and Tinker's Toy Factory have consistently been my favorites. However, other people in my group last night said that What the Dickens was their favorite (which j enjoy alot as well). Tinker's Toy Factory is my favorite this year because it has such great performers and sets/props this year and the KI Theater is so much better than the Festhaus. Tinker is so good this year that I kinda forgave them for killing off Charlie Brown Christmas Spictactular.
  2. I think it should remain an evening event but, one thing I prefer about the Winterfest of previous years is that the shows had later times. For example, Tinkers Toy Factory last show is at 7:30 on Sat/Sun and it's not a the only show that you must see before 8pm. I'm assuming they recycle the performers for the parade but I still don't like that you are hard pressed to get in all the shows before the parade begins. An improvement I would like to see next winterfest is bringing back the later showtimes (8:00, 8:30, 9:00, 9:30).
  3. Thanks alot they have all the times on the app! While I still wish they had it on the website, the app will work just fine. Thanks @MeredithGrey
  4. Hey does anyone have a complete list of the shows and what times they start? All the previous years, showtimes were listed on the website and also in a small paper park guide at the front gate but this year both seem to be missing.... I'm going tonight and if anyone has any info it would be very helpful so my family doesn't have to run around the park 3x trying to figure out what time the shows start
  5. I'm glad Chapek is out. I'm not sure what Iger plans to do but at this point I think everyone can agree about anyone is better than Chapek. Disney has been failing under his leadership especially since the pandemic. Disney + while we love it, is losing tons of $, the parks have lost their magic and have been reduced to just ordinary theme parks that cost triple what others cost, and the movies for the most part have been kinda lack luster too. I'm not going to voice my political views because that's not what KI Forums are about but I think it's a bad idea for any theme park to get political about things that don't even concern them. Like when was the last time Kings Island made a big political statement. I've never seen if they did. Amusement Parks are a place where people from many places, ideals, backgrounds, etc can come together and make memories and have a great time. I'm not sure if Iger can restore Disney as a company to it's former magical glory but surely something can be improved. Even if its just the return of magical express or fast pass or perhaps having great employees for a change. I was there in 2021 and we had a list going of bad employees. I was honestly disappointed because my sister and I FINALLY convinced my parents to go with us (we'd been in 2017&2018 without them) and my dad spent $7k on what to me was a lackluster Disney. I think he and my mom had a blast but agreed that financially they would not be able to afford it again however, I was disappointed knowing how much better it was the other times I had been. When my dad is in awe over a character float I'm thinking yeah whenever I went it was an entire parade or when my mom thinks it's so nice that they gave my aunt a lightning lane for being evacuated from splash mountain I'm thinking, yeah but in 2018 they would give you like 4 fast passes. (My uncle didn't fit on Avatar Flight of Passage in 2018 and they literally did give him and everyone in our group four fast passes a piece) So hopefully some of the "customer first" mentality comes back with Iger at the helm instead of our one and only focus is HOW DO WE MAKE AS MUCH $ AS POSSIBLE! I said that CEO Mickey got axed during the pandemic and they elected Scrooge McDuck to be CEO and his business motto was let's make money and bah humbug!
  6. Valid points... I'm all for a helix or additional turns maybe like maverick does low to the ground. Still say that the Boomerang inversion is the highlight of this design though numerous other inversions look amazing as well. Regardless of what type of coaster replaces Vortex I think the design needs to include a boomerang with tunnel. Now I'll be very disappointed if it doesn't.
  7. So first of all this ride looks dynamite! Appears to have good speed, is a decently lengthy layout, unique inversions, and good airtime moments... I'm not sure if I'm totally sold on the car/hotrod theme seeing as we already have 2 car themed rides in that area. However, I love the idea of it paying homage to demon and Vortex (especially with the underground boomerang inversion). I would say I prefer this idea to anything else suggested on the forum so far.
  8. I voted for racer. I think our weather might be hard on the steel coasters running during winterfest. Somebody told me (feel free to correct me if I'm wrong) that wooden coasters can operate at colder temps than steel coasters can. I would love to see Adventure Express run during winterfest but I don't know if it can run in the colder weather or not. Woodstock Express and Backlot Stunt Coaster would also be interesting....
  9. Or it will get sold at an auction like Firehawk sign did .....
  10. I'm super excited to see any defunct coaster types go back into production so my vote was the Premier- Schwarzkopf WildCat 2.0 Schwarzkopf had some of the most unique looking coaster and flat ride designs out there and I'm for reviving any and all of them! I personally was really excited about the standup retuning in the form of Sea World Surf Coaster seeing as I'm a standup fan and their numbers are dwindling. Hopefully that ride is very successful! I really want to see the Arrow Suspended Coaster model make a comeback. Those are so much fun and I am so thankful we still have 2 in Ohio of the 5 remaining. Long live The Bat and Iron Dragon!
  11. It will be very unfortunate if they don't bring back the iconic sign in some way. Like maybe they have a new one to match the rest of adventure Port but bring the old one back as a Easter egg in the AE que or put it inside the new restaurant or something. As for the dedication rock it needs to be included in the new area in some fashion as well.
  12. Here's some pictures I took tonight. And I have no clue as to why my font is red in my review above..... :-)
  13. My first night at 2022 Winterfest - first off I rode FoF which had a technical delay so had to wait it out. Not too bad just a 20 min delay (catch up on my RCT Classic while waiting). Next run over to Mystic Timbers and THEY HAVE SINGLE RIDER LINE! (So that was a short wait) next went over and got Tinker Toy Factory in it's new location at the KI Theater. I personally was one of the fans of the controversial Charlie Brown Christmas Spectacular Show, however I was really happy to see Tinker take it's place. Let me be clear that I loved that Peanuts show and I'm rooting for a reboot next year, however if it's brought back, it should be moved to a different location because Tinker utilized the KI Theater much better. I always thought the festhaus was too noisy and it was hard to hear the show (Tinker) when it was performed in there. The new sets and slightly modified show were all amazing....so I watched it 3x. (5:30, 6:30, & 7:30) then for some reason there aren't any more showings? Kinda weird because I thought they used to do one at 9:30 because my sister and I would always watch it in festhaus last and then leave the park. Idk it's kinda weird that the last showing is at 7:30 on Saturday but I'm sure it's nice for the cast (who by the way are awesome as always!) So glad to see Santa Jim back again this year in the show (if you believe in Santa he's the real deal...) I'm pretty sure that Poindexter and Tinker are also the same actors from previous years/shows (although I did get shows with different Tinker actors) anyway I'll be back next weekend to check out the remaining shows and rides. So far so good - I do miss Charlie Brown Christmas Spictactular so the new festhaus show had better be stinking awesome (since that's more or less what replaced it) Hope you all are enjoying winterfest as well!
  14. Nice to see the Zodiac make an appearance at 17:15. Great footage! I've always relied on the Cincinnati Kids episode of The Brady Bunch to get a feel for how the park was back in the early years.
  15. I would love to know which manufacturer would want to take on that job....S&S acquired Arrow but they seem to have moved on from the Arrow Designs and Coaster Types. I would just be curious to see if they would even consider manufacturing new mine ride track and altering an Arrow Dynamics ride....
  16. I really like this concept of connecting Action Zone and area 72 with a new safari themed area. One can wish right? I personally don't think The Bat is going to last forever (some may disagree but if they decided to axe Firehawk and Vortex because of maintenance costs, I can't see them keeping The Bat which will be very sad when that day comes) anyway, the logistics of The Bat currently makes no sense why you have to walk 3 miles to get to it and if you somehow replaced it with a new coaster(s) and a safari themed area that connects to area 72 I think it would be a huge win for the park in the long run. However, to answer the question the thread is about - What would I invest in located in Mason, OH? I would invest in a themed hotel that pays homage to King Island coasters. Theme the rooms to different coasters or rides. I think it would be really cool and kick the idea of the ride themed up a notch if you could stay in a themed room. For example, you could do a terrific themed room off Orion/Area 72 with the whole prototype space theme. Mystic Timbers, Banshee, Beast, Adventure Express are also all prime candidates for themed hotel rooms. As for the location, the site of the former Kings Island Hotel right across the street is prime real estate and I'm not sure what they are using that property for right now but it always looks sad and abandoned....and why the heck do they still have a sign by the road for a hotel that hasn't existed in years?!
  17. Well according to rumors Vortex was sinking for 20 years or more so Banshee will get the axe around 2040 at this rate. I never thought Banshee was really bad with it's rattling given I try to avoid the back because of the hip crushing restraints however, I got at front row ride on 10/29 with my 8 year old sister (her first time ride) and it was amazing how much smoother it was! Like the difference between row 1 and rows 3-4 is crazy so I can only imagine the difference between rows 1 and 8.
  18. Best Amusement Park Employees of 2022 (during my travels) #1. Six Flags Over TX Shockwave ride crew was crushing it! Hopefully they win employees of the year awards or something because they had 2 ops on a coaster that could have had twice that many easily and they were still getting the trains dispatched quickly and they also had great fun doing it. I know a lot of parks are short staffed and the employees probably have to work annoying shifts and cover for the lack of workers but the Shockwave crew was amazing! #2. Dori and Ethan on Busch Gardens Williamsburg coaster insiders tour. They were absolutely amazing and acted like they had known you for 20 years! So informative and just made that tour one of my top amusement park memories of the year! #3. Pheonix at Knobles has very good ops during my visit. Super fast, friendly, all of the above, and etc etc etc #4. Magnum XL 200 ops Cedar Point also had timely dispatches and were alot of fun. Wore my six flags magic mountain shirt I bought on my trip to CA and got in a conversation with a younger op about SFMM. He said he really wants to go and was asking me all sorts of questions. (End of night when Magnum isn't very busy) much better than the annoying guest who yelled at me about being a long way from home and I wore the wrong shirt to the park. I was thinking yeah I'm actually about 4 hrs from my home in Cincy but think whatever you want lady.... #5 Lakemont Park ops gave me 2 free rides on Skyliner and Leap the Dips because I guess they are awesome! When does anyone at an amusement park give you anything for free?! Pretty good ops if you ask me!
  19. https://www.fox23.com/news/exclusive-state-recommends-historic-status-expo-square-skyride-after-fox23-investigations/QD2VEV23PZBA7FTCNCZK36WUHY/ Did anyone else see this article? I think our dreams of seeing the CAGA Skyride relocated just got dashed to pieces. Guess there's some issues about von roll skyrides being moved. They are grandfathered in around the current building codes and that they can't be relocated because they aren't up to "new building codes" or something? Can anyone shed any light on the topic of von roll Skyride relocation because if you can't relocate then I guess the CAGA one is going to the scrap yard....
  20. Hey thanks for the info! Glad to hear my "spies" were wrong! Lol. I didn't think it really had to do with freefall accident but wasn't sure. The wind closure makes sense and I had no clue about the lightning strikes this season. Does that happen often or has this been a bad year for lightning strikes?
  21. A bit off topic, and if this has been covered already in a 2022 discussion I apologize and if you would redirect me. The question is does anyone know what is going on with Drop Tower? First, they repaint the tower, then the Orlando Free fall accident occurs and ever since it has had very sparse operation and since late July (from my visit and my personal spies reports) it has been closed and currently appears to have a tarp over the seats to prepare for winter. So why has it been closed so much? Anyone have any info on Drop Tower in 2022?
  22. Hey cool sats! My most ridden coaster at the park is Adventure Express just because my sister and I would marathon it every Tuesday in 2019. The operators even started to catch on and ask "we're you here last Tuesday?" Or say "you ride this a lot don't you?" Or " I see you here alot".
  23. Couldn't have asked for a better 50th so what was my fav thing? #1. Beast re-tracking! If there was any doubt about The Beast being one of the best in the park, the re-tracking has solidified it as such. The wait time has been up a ton as well so I think a lot of people have realized how much better/smoother it is now. However, I also loved the shows, repainting of other attractions, and new food offerings. Wish alot of that would stuck around for next season too as it's really elevated the park experience. I'd love to see a continuation of high tech fireworks shows and a return of phantom theater encore. Also the special food items themed to defunct rides was not only good but really elevated the dining. I've never been one to eat in the park but this year I was curious as to what each location has to celebrate the 50th and which previous attractions they represented. Very awesome!
  24. I say let it sit...who are we to name a realistic price on a rare historical item unless we're potential buyers? Unless you are a buyer looking to reach an agreement with the seller, who cares wether it sits or not? Who cares if it gets relisted 100x if you aren't an interested buyer? Who needs to say anything unless you are a potential buyer? I don't understand why anyone would tell this seller that he needs to lower his price. I agree it's WAY too high but after it sits for 10 years, inflation will have gone up so much that 11k might be reasonable then! Lol.... couldn't resist a joke about inflation. Minimum wage might be $100hr in 10 years. Leave this guy alone and let the product sit. Either he'll figure it out on his own and lower the price or maybe he doesn't actually want to sell it that much. There's a difference between trying to sell and item for what it's worth and trying to get rich off an item. Kwim?
  25. This is the only pic I have....one more night ride on The Beast before it goes into hibernation. (Thanks for the re-tracking KI! Best 50th Anniversary gift ever!)
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