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  1. So I think they need to reconfigure The Racer Que to make it all one big que and please make the ques wider... unless you are a kid they are kinda close and uncomfortable. As for the "Old Man Beast" he needs all the que he can get. I've waited in all that stinkin que before. Not like a million years ago either. Go on a Saturday or get this opening day or the end of the season and that que is packed. Every que open. The Beast is about the only ride in the park I'll wait in all the ques to ride.
  2. The 50th will be a great year. The 150 CP Anniversary was pretty awesome and Cedar Fair will do well with the one at KI. We can all wish for different things but looking back on park history can't we just stand back and say yes we are amazed at what the Wachs and Taft Broadcasting accomplished in the early 1970s? I mean they built such a great park and while time has caused certain attractions so fade away, we still have a lot of history in the park and hopefully that's all recognized during the anniversary. I would love to see signs outside the ques of all the original opening day rides to let people know this is a park original. Now as for the Controversial topic about Cedar Fair keeping Kings Island down, I can't say I totally agree about that. Here's why, since aquiring Kings Island, Cedar Fair has relocated or built 5 rollercoasters at the park (Firehawk, Diamondback, Banshee, Mystic Timbers, & Orion) In that same time frame, Cedar Fair has built/rebranded 5 rollercoasters at Cedar Point (Maverick, GateKeeper, Rougarou, Valraven, Steel Vengeance). Both Firehawk and Rougarou to me were temporary attractions. With Firehawk being the oldest it makes sense it closed first but trust me, when CP needs that space Rougarou is gone too. You may argue that CP got coaster types we didn't have (aka dive, winged, rmc hybrid, floorless) but you have to look at what we had before their management. We gained new coaster types too (aka Hyper, Inverted, Flying, and Giga). MT to me was the only one we already had something similar but sometimes you need to invest in that 48" generation seeing as they knew Vortex was on its last leg and I'm assuming the old Top Gun (now The Bat) won't be far behind. So when arguing that CF has kept us down I would say NOT AT ALL! Yes as a park CP is probably better but as someone else pointed out they have to attract tourism while we are a local park. It's just a different market. Mike Koontz has a good head on his shoulders and has done a ton for KI during his time and we all owe him a huge thanks for bringing KI out of the slump Paramount had put it in. I do agree that Vortex needs a replacement and I'm sure Koontz knows that too but now is not the time. Obviously there's other parks they need to invest in and money I'm sure is tight because of Covid. HEY DID EVERYONE FORGET THAT FREE YEAR OF SEASON PASSES!!?? Think about how much money they lost because THEY DID THE RIGHT THING! I will always be loyal to Cedar Fair for that reason if not for anything else.
  3. Those are all great ideas! I could see leaving/fixing up the gardens and having the coca-cola thing in there. Would be nice. If we're talking area 72, I'd like to see a double ferris wheel (like the former Zodiac) go in there. To me, that would be way cooler than an actual ferris wheel. Considering that they aren't made anymore, it's rather unlikely but hey if Cedar Fair shows someone enough $ they could make it happen. Not only would it have the views, it would be efficient loading and to me the curb appeal is awesome. Hershey Park use to have one called Giant Wheel and it was on the brochures for years. Was too bad when they finally had to remove it.
  4. Ok here's my list - Blue Circle: Viking Fury entrance should be moved and the Der Spinnen Keggers (aka drunken barrels) should be put across from the Festhaus. Yellow Circle/Square: This is currently the Tower Gardens that while I guess has historical significance is really boring and Idk who actually goes in there. Anyway I'd love to see a HUSS Condor there. They are really showy rides when it comes to curb appeal and is different than anything we've had in the past. Green Square: This is behind the theater and near Diamondback. I think a ferris wheel perhaps? Not a small Eli one but not a huge one like CP either. Something in the middle. See my photo below. Purple Circle: Seeing as Bayne Curve is a thing of the past, a Matterhorn would fit the European/Octoberfest theming abd it is also a great ride! Cedar Point should just sell us theirs. Lol Red Circle: Finally a Trabaunt. Was my favorite ride as a kid at Coney Island and I was steamed when they took it out. KI apparently use to have one called Wheel of Fortune over near the log flume. Bringing it back near the Dogem would not only pay homage to Coney Island but bring back a classic I enjoyed as a kid.
  5. So I know this picture is a bit outdated so I've filled in Orion, Mystic Timbers, and Antique Autos. I was wondering what flat rides everyone would want to see either return to the park or see the park invest in? Here's a few possible locations too. So I'm going to post ideas for all the locations. Just specify what color the circle is and what flat ride you think would be a nice fit there. Enjoy!
  6. I don't think it Jeopardized it's award status...after all they have changed many things on it in the past such as combining the 2nd and 3rd tunnels to be 1 long tunnel and putting seatbelts in the coaster trains and removing the really old lab bars that didn't come down very far. I think this is just preserving the ride more than changing it.
  7. Maybe it's true that the current format is the original and I don't remember it correctly. I agree with others it's been slightly altered with removal of Outer Limits lines and such. What I really want to know is who stars in the preshow? Like who are all the actors in it? Seeing as it was done during the paramount days if you know what I mean. I'm surprised you can't find anything online about it....
  8. Now based on what I know, I think most of the Arrow Dynamics coasters at all Cedar Fair parks are in trouble. Cedar Fair has about purged stand up coasters from their line up. As far as I know the last one is Vortex at Carowinds... While Arrow Loopers are rough and costly to maintain, they are just really cool rides and it'll be sad when they all disappear but I'm afraid that's what is going to happen. Corkscrew at CP is safe because it's small (less maintenance) and iconic to the park. Kings Island already lost Vortex after 33 years. I think the other Arrow Loopers are in trouble...the could very well remove all but Corkscrew at CP. Perhaps Carolina Cyclone is safe because I think they just did some work on that one. I know they reused the KI Vortex trains on it. Just a note: The best Arrow Looper is Tennessee Tornado at Dollywood and it's also the one most recently built and I do hope they Refurbish that ride as it's such a great coaster!
  9. Hey I'm just going on the ones at Kings Island and Cedar Point. What I believe the future is for both parks - Kings Island The Bat (S) - once it reaches the end of service life it's gone! It's only 6 years younger than Vortex so I'm guessing it's got 4-5 years more max... Invertigo (S/R) - it's a cool ride and I would assume they can refurbish it still but I could definitely see it get moved since KI already has Banshee now. Congo Falls (S) - eventually whenever Invertigo goes, this one will too and we'll get a coaster in the front of park to replace both rides. Cedar Point Iron Dragon (F/S) Ok so first of all you can't relocate this ride. I was built for the spot it's in. Idk if it's been refurbished but if not it's going to need it soon I think and that'll be an interesting call CP has to make... hopefully they keep because this ride is actually still pretty popular. Always has 20min wait on slow days and longer on busy days... Magnum XL 200 (F) This is about the only option here. This ride put them on the map and it's an ACE Rollercoaster Landmark. It's not going anywhere. Rougarou (S/R) so I personally always liked Mantis more because to me personally, it was more unique when you stood... maybe relocating would work but I think after a few years this one's getting scrapped. It's like Firehawk at KI temporary fix to the problem.
  10. Wow I can visualize it already! They really should do something with it. I do agree with others that because of the money they are sinking into the park for the 50th Anniversary, we can't expect much in 2023. I'm guessing that The Vortex plot is top priority and it will have a new coaster in 2024. Maybe by then they will be ready to address the Crypt Building??? I'm all for Hotel Phantom. Maybe a trackless ride like they have down at Disney and have a tower of terror like theme to it? Or maybe go with themes that tie in Mystic Timbers. Idk. I just like the artist concept right here!
  11. Thanks for uploading! Someone should post the whole thing on YouTube. It's kinda hard to say what part of the video is the beginning and the end since it loops. I am still kinda curious as to what the story actually is because I agree that the pre show isn't super clear on the matter.... maybe it made more sense under Paramount before Cedar Fair had to remove all the movie titles and themes. Idk. Maybe someone else out there knows the official story....
  12. Racer was so much better this season after it got retracked. Can't wait to see how smooth The Beast is!
  13. Ok got one other one I just thought of - Rode The Beast with a friend who didn't take off his ball cap and it blew off on the first drop into the tunnel and the camera snapped the photo with the hat floating over his head as it had come off and was in the process of blowing away. If we had the money we totally would have bought that photo! Speaking of odd photos my sister's seatbelt came off on Magnum XL200 at CP this summer and she grabbed the end and was holding it when the camera snapped the picture so her one hand is on the lap bar and the end of the seatbelt is shoulder high in the photo grasped tightly in the other hand. That was epic!
  14. Ok so I'm starting this thread for all of the epic lost items on rides stories. Share the most ridiculous ones you have experienced! Here's mine - I rode Vortex and on the first drop the guy in the row right infront of me had a ball cap on and it blew off on the first drop. Whizzes right past my head. Then once we go around that huge turn and enter the first loop, his phone fall off at the top of the loop but apparently the speed of the phone falling and the speed of the coaster train were so in sync that his phone landed in the floor of my row on the train so my dad put his foot on it and held it against the floor until the end of the ride. When we got off the guy was so happy we had his phone and I mean what's the odds of it landing in the row behind you as it fell at the top of the first loop. Idk if he ever got the ball cap back but at least his phone survived!
  15. Ok. Reedit of the original post because my information was bad. So I think that the only changes to the preshow based on all my research is the removal of Outer Limits material. Other people in my family say that under Cedar Fair the video was perhaps shortened during one season and didn't play for much of another season (the year they introduced funTV at KI). However everyone I think has come to the consensus that the current version is the original minus the Outer Limits material.
  16. So to answer the original question, what would I like changed at Kings Island - The one thing that if I could wave a wand and it would magically change would be - Storage bins on ALL ride platforms. Mystic Timbers and Orion drive me CRAZY with the no bag policy. Why don't new rides have bins like the old ones!? Answer: Because they want to squeeze you for money for a stinkin locker rental! It's ridiculous! Anyway that's what I would want changed
  17. You definitely did the right thing. We all have to realize that nowhere in this world is as safe as it was even 10 years ago. People are just a lot more unpredictable and angry these days. Regardless of why the knives were there, handing them over to security was the right thing to do. If they were simply lost or forgotten it was right to give them to security and if they had actually been hidden or stashed same thing - It's always right to give lost or mysterious/harmful objects to the proper authority.
  18. You got to be kidding I was literally there last night and walked right past that shop at 6:30. Could have got a signed copy. Darn! That stinks that I missed it.
  19. I saw the book in KI gift shop today and stood there and read it for 30min till someone asked if I needed help. Lol. I said no I just wanted to make sure this was good before I bought it.....and it wasn't just good, it was AMAZING! thank you for putting in the time to create this!
  20. I agree Diamondback is in need but The Racer should get it first. If you look at it from the antique autos it's like white and grey because all the paint is chipped and worn off the wood. Racer and Diamondback are definitely the 2 in need but I'm praying The Racer gets the red white and blue color scheme!
  21. I am with you totally! Bring back the Zodiac. Great concept. I don't know why design companies discontinued them and took a step backwards. I think they look super cool and would really go over well. And with some cool lights, that thing would be the hottest family ride in the park! Hey theme even matches the sort of space theme of Area 72!
  22. I'm with you Virginia Reel all the way! I think there's only 1 left in existence!
  23. Ok yes October Fest needs a revamp! Would love to see it become home to some more family friendly flat rides that way Jr can get out of snoopy land and can ride in October Fest and then hit a few things in Coney Mall too. So my top 3 picks for Octoberfest Area - #1 Flying Bob's/Himalaya tell Cedar Point to move The Matterhorn down here. They have the Himalaya too. Why do they need both??? #2 Der Spinnen Keggers or some equivalent of a teacup style ride #3 Enterprise type ride like Skylab or Witches Wheel at CP As for flat rides in Area 72 possible expansion 1 ride comes to my mind - Double Ferris Wheel! Bring back the Zodiac guys. It looks super cool. I think it would go over well and the name fits the area. There's even a poster in Orion que
  24. I'm cool with the flying theater ride for the crypt building. They need to put something in there. I also agree we need more flat rides. The homage to Der Spinnen Keggers was a terrific idea. I'd like to see a Ferris Wheel return but I'd LOVE to see a Double Ferris Wheel return. Long Live The Zodiac! Perfect for Area 72 theming too!
  25. The Racer at Kings Island. Red White and Blue like it was in 1972
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