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  1. I'm not sure how I feel about that candy corn drink...
  2. That would be nice to see next season along with a fresh paint job.
  3. Although it is disappointing that the season is winding down, it is a reminder for us to look forward for the next season to come. Imagine if the park was open every day, all year round? We would have nothing to look forward to, and nothing to hope for.
  4. I'd love to see a reimagined version of the current Vortex poster, showing the train going down the first drop. I will never forget that lift hill and the drop that followed.
  5. Agreed along with many others. I can understand how the preferred parking would be very appealing to some folks, but personally I don't mind the extra walk. Besides, we could all use a little extra exercise!
  6. Same here. I have had a gold pass my whole life, and frankly I don't care what happens, I'll probably have a pass for the rest of my life!
  7. Besides the 50th anniversary and everything, KI could be doing this summer concert series as kind of a last stand for Timberwolf before it could be taken out. Or at least they could do the concerts for another few years or so.
  8. Your not alone, I go to the water park on a pretty good basis as well.
  9. I'm sorry to hear about this. In my opinion and my experience, I find it best to go right when the water park opens on weekdays. Just about every water slide is a walk on (if that's what you like), and the wave pool is a lot cleaner! As far as the crowds attitude goes, KI can't control that, and the crowd tends to be better in the morning.
  10. I must say the track as the snakes tongue is the most identical looking thing.
  11. I too agree. I can understand why people didn't like Dinosaurs Alive with the dinosaurs and all that, but the nice secluded feeling back there was what I liked the most. Looking back at it, it makes me kind of sad thinking about how all the trees back there were torn down to make way for Orion, but you can't stop progress.
  12. Nice to see. I noticed the food truck in Soak City today and wasn't sure why it was there. Thanks for posting!
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