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  1. A cowboy themed coaster would be great for Rivertown. Especially with the new cowboy animatronics by the general store on the train route.
  2. Agreed. I was just stating that for people who might think it was the security's fault.
  3. Agreed. It's also hard to blame the park for slacking on security considering what's going on right now and everything.
  4. One time while waiting in line for Bat, I saw someone point out some concrete footings under the station, and their friend said it was part of Son of Beast!
  5. I'm surprised there are no reports of people breaking in.
  6. A little sad they couldn't even find a good picture of The Beast.
  7. Man, this is really great news. Could we maybe have a live stream of one of these concerts??
  8. It's probably unlikely, but we could see some sort of small hint towards a new attraction sometime during the 50th celebration. I really have no idea though.
  9. Man, this is really gonna effect the popularity of Camp Cedar. Especially for families who here about this.
  10. Not sure if someone said this before me, but earlier in the day before the Orion incident I was heading over to get on MT, and noticed that the train was stuck right before it went into the shed. Add that to the list.
  11. I would honestly hate to see Bat go. Probably as much as I hated to see Vortex leave. The ride is nestled perfectly in the area that it in.
  12. Sorry I posted this without realizing someone else said something about it, my bad.
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