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  1. Or that Chevy in front of Killmart!
  2. I was thinking that exact same thing. Either a cat or a small dog of some sort.
  3. Looks like some digging going on in the bottom left hand corner...
  4. Ah, yes. The wonderful southern Ohio weather, doing what it does best.
  5. No need for panic! I was just saying for when The Bat gets taken out one day. It is NOT leaving next year NOR was there any announcement.
  6. I think I'll save my money for a tack slice of The Bat. Hopefully that doesn't go on sale for a while!
  7. Does anyone happen to know where the sign shop is located at the park? I have always wondered.
  8. I could see the old sign being incorporated into some kind of que easter egg, along with some other different types of teasers.
  9. This YouTube channel deserves more subscribers!
  10. Unfortunately, Orion has already disturbed The Beast.
  11. The funny part is we were in line for Adventure Express when they said it!
  12. I'm really happy about all this, but I kind of wish Soak City got something. I know most folks on this site are probably just into the dry-side of the park, but as a local I find myself visiting the water park a lot.
  13. So the new theme for AE explains why those trees were removed.
  14. This makes me wonder if Aventure Port will get its own scare zone for Haunt 2023.
  15. Yeah, its most likely a year-round operation announcement, but the fact that it tells us to speculate makes me wonder.
  16. I'll take The Vortex one. However, the Amazon Falls one also catches my eye as well.
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