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  1. I though last Saturday would be there really big day, from it being on Columbus Day weekend. The main midway web cam looks packed!
  2. I remember when I worked there seeing a start up temperature sheet, The Racer and Beast were 35 degrees. Most of the steel Arrows were about 50 degrees.
  3. Looking ahead for closing day, temperatures are looking to be in the high 40's.
  4. I was hoping for a light crowed day but that was not the case, in the morning Mystic Timbers was about 40 minutes, the fastpass line was almost full. The rest of the rides I rode where the same case where the fastpass line was really hurting the main line. Wanted to get on Flight of Fear but the greeter said the line was about an hour 30 minutes. So in other words if it wasn't for all those fastpass people, the lines would have been some what shorter. Only ride with a walk-on was Congo Falls. I was hoping to take my camera up in the Eiffel Tower today to get some pictures but it was closed. Drop Tower & Invertigo were up and down today. WindSeeker stayed closed.
  5. I remember hearing when the Banshee queue is filled, it's about 90 minutes to two hours.
  6. Man those waits are just crazy, looking at the web cam same crowds at Cedar Point this evening.
  7. One of the things I've noticed at there water park is the water is warm, almost like bath water warm. Not like some of the other water parks where the temperature is 85 degrees plus outside, and then the water temp is cold. Kinda like going into to the Atlantic ocean during the summer. It does seem like the ride lines for ThunderBird, Voyage drop when the water park fills up. Along with free soft drinks, they also have free sunscreen located outside and next to every restroom. Bahari wave pool creates real waves up to three feet high. it can be a real work out.
  8. Currently the webcams are showing light crowds, Mystic Timbers is unknown from the flume ride blocking the view of the queue area.
  9. It seemed like yesterday, 3/4 of the crowd was in Rivertown. An hour and fifteen minutes for Mystic Timbers, 25 minutes for The Beast, fifteen minutes for Diamondback. I walked over to Action Zone, very short waits or near walk-ons. Looked like Drop Zone had to run in the dark with no lights on for awhile.
  10. Yesterday I was unable to hear the new Instrumental music on International Street because the power was knotted out.
  11. Man talk about traffic being back up, looked like just about every road that leads to the park is bumper to bumper. Sat in traffic on I-71 north from the south entrance ramp to the north ramp, it took 55 minutes to travel that distance. They must have had a record number of season pass renewals.
  12. On a windy day, there's quite a spray come the fountains.
  13. The only time I remember enjoying a smooth ride was it's open year in 2000. My first trip that year the ride opened up at 5pm, a lengthy line had formed so didn't ride it in the spring. Went back in October and was able to ride it twice, I thought it was a smooth experience. Don't remember which seat I was in the first ride, the second was towards the middle. The wait seemed to be less then thirty minutes. The following year 2001, went to the park in July. Wait was just over an hour, to me the ride experience was night and day compared to 2000. It was much rougher, and uncomfortable. The lap-bar left yellow and black bruises on side of my thigh muscles.
  14. From 42 Drop Tower row, looking towards the toll booth around 5:12pm.
  15. One of the busiest final day I've been to, the rain really drove most of the crowed away.
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