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  1. he did keep it proffesional but yeah he is like a magnet when teens see him
  2. Cant blame him though, he started off in a not so wealthy household and now hes a millionare influencer and making tons of money for himself and his family but still, wealth doesnt hold you above park rules.
  3. IamSpeed. I watch him sometimes, he is a very popular streamer/ youtuber and he went to school at Purcel Marion, and then moved to Cali when he gained popularity. He went back to ohio to go to Kings Island and meet fans and have fun. He complains about the park not giving him a warning instead of just completely kicking him out, but still, it should be common sense not to have your phone out on the ride , and with him doing that you can see many other kids had theirs out also. You can have fun but safety should always be first, and having your phone out on a ride can literally put other peoples lives at risk.
  4. as always, we would love and greatly appreciate if you or any members of KIC could get some pictures from the Eiffel Tower of both areas!
  5. Kind of random but at the 20:10 mark in video, Koontz announced his goal is for Diamondback to be painted next year!
  6. Just caught this and dont know if anybody noticed it, but at the end Barry says "Give me a moment I have to go find those blueprints". Could this be the start of something big, or just Kings Island messing with us? And if it is something, someone should go check mason city hall and see if there are any public documents/blueprints available
  7. Just did some research, Slingshot was manufactured by Funtime, The same manufacturer for the drop ride the teen in florida died from.
  8. On opening day, if there are any sort of teasers or land clearing "I doubt there will be" , someone should go up to Mason City Hall and see if there are any public blueprints filed for Kings Island
  9. Im a male by the way haha, but yes my friend said that it is going to be a new ride. I don't believe it 100% though. I don't think her dad has that high up of a position in the park to know if a new attraction is in the making or not yet.
  10. double post *** she also said she got the mug a couple weeks ago, so very recently
  11. So i don’t know all of the info about this, but i saw my friends mug today at my high school and questioned it because of the logo on it. She said her dad is a maintenance person at Kings Island and how it’s a new ride and project. I have no clue if she is correct or not, but she did mention how 2 years ago when i would talk about Project X , she would laugh to herself because her father new all of the details and information about the ride already. Once again i don’t know if all of this is true or not but the logo on the cup has the words “project soul” and the Cedar Fair logo behind it. I don’t think anyone has seen any signs of construction, or if they are just now getting into the design and everything, but there are many possibilities.
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