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  1. It was a HUGE event with real prizes. Members were chosen to compete in events on the forums such as answer extremely difficult questions or concept a new ride among other fun things. Only contestants could post in the topic while everyone else could watch and vote for their favorite. Personally never seen the forums boom as large as it was when a game commenced.
  2. Woah! I remember that day with Uncle Henry filming this video!
  3. Here it is, my full review of Orion... In what may be the most divisive roller coaster in the industry, since it's announcement Orion was split down the middle with the GP and enthusiasts that had excitement and dissatisfaction. Many aspects of the ride was critically dissected from it's theme, layout, height and overall experience. I made my own interpretations but knew when it came to my first ride I would clear those preconceived notions and go into the experience with an open mind. That being said on a cold windy day on its final operating day of its opening year of 2020 I finally was
  4. It may be possible. In 2008 when working on the ride in the drive box we have panel that shows the speed of trains in the shed (long stretch of covered track), the quick dip (the lowest point in the ride), and the entry into the final helix. During some Haunt days I recall seeing hits of speeds at 73-75mph at the quick dip. During colder temperature they would remove the trims at the mid course.
  5. Tomb Raider The Rides sign and Plaza continues to be my favorite!
  6. It's a bit much to try and dissect this (or spend time on) to even come to any conclusions regarding this. It may not even be a delivery. It easily could be relocations of already owned products.
  7. Cool yes, but it's a joke to sell it at that price! I'm sure some hardcore enthusiasts will dish out the cash but I just can't see myself being a proud owner a small piece of track for that price. Much like watching a live broadway or movie, at the end if you can forget about the price you paid because of the enjoyment you got out of the product provided to you I consider that a good investment. This I would have on a shelf as a looming reminder of spending $200.
  8. Much like PKIC acquired PKIU I ponder the idea of perhaps KIC doing the same for Carowinds Connection. This site since I joined in 2004 has grown so much, I feel the next logical step in it's growth is to extend to the fansite base for Cedar Fair (which currently there is none).
  9. Well if we can pick MT I choose Tomb Raider The Ride
  10. I didn't laugh. I'm guessing no I'll intent was meant but If you come out of left field with responses like that when their is little history of that behavior it leaves me to question. If he were running an account like Kentucky Kingdoms twitter a response like that would be much more forgiving/funny/expected
  11. Was able to capture the photo below of the suspect trying to flee in an unmarked car.
  12. I think we all understood what the original poster meant, not about the actual length but the time. I think Orion will be a great ride when I get the chance to ride. But some of the reviews coming in with their minor notes on it's length I've seen are something I'm not ignoring. Still, it does look like a fun ride regardless.
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