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  1. Much like PKIC acquired PKIU I ponder the idea of perhaps KIC doing the same for Carowinds Connection. This site since I joined in 2004 has grown so much, I feel the next logical step in it's growth is to extend to the fansite base for Cedar Fair (which currently there is none).
  2. Well if we can pick MT I choose Tomb Raider The Ride
  3. I didn't laugh. I'm guessing no I'll intent was meant but If you come out of left field with responses like that when their is little history of that behavior it leaves me to question. If he were running an account like Kentucky Kingdoms twitter a response like that would be much more forgiving/funny/expected
  4. Was able to capture the photo below of the suspect trying to flee in an unmarked car.
  5. I think we all understood what the original poster meant, not about the actual length but the time. I think Orion will be a great ride when I get the chance to ride. But some of the reviews coming in with their minor notes on it's length I've seen are something I'm not ignoring. Still, it does look like a fun ride regardless.
  6. Hey AIM me tomorrow. Thx 

  7. Didn't we already have a ride with a Jeep at the entrance? #TRTR
  8. Sure was! Just like the return of the water feature that year at the turn-around cave. As for what music it was Joshua... I don't recall the entire playlist but it was a collection of music about 30-40 minutes long.
  9. In 2008 there was station music. It was a mixture of adventure / western style music. Most notably...
  10. Wow, I gotta say the 2000s maps were the best. Definitely felt a "Yuck" as soon as it transitioned from 2010 to 2011. Great video!
  11. Orion: Time to rethink that whole TEOTWAWKI idea... #toosoon
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