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  1. I've never had a top 10 due to the sheer enormous amount I've been on and it is always changing but have had a top 3. My top 3 have never changed as fast as my 10 or 20. They have been consistent since riding these. 1) Eejanaika - Fuji Q highland I've never laughed and screamed so much throughout one coaster experience in my entire life (except one other which is my #2). These 4D coasters are pure madness from start to finish because they do and continue to be an experience no other coaster can replicate. It's one of the few that just leave you laughing at the end of it all because you just have no idea what the heck just happened. Eejanaika fixes all the issues X2 had and so much more into what is honestly the best rollercoaster in the whole world! Speaking of X2... 2) X2 - Six Flags Magic Mountain For the same reasons I love Eejanaika the same I love X2. It left me in an absolute trance of adrenaline. While it stands in the shadow of it's better version in Japan it still to this day is my favorite coaster in the USA. For those of you that watch Coaster Studios I recommend watching his reviews and videos about these two rollercoasters because they in-depth go into many of the same ideas and discussions of why I love these coasters. 3) Lightning Rod For the longest time I couldn't decide if I liked Lighting Rod or Steel Vengeance better. The way I found out was by going back to what I said at the completion of each ride experience. At the end of LR I felt it was the perfect length and duration for how powerful and intense a ride it was. At the end of SV I remember thinking how if the ride had ended at the mid course break I would have still been happy. Ultimately SV is a lot of intensity to take in for that long of a ride. Whereas Lighting Rod felt perfect, just the right amount of speed, length, time, and intensity for what it was leaving me time at the end of the ride to fully comprehend the experience. Unfortunately SV doesn't have the same effect at the end of it all. Honorable mentions: Montu, Dododonpa, Ghost Rider, Top Thrill Dragster, The Voyage, Son of Beast
  2. Hmm, personally I would have enjoyed anything that isn't a B&M. Not that I don't enjoy their rides I just find with 2 already in the park some change would be nice for variety. Mack, Vekoma, RMC, or even Intamin would be a nice change.
  3. I was about to celebrate with a Starbucks coffee.
  4. As per law, nothing was broken in the video as of the sites I checked on local laws. Now the park may have set up rules against drones which is clearly on its website, it would have to be discussed exactly what warrants "inside the park".
  5. YAY!!!! I sure hope they have the right sound system for this! There are times I barely hear Mystics.
  6. A quote from the article I can't agree with more! If KD wants to stay in the game and not be left in the trails of BG which most people already find the more supreme park in the area they need to strategize a game plan for the next decade. "many folks feel that Kings Dominion needs to replace Volcano with a major coaster if they hope to compete with the incredible investments Busch Gardens Williamsburg is currently pursuing."
  7. It's On YouTube, very beautiful shots and wonderfully edited!
  8. Wait... You mean it wasn't already themed to a junkyard?!
  9. No one here is arguing, debating yes which is fine. Moreso the community is sharing shared frustration which is perfectly healthy especially since the entire topic is question has been very abstract from the park in the last decade and has been time and time again been disproven. I openly do want to continue hearing from everyone on this topic because it does open doors for discussion and can help lead everyone perhaps to a better understanding of the whole subject matter. Our community is stronger than ever guys! Our reputation is good! Don't think otherwise, you guys are awesome!
  10. This again... -No there is no law against filming/taking photos from off property -Yes you can fly over the park -Kings Island saying pretty please don't do something doesn't mean it's law Lastly this would not repeatedly come up if the park was forward in the first place instead up being abstract. How hard is it to say, "For the safety of our team leading the construction we will be for the remainder of the build shut down our webcams, Thank you for understanding"
  11. Well I guess there goes my title as the KI Pilot. Yes KI has a No Drone rule, but I do not for a minute believe they have the right to tell paragliders or airplanes not to post photos of the park. That's like them asking politely no fan to go to Mason City Council to aquire blueprints. Now we are a fan site and always will be the unofficial fan site of Kings Island, even in the sites Description it says we are not affiliated with the park so former mods to current mods please hear me out to keep this site open and free to all fans to discuss and share. As we are not affiliated that in itself means we are a free forum to share and discuss these topics and media as long as no crime is committed, and as the paraglider and I as a pilot have mentioned year after year, there is no law against flying over the park and no law against snapping photos. Please keep this site free for it's users to discuss without outside lobbyist dictating how you should run the forums and it's shared content. Thank you. Captain Nemo out.
  12. Is Robb behind this Twitter group too? When it comes to Twitter it's best just to be a silent observer even if you are a fan of someone's work.
  13. There is no such ban. I flew over the park all the time sometimes as low as 1000 feet. The only thing I ever was asked by the park during Cedar Fairs ownership was to not post certain construction photos during off season. Now as the photos were my property I decided to release the photos. Otherwise, the park has made a move to ban drones. But the area above KI is open airspace.
  14. Eejanaika is my #1. I know they have a hefty price tag but I honestly said to myself after riding it and X2 "Why are there not more of these?!"
  15. "Liability"? Are they having Intamin put in charge of the demolition?! Sorry, but after all we have seen with them pulling these excuses with Diamondback, Banshee, and Mystic Timbers and now Orion it's just not flying anymore. Just be honest and tweet, "For the safety and sensitive work of the workers involved with the demolition of Vortex we have decided to pull the feed on this webcam until the work has completed. Thank you for your understanding" I don't believe we or the GP will have any issue with that. How is this difficult KI?!
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