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  1. Please be more specific because photos from private airplanes and photos taken of the park from off property are all reasonable sources as well.
  2. Have you visited Magic Mountain, or New England, or GAdv, Fiesta Texas or Great America? This parks are amazing and I don't think the general public is going to feel embarrassed by an announcement because the company providing it is for ENTERTAINMENT. I kind of appreciate that they have fun with their announcement video and put some pizzazz into it.
  3. With Orion announced I feel it is a good time to bump this topic. I only got to visit a few times but would love to hear of anyone found some cool eggs!
  4. This Coaster for SFGAdv looks UH-MAZING! So happy for the east coast getting some love! May be alongside with RMC Gwazi for best New coaster!
  5. No... Stop... Don't give any ideas. The building has been through enough torture since the closure of TRTR.
  6. I personally am not taking much away from this campaign. Hear me out, the whole thing up to this point has been spoon fed information (additionally incorrect Information. IE the tape). As far as we now know the numbers, the information, and images mean nothing. The only thing we were provided were letters to an acronym that was easily decoded. But beyond that all the hidden things on the posters we previously thought were something; up till now, meant nothing. Additionally the hashtag TEOTWAWKI, I don't see the park using this to lead us on a new journey. It just gave us a hashtag with a dead end and no further action. The petition seems odd, just something to keep time going until the announcement and no reward, if anything they will say at 3000 signatures they will give an announcement date. Not being negative. This is just my personal takeaway I'm sure many of you have different opinions which are perfectly fine. I just think with the way this coasters information all but leaked they could have really used that to create an amazing campaign full of misdirection. Again this was just what I thought.
  7. I hope they use the former TRTR building as the world's most expensive screen for the announcement!
  8. Honestly if it just turns out to be "It's the end of the world as we know it" my personal take away from this teaser campaign is very low. I thought they were going somewhere with the sequences and the tape but it more seems like they were just mistakes to clear up incorrect information. Campaign is still going on so we will see if a major curve ball is tossed... I hope so. Again this is just a personal take away, nothing negative.
  9. I noticed on my recent trip that the bottom on the final lift hill a substantial amount of of damage to the roof that was covered. By the amount of damage I saw looks like it may have fallen in. Anyone else see this?
  10. In light of all the mistakes made on the posters I recently came across a video from INSIDE the KI marketing office.
  11. It's also a possibility that KI just is not doing a teaser campaign or have not yet conceptualized one yet. Considering how much or the attraction is known already they may have had to cancel or rework it... Or maybe again just did not work on one.
  12. There are SO many Easter eggs in FOFs queue. Some even referencing Tomb Raider the ride
  13. From the look of another Twitter image it looks like it more than just 'bumped'. The folding platform in the station looks to be damaged. Maybe a 10 - 15MPH collision. Still a powerful collision.
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