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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.

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  1. That's it alright! Glad it's being used. Miss that ride (TRTR)
  2. Can anyone confirm that the Tomb Raider loading drumbeat is now played in the station for Adventure Express?
  3. Of course they did. If a plumber shows up at a park they will write a 6 page blog about how's it's for a new water coaster.
  4. Mods, can we move this topic to rumors My two cents on the topic are simple, B&M is great but we now how three and that's a mighty treat but I'd love to see other variety in the park. Let's get some S&S, Gerstlauer, Intamin, Mack, anything to really mix up the platter.
  5. Comes down to what is the better monetary option. Spirit Song is the only real event that takes place at the location yet only happens for one weekend throughout the season. If studies find new expansion better income potential then the days of Timberwolf are running low. It looks like it needs a lot of refurbishment work, money that may not see a return investment if done. So that leaves one other option.
  6. I definitely like the concept. Timber wolf is a big eyesore and definitely out of style and date. I've been inside those trailers behind the stage and it is definitely in much need of an upgrade! The idea that it has its own entrance is a big plus. I can see hopefully something like this when we get our front gate upgrade (hopefully soon)
  7. I just feel the whole thing is disrespectful to the teams that put all that themeing together to create an immersive experience of an active military base for it a year later to be expanded with disco balls, rave lighting, truss, and white screens. In addition I see 2021 as a 'honorary' first season for Orion as many people did not get to experience KI due to Covid. I really hope this works, who knows the show may be awesome but may fall into the same trap as Luminosity. Great show and theatrics, poor location.
  8. I have always wanted a Live DJ at KI since the early 2000s. When Luminosity opened at Cedar Point I was convinced. That being said the location of Luminosity was out of place in terms of crowd congestion. You had to get their early for a spot and even then the crowds left no room for truly enjoying the show. Now that a version of this is coming to KI I am super happy, but it comes at a cost as I have quite a few concerns, namely on its location. The space in Area 72 is already limited and a dead end location. Having to walk past that to get to Orion will be a tad over congested. If you have be
  9. It's cute. I wish the editing was more focused on just the bobs and not the off ride.
  10. That wouldn't work with the locations. Read the first post.
  11. This wouldn't work in terms of current attraction location and what previously was located there.
  12. Incredible!! I've been listening to CoasterRadio since it's first episode. Amazing interview and well done.
  13. -REMOVE 3 ATTRACTIONS +ADD 3 PAST ATTRACTIONS (But they can only be attractions that previously were located in the attraction you removed) Here's how it works. If you could remove any 3 CURRENT attractions in the park and have the attraction that PREVIOUSLY was located there, what would they be For example: Vortex -> BAT Action Theater Haunts -> Action Theater Banshee -> Son of Beast Here's mine: Backlot Stunt Coaster - For Les Taxis Diamondback - Keep old rivertown and Lake Boo Blasters on Boo Hill - for Phantom Theater
  14. I think KI social media could be so much better. When compared to Uni, WoF, Kentucky Kingdom
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