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  1. On April 8, 2024 a full eclipse will pass through Cedar Point while a full/partial will pass through Kings Island. How cool would it be if Cedar Fair announced a way to ride some of their roller coasters during the eclipse! Since these events only last a few minutes only a select few trains would be able to achieve such a ride experience so I'd expect this to most likely end up being an exclusive event. But man what I wouldn't give to ride The Beast during this! Edit: WHAT I WOULDN'T GIVE TO RIDE THE VOYAGE!!!
  2. Has KI made any announcement if the new flat rides will be able to operate during Winter fest next year?
  3. Captain Nemo is currently in Airplane Mode, but I will check when I get time!
  4. Not that CF has used non royalty free music before (IE WindSeeker). Most of the music from TRTR came from paramount IPs. Such as the preshow ambient music, that is actually a snippet from the show Survivor. The only music Cedar Fair owns outright is the ride music, preshow video music, and the loading drum beat as those were created for the ride by Rob Portoff and the park owns that music. Same idea as IMA score. While I would love to see the old outdoor queue music for TRTR to make a return to this area it is music from the (old) Tomb Raider movie, (old) Jumanji, and the film Baraka. I have attempted to try and upload the indoor and outdoor queue music on YouTube but alas the music police always remove the audio. I'm not against the idea of using the music from TRTR though. It would work perfectly for this area!
  5. Because it's a forum, a collection of fans with their own opinions.
  6. Chaperone Policy coming to Carowinds after recent incident. I'm all for this policy, parks are not a daycare. Won't be surprised to see KI announce this soon.
  7. You'll be happy to know the person who made the layout of this coaster is also a member of this site!
  8. Maybe Kings Island forgot the homework assignment was due today. But in all seriousness while no one will disagree Carnivale is always welcome, it's not technically NEW. Still hoping for further announcements as KIPR Twitter hasn't posted anything yet about a their New for 23 yet
  9. What that WHAT!!!! so far Can W has peaked my interest over all the other announcements and it doesn't even have a video.
  10. WOF looks amazing! CP looks fun too but man that announcement was a downer.
  11. Who here is old enough to remember when the tunnels got you wet by spraying you? To add to the discussion on the cannons, it would at this point make sense to give control back to the operators. Considering that the only ways on the ride to get wet are the waves the boat makes when the cannons don't work, and it's kind of a let down during the finale when none of the cannons go off. When I worked at WWC and was at Tower 3 (The finale) I would play a game with those looking out from the lookout point. At the controls we had the option to blast 2 cannons. One of which was better than the other. If I got a thumbs UP from guests I would give a high blast that would cover the entire boat, but if they gave me a thumbs down I would time it just right and hold the blast button for just a second to give a low blast which would absolutely DRENCH a single person on the boat. Most of the time people gave a thumbs down lol Here's a video on YouTube that shows one of the controlled cannons from Tower 3. At 12 second https://youtu.be/whg76qUHSfM Man that was the absolute best! If KI currently has those cannons disabled at Tower 3 I hope they read this topic and bring it back! In addition since the park is now cashless they should just make the guest cannons free.
  12. It was! This is based off when I worked at the park 2005-2009. Tower 2 and 3 as they call it were some of the best positions in the park back when you had control over cannons. Once the pay stations were updated the option for the ride attendant and Tower 3 we're removed. However; once in a while maintenance would come unlock the controls for manual controls of EVERY CANNON. That was the best 15 minutes of my KI career I ever had. Plus I had never seen the lookout point so packed to just watch me absolutely obliterate each raft with water cannons.
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