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  1. It's not unheard of that VIP tours for parks not include park tickets but that is Disney. Not to downplay Kings Island as a quality park as it definitely is but the incentives are not compelling enough for me to really recommend this. For me all you need is a Fast pass and Meal Plan for a great day.
  2. Yeah, when I think of VIP I tend to think of something more private. Is there a reason the IR can't be used as a VIP lounge during the day?
  3. It must have been a very recent decision as the ride never opened for the season but was still on the park map. Whatever the reason is, it's not an attraction I'll necessarily miss. This does once again open up yet another prime area in the park. Adding to the list of Vortex, Action Theater, TRTR building, Plot behind Eiffel Tower. It's almost a blessing the park has so much opportunity for expansion inside the park where parks now need to resort to building on top of another attraction or build outside the property.
  4. Yes. https://youtube.com/shorts/DdWy4zxQSC8?feature=share The other videos are POVs thus will not be posted.
  5. I think some explanation is needed considering it is on the list of rides on KIs main site. At least saying the ride is closed. I wonder if Carowinds running at half speed has anything to do with it's closure. Can anyone confirm if World's of Funs wind seeker is open or running at half speed?
  6. Congratulations Even. Hopefully I will still be alive when KI is 100 and your next book is on the shelves!
  7. Hopefully it is back at 3 train operation for the 50th celebration next week.
  8. I highly doubt they will, if anything they will just state the ride is closed for inspection. KI doesn't seem to discuss or output news of this kind unless it is on main stream news. Twitter rarely responds to guests.
  9. Don't expect it open on Sunday; after an investigation, Either the coaster will go to one train operation or continue to stay closed. This station mishape is also 3 years from a similar accident on Valravn in 2019. It was about a month before it reopened.
  10. I wonder if the park has a backup if all credit card systems go down since they are now cashless.
  11. Anyone get food or go through Festhaus? Does the inside still have that weird smell? The smell is one of the main reasons I can't eat in there, which is unfortunate because I like Panda and Pizza.
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