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  1. You should probably check out FoF in closer detail this season! I wouldn't have posted it if I had not seen it myself.
  2. I'm surprised to hear all this came from a rides employee, I would have expected an actual department in charge of refurbishment to do all this. Goes to show how far you can go with little money. I also heard Mystics Station (which was bare at the start of the season) was also themed by the crew. Again, very surprising to hear the crew did a better job themeing than the actual team hired to do so. Either way, big props!
  3. I wouldn't say putting Santa hats on 1/3 of the animatronics counts as going "All out". My vote is TRTR. While understandably the concept of the ride had to change with the selling of Paramount, I feel Cedar Fair took the cheap route with the retheme (if one can actually call 'Inception' music a theme). The Top Spin was a popular and great addition to the park. Durga (the goddess in the show building) is not intellectual property of Paramount. Durga is a actually Goddess in Hindi religion... No one owns the image, same as razor shard icy stalactites, or a red hot boiling lava pit.
  4. I don't know... I remember the Dinosaurs Alive teaser videos...
  5. I like this profile...

  6. I totally understand where you are coming from and completely agree. There has been a shift the past 10 years in preventative / refurbishment maintenance in attractions around the park. I've seen it with Boo Blasters, Adventure Express, and FoF, lest we forget how TRTR/Crypt was managed. The way I see it, it comes down to budget. The park needs to refocus its efforts to revitalizing the attractions. Everything needs refurbishment that much is true but no one especially in this kind of business should blindside their own products deterioration. I've many times suggested to park management the utilization of a website called, Issuetrak. A one stop site for compiling/reporting and assigning proper issues on the corresponding maintenance necessary by assigning a task to a specific group and hold that group responsible until the work is complete. I no longer work with Kings Island so there is unfortunately not much I can push on their table anymore but I continue to share this site and its benefits with current employees. https://www.issuetrak.com/
  7. 1) Entertainment upgrade, A new/updated stage theater, Enclose Showplace, upgrade park sound system and speakers (including rides, god knows FOF needs those babies updated those things are 20+ years old) 2) Family ride expansion with Ferris Wheel, Antique Cars, Action Theater and a proper dark ride to replace Boo Blasters 3) 50ft tower platform reopened and following ADA procedure (meaning elevator can stop at level) 4) Accommodations for employees (much like Cedar Points). This will allow for better staffing in the park especially during those early weeks. 5) With Winterfest now back, I would like to see the park open Dec 31 and bring in the New Years with its already amazing light display and Fireworks.
  8. Add air fresheners to Festhaus... For an eatery it smells horrid.
  9. It was called Ronny and Ryan's Nice Sit Down Restaurant... bring that back.
  10. Although today was the last day of the season to see them. Added a found Easter Egg to the Mystic Timbers Section Mystic Timbers Found Easter Eggs Locations: Queue
  11. 'Easter egg' As Defined by Websters Dictionary : a hidden feature in a commercially released product If you have ever been to Disney you know they scatter loads of company related content across their parks and attractions, sometimes hidden so well only true fans and enthusiasts find them and understand their meaning. These examples include hidden Mickeys & cross-attraction theming (Matterhorn yeti in Guardians queue). Finding these can be quite the treat! so as you can imagine during my recent trip to Kings Island, I was quite taken back and excited to find these kinds of easter eggs at my former park! I'd like to share these findings with you; however, if you would like to find these yourselves I have put spoiler tags of all the findings. What I will leave unspoiled is the location and the amount of easter eggs found there. Enjoy! Adventure Express 1 Easter Egg Location: Station Racer 1 Easter Egg (with multiple within) Location: Station Flight of Fear 7 Easter Eggs Location: Hanger Beast 1 Easter Egg Location: Queue Mystic Timbers 4 Easter Eggs Locations: Entry Plaza, Shed, Queue Banshee 1 Easter Egg Location: Queue Train 1 Easter Egg Location: Ride Vortex 1 Easter Egg Location: Queue Blackout (Haunt Maze) 1 Easter Egg Location: Building These are but a small number of fun things found around the park, I'm sure more are out there! Post here if you have found another!
  12. I don't post here often but this little post of yours just rubbed me the wrong way. Very inconsiderate, it's a simple question that just requires playing along. A silly question yes, but buddy just play along and stop your nonsense! I would replace BLSC with the antique Cars again.
  13. Always consult with the ride crews before riding any attraction and make sure to read the safety guide located in front of every entry and exit for the attraction.
  14. Golden Ticket winners will be announced tonight at 8PM at Cedar Point. Live stream begins at 8pm here
  15. #IDontCareWhatsInTheShed should be a poll option.
  16. But you have that whole double agent risk with KIE. Yeah, but imagine the press!!! Channel 9 news, WLWT, Enquirer, an article of Queen City Disco! Headline, "This Former KIE moderator was forced to leave one site for another, first you will be shocked, then you'll be inspired!"
  17. 1. John is the CEO of the company such as Greg Scheid is the GM of Kings Island. Greg is NOT a public speaker AT ALL, but with announcements like these one needs to expect them to make a speech. 2. You do realize CF does the SAME thing!
  18. Whoever is chosen, I hope you have an amazing journey doing what Dane, Ryan, and past mod members Bill, Ronny, and I did to create the best park forum on the Net! It is an amazing experience and so much more than just 'Moderating' a forum.
  19. Honestly the rivertown name should be dropped. Since Cedar Fair the charm of that area has completely changed. Don't get me wrong Dback is a great ride, but it could have been built without disrupting the lake or the removal of so many trees. Since CF took over they have removed the lake, trees, Mining company, Beast entrance, old time photos, area music. Instead they built loud coasters over paths, genaric theme, SPORTS BARS! And now another original park structure is gone God God hopes not a pay per play soccer game. I'm honestly so over some of these decisions. Should we remove the Coney Arch? SURE who needs it How about a sports bar in rivertown? Why not!!!
  20. Considering that everything at Disney it top of the line equipment, top notch employee trained individuals, experiences based of off each guest with activities for everyone I'm not surprised the tickets are the price they are. I just spend $155 on a park hopper ticket at Disneyland resort and felt it was fully justifiable.
  21. I will never forget that flight. It was a last minute "what the heck lets go on a quick flight" kind of day. So imagine my surprise when I got to the park and saw the work at the now Firehawk site! I knew this was big because at the time I took these photos no word from the park on any new attraction had been made and these photos basically were a goldmine! That day I shared this information with Ryan and Dane (the KIC admins), and we had a long discussion on what the hell we do with these photos. This site has a strong relationship with the park and we did not want to tarnish that and post unreleased information. We ended up speaking with Maureen (the PR for the park at that time) and she was very generous to allow us to post the photos, but of course we had to be extremely careful with how we published the photos, thus the "Action at Fort Cooper" was coined. The team here at (PKIC) were happy with the amount of attention the news got and It honestly worked out very well for the park and the site. Enjoy.
  22. Added photos from the earliest known flight I took over the park. back in 2003! Album includes Boomerang Bay construction, Antique Cars, Flying Eagles, Lazer Tag, and Son of Beast. Enjoy! http://www.KICentral.com/photos/thumbnails.php?album=361
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