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  1. This is understandable, Any recording devices that are loose can become a dangerous projectile. What is needed is clarification. Cameras are everywhere and can just about be built into anything. Most action cameras today are built to be hands free and fully mounted. As I mentioned there's no rules against wearing glasses on attractions at CF parks. So the clarification needed is would the capturing of any footage (even if done with what is currently allowed item on rides) be against park rules.
  2. I think CF only allows mounted POVs. Checking Kings Island POVs on YouTube, I see that professional influencers (Those that get all POVs with park approval) created POVs by mounting the camera to the train itself. There are no body cam created footage that I can find. I did notice some POVs on Youtube (will not link due to TOS) were done with glasses/sunglasses. This does beg the question, Technically Glasses are allowed on rides but the rules state: For safety reasons, on-ride photography of any kind is prohibited on all rides except the Eiffel Tower and the Kings Island and Miami Valley Railroad. Due to the potential for water damage, White Water Canyon, Congo Falls and Race for Your Life Charlie Brown riders should leave their cameras and other valuable items with a non-rider or in a locker. Use of camera phones or any type of photography or video recording devices is prohibited in any rest room or Soak City changing area. Guests taking pictures or video while riding will be asked to leave the park with no refund given and may be cited with a misdemeanor under ORC 993.08. So this would make any footage captured on said glasses against park policy (even if glasses are allowed on the ride). So you could be ejected for recording footage even though the glasses are allowed in the park and the ride? Is it the footage that's the issue?
  3. Hmm, never knew about this? Is this stated on any Cedar Fair site?
  4. I recently visited Busch Gardens Tampa with my 360 camera on a wrist strap and rode each coaster with it, capturing some of the best footage that no park ORP could even imagine capturing. The park allows this with some rules that you must follow such as the type of harness/straps/mounts you must use. But it was very easy, I felt safe riding with the camera. Makes me wish that other parks including CF would do this and hope one day Cedar Fair adopts this policy. As far as I know the Disney and Busch/SeaWorld parks allow POV'ing. Disney being the most lenient in policy. I didn't see an issue with the policy at Busch, Not many people took advantage of it and I was one of 2 people in the park doing this.
  5. The left channel was Outdoor, right was indoor cave. Each one hour. But we shouldn't leave out during those years the following song played NONSTOP at Beast TVs
  6. If I close my eyes I can still hear the outdoor queue soundtrack playing.
  7. That's a good point! The park does need another location to get Blue Ice Cream and Coney Island is the best candidate.
  8. I hope someone working with CF sees this. With the closure of Forbidden Frontier, it would fit in perfectly to move the rope raft to the lake in Adventure Port.
  9. That's still quite a lot of work to be done. I'm not seeing this as an Opening Date option. Based on images that exist online. As per TOS won't link source
  10. Has KI mentioned if Adventure Port will be opening with the park?
  11. Does it still play "flight of the Valkyries" up there??
  12. In short... No Not to misconstrue that if you throw enough money anything, anything is possible. But this would require a much larger scale upgrade to a rollercoaster that had no intentions or the technology back then to provide such an element.
  13. What I do hope is that KI will address the lines for some of the food stands around the park. The closure of Chick-fil-A will help lessen the crowd levels when entering and exiting Planet Snoopy. Now they need to work on creating a better queue for Blue Ice Cream because it spills into the path every time.
  14. Admittedly, Woodstock Gliders didn't fill the void of the OG Flying Eagles.
  15. It makes me wonder. What would KI replace BLSC with? It's right in the center of the park and will (in a way) be a second centerpiece. I still have hope for a giant Eccentric wheels!
  16. On April 8, 2024 a full eclipse will pass through Cedar Point while a full/partial will pass through Kings Island. How cool would it be if Cedar Fair announced a way to ride some of their roller coasters during the eclipse! Since these events only last a few minutes only a select few trains would be able to achieve such a ride experience so I'd expect this to most likely end up being an exclusive event. But man what I wouldn't give to ride The Beast during this! Edit: WHAT I WOULDN'T GIVE TO RIDE THE VOYAGE!!!
  17. Has KI made any announcement if the new flat rides will be able to operate during Winter fest next year?
  18. Captain Nemo is currently in Airplane Mode, but I will check when I get time!
  19. Not that CF has used non royalty free music before (IE WindSeeker). Most of the music from TRTR came from paramount IPs. Such as the preshow ambient music, that is actually a snippet from the show Survivor. The only music Cedar Fair owns outright is the ride music, preshow video music, and the loading drum beat as those were created for the ride by Rob Portoff and the park owns that music. Same idea as IMA score. While I would love to see the old outdoor queue music for TRTR to make a return to this area it is music from the (old) Tomb Raider movie, (old) Jumanji, and the film Baraka. I have attempted to try and upload the indoor and outdoor queue music on YouTube but alas the music police always remove the audio. I'm not against the idea of using the music from TRTR though. It would work perfectly for this area!
  20. Because it's a forum, a collection of fans with their own opinions.
  21. Chaperone Policy coming to Carowinds after recent incident. I'm all for this policy, parks are not a daycare. Won't be surprised to see KI announce this soon.
  22. You'll be happy to know the person who made the layout of this coaster is also a member of this site!
  23. Maybe Kings Island forgot the homework assignment was due today. But in all seriousness while no one will disagree Carnivale is always welcome, it's not technically NEW. Still hoping for further announcements as KIPR Twitter hasn't posted anything yet about a their New for 23 yet
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