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  1. Congratulations Even. Hopefully I will still be alive when KI is 100 and your next book is on the shelves!
  2. Hopefully it is back at 3 train operation for the 50th celebration next week.
  3. I highly doubt they will, if anything they will just state the ride is closed for inspection. KI doesn't seem to discuss or output news of this kind unless it is on main stream news. Twitter rarely responds to guests.
  4. Don't expect it open on Sunday; after an investigation, Either the coaster will go to one train operation or continue to stay closed. This station mishape is also 3 years from a similar accident on Valravn in 2019. It was about a month before it reopened.
  5. I wonder if the park has a backup if all credit card systems go down since they are now cashless.
  6. Anyone get food or go through Festhaus? Does the inside still have that weird smell? The smell is one of the main reasons I can't eat in there, which is unfortunate because I like Panda and Pizza.
  7. Thanks for the continuous updates Brad!
  8. Dumb question but... Is one side of the queue house still unused?
  9. This announcement unfortunately didn't really reveal much entertainment wise other than reiterating what we already knew. What are the new shows, what exactly is the celebration?
  10. I hope it smells better in there. I just couldn't see the appeal of eating food with the awful smell
  11. Have the shows been announced yet? It's less than 50 days till opening and I haven't heard anything.
  12. Let's play Wordle with some words we all love, all having something to do with Kings Island or other Cedar Fair parks. Feel free to create some yourself and let people know how well you did! https://mywordle.strivemath.com/?word=pcnhc
  13. Ugh, I wish Disney Pass Holders had their own carbon copy magic kingdom.
  14. Any update on the gallery integration to KIC?
  15. Skyrides have an offset from 'center' so it would be on either side.
  16. While I love the idea of a ferris wheel I would prefer a sky ride like what we used to have. I actually did some math through Google maps and found that if KI were to build a new entry building and place a skyride station at the top it could go over the center of the fountains, through the 50ft platform of the tower, over stunt coaster and decend right into the spot The Vortex station used to be. Now that is a view I would wait in line for everyday! Plus a great way to get to and from the front and back of the park!
  17. I kind of take offense to this because back in 2006 I flew over the park a snapped the construction photos of what was to become Firehawk and posted the photos as a front page announcement of this very site. It was not formally announced until February. At that time no one knew that was happening or that we were even getting the coaster. Even more-so, the then park PR Maureen communicated to me personally they they were ok with it after the photos were posted of the constitution progress.
  18. Agreed. The GCI track would benefit greatly. The areas that need it the most are the first turn out of the drop, turn into the shed, the quick dip, entry into the second lift, and most if not all of the helix
  19. When it comes to The Beast it is very clear KI is very nostalgic about keeping the layout the same and as close to it's original experience. That being said I am against the idea of total reprofiling with a different layout but not against a reprofile of certain segments with slight differences. For example the first drop becoming steeper and updated to have a more modern angle of drop with zero straight segments, and an extra hill at the long break shed. In addition I am pro getting new trains for the coaster nd believe it is long overdo. If The Beast can receive newer trains with help against track wear and tear (even if it means adding an I track) to remove all the trims on the ride. Personally The Beast I feel would benefit greatly by retracking one certain segments to GCI or RMCs topper track. This would extend the life of the coaster and costs, additionally it could allow for the trims to be removed all the while keeping the original ride experience the same and continue it's legacy.
  20. This discussion has been dissected numerous times already. Let's keep the topic about Beast retracking.
  21. I'm sure many users here could have made a great logo as well, would have been fun to see the park put out a contest for it.
  22. Guess I need to visit Discovery Kingdom this year while I have the chance.
  23. Meanwhile Gilroy Gardens and Schlitterbahn are at home because they didn't even get invites to the meeting.
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