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  1. Agreed. The GCI track would benefit greatly. The areas that need it the most are the first turn out of the drop, turn into the shed, the quick dip, entry into the second lift, and most if not all of the helix
  2. When it comes to The Beast it is very clear KI is very nostalgic about keeping the layout the same and as close to it's original experience. That being said I am against the idea of total reprofiling with a different layout but not against a reprofile of certain segments with slight differences. For example the first drop becoming steeper and updated to have a more modern angle of drop with zero straight segments, and an extra hill at the long break shed. In addition I am pro getting new trains for the coaster nd believe it is long overdo. If The Beast can receive newer trains with help against track wear and tear (even if it means adding an I track) to remove all the trims on the ride. Personally The Beast I feel would benefit greatly by retracking one certain segments to GCI or RMCs topper track. This would extend the life of the coaster and costs, additionally it could allow for the trims to be removed all the while keeping the original ride experience the same and continue it's legacy.
  3. This discussion has been dissected numerous times already. Let's keep the topic about Beast retracking.
  4. I'm sure many users here could have made a great logo as well, would have been fun to see the park put out a contest for it.
  5. Guess I need to visit Discovery Kingdom this year while I have the chance.
  6. Meanwhile Gilroy Gardens and Schlitterbahn are at home because they didn't even get invites to the meeting.
  7. This project has to be one of the most badly kept secret in CF history.
  8. Looks like the name, LOGO and POV was leaked a day early. While the coaster type is not necessary a 'leak' as it's been long known for a year now. I'm unsure why KD didn't go the route of, "Find out what that thing in the parking lot will look like next year" No link provided to abide by sites TOS.
  9. Orchestral music goes a long way!
  10. The material is the voiceover... Didn't Krazeb tell you?
  11. Music plays such an integral importance! We have all see a scene in a movie where without the music it would not have been so good. Imagine watching the FoF preshow video without music. ::Awk:: I do believe playing orchestral music is a much better choice than one with lyrics. this was something I loved about walking into Paramount Kings International Street. The grand scores of pieces of their greatest movies made you take all it in and write your own personal lyrics about how it felt to you rather that telling you with lyrics. Something that made IMA score so popular with their attachments to ride soundtracks. Walking into a park with that epicness is much more intriguing. One park that does fantastic with their area BGM is Tokyo's Disney Sea
  12. Yes. The Control Voice is the same guy in the station (although Paramount never released the names of the actors or voice actors for the ride) The station v/o are their for ascetics for deepen the sense of fear. The roller coaster is called Flight or Fear for a reason reason Even some station announcements were removed when the OuterLimits IP was lost.
  13. Vic Perrin played the original narrator known as "Control Voice" on the original series "The Outer Limits". Kevin Conway took over as the voice in the shows revival in 1995 but Vic's voice is commonly attributed to the show intro. When the roller coaster was built in 1996 they must have gone with Jim Cummings to take the role for the attraction. As for who 'Control Voice" is and his part in the show (or ride) he is just a narrator and does not play any true role. It is important to note that the current preshow video for FoF is the the original cut, as when Paramount lost the rights to "The Outer Limits" they removed a minute long snippet to prevent any copyright. So you no longer see the Outer Limits logo and narration. You can see this edit linked below starting at 2:52. Additionally the last line at the end of the video was edited to remove the line "The Outer Limits" https://youtu.be/djHzt6MqrXY Otherwise I'm not sure what you are asking...
  14. Sooooooo they are building a dive coaster called cliff hanger... but not off the ACTUAL CLIFF at the park?!
  15. Agreed! People have ideas worth spreading. Some may be far-fetched or beyond CF budgeting but sometimes in a perfect world we like to say "If I owned a theme park..." Trust me, I have hundreds of things I would love to change about Kings Island if I were in charge, including technical advancements and maintenance. But unfortunately we live in a world run by what you can afford, and we can see clearly what CF can and cannot do. The way I see it, a park is like a car. All shiny and new when purchased, but as time goes on things need work and a lot of money needs to be put into it to keep it looking and running great. When you upgrade the car with something new... in time that will add up the running cost on top of all the other things needed to make it run. In terms of Mystic Timbers and as a working technician, I'm unsure of the system they are using for the shed. But sometimes audio issues can stem from something larger that can be a costly refurbishment. It isn't as easy as you may think it is. The best Kings Island can do is add signs that explain certain features may not be running, such as what Universal does when in Technical Rehearsals for new rides. In the case of Mystic Timbers which heavily featured "What's in the Shed" into it's storyline, from a PR perspective I feel it is important to let patrons know if their experience will differ from it's original form. I do recall in 2005 when I worked at Tomb Raider: The Ride we had a "Hot Set" sign in the event show elements were not used to place out in front.
  16. A great concept was posted about a year ago in YouTube of a Giga coaster using that area and the parking lot. https://youtu.be/zqDaWuJbrBk
  17. Just got my ride on Velocicoaster yesterday. I have no words, it is just the full package from entry to exit and everything in-between. Hands down the best roller coaster and overall experience in America. Major props and standing ovation to the creative team! THIS is a love letter to every thrill seeker and Jurassic world IP! 11/10 I'll have to take time to make a fully detailed review at some point.
  18. That it was. It was a family of enthusiasts split between a number of sites, but we were all still family. I remember going to PKIunlimited for the Forum, KIextreme for the RCT recreations, and PKICentral for the galleries. At the time, I began mainly on PKIUNLIMITED before they ultimately merged with PKICentral. I recall there being a fourth fansite for KI but I can't remember the name. Anyone else here who remembers? (Gosh were getting old)
  19. In a post update from our friends at KIE: https://www.kiextreme.com/forums/index.php?/topic/7073-kiextreme-is-closing-monday-june-14/ "It’s been a heck of a ride, but all rides eventually reach the final brake run. 18 years after the first idea and earliest plans for the site, originally intended to be a photo gallery using the name PKI Pictures and evolving throughout 2003 into the full-fledged fansite Extreme PKI, launching during the busy final months of 2003 and rebranding to KIExtreme in 2007, the time has come. Sometime this upcoming Monday, June 14, 2021, KIExtreme will be closing its doors for good. This final decision comes after a lengthy period of considering the site’s future. In the age of social media, fans of Kings Island and other amusement parks around the globe have taken advantage of the convenience of these platforms for the rapid sharing of information, news, photos and videos. Kings Island itself maintains active social media profiles, embracing the direct reach to consumers in the same way as virtually every park, ride designer, and event in the amusement industry has done. While my opinion is that the traditional fan site approach still very much has a place for itself on the internet, as activity has slowed on KIExtreme over the years and news updates are now mostly just parroting what has already been delivered by the park directly, via social media and live-streaming new attraction announcements, the simple truth is that the time, effort, and costs involved with maintaining this site are, after thorough review, simply not viable anymore. As most people have probably noticed on the front page, the site has been undergoing preparations for renovation for some time now, but after two years of slow progress and technical hurdles, the next generation of KIExtreme is ultimately not to be. My personal passion for Kings Island has not wavered, and is not a factor in this decision to close. I will continue to support the park and contribute to fan communities, but the time has come to wrap up KIExtreme. Kings Island will be celebrating its 50 anniversary next year, and I am excited to see what is to come. I hope you are too! Until the site officially closes on Monday, the Photo Gallery, History Gallery, and Forums will be staying online. Check out photos from the start of my journey with digital photography in the gallery, the original catalyst that led to the site’s creation. Explore the rare historical photos dating back to 1972. Read back through forum posts, taking a ride through the history of the site itself, from the early days through the exciting peak period of time when construction began in Rivertown for what would become Diamondback, and all the speculation, rumors, and excitement every time a new concrete foundation was spotted. I’m posting this now to provide a full weekend to enjoy the site for the final time, and that’s not all. I still have one batch of photos, from Halloween Haunt 2011, that got lost in time for a while and will be uploaded as soon as tomorrow as the site’s final update. These will appear in the Halloween Haunt category of the Photo Gallery, so on this grand finale weekend, keep an eye on the Last Uploads section of the gallery for Haunt 2011 and anything else that could accompany Haunt in that batch of photos. It’s been a heck of a run with KIExtreme, but the future for Kings Island and park fans is a bright one. Ride on!"
  20. Although it would be cool to have the 50ft observation open for the 50th anniversary.
  21. I recommend if your concerns are not being addressed by KIPR that you move to contact corporate at cedarfair.com
  22. It's pretty common. 2 years ago I was blocked for asking the attached. I know it is easier to just ignore having to answer difficult questions but that's the exact reason PR is there to handle these things. Take a look at Universals Twitter, they respond to SO MANY tweets
  23. I felt nothing but cringe watching this. I still stand by my thoughts I put in an earlier response on this topic. I like the idea, but the execution is not great.
  24. I would say so, Haunt (especially at KI) always had staffing issues pre-covid.
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