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  1. Yes they let you go to the top, unlike the pki one, this one holds ALOT more people at the top. also, the elevator to get to the top begins in the legs of the tower, where the pki one starts right below it.
  2. I never knew they had a webcam up when that was being constructed.
  3. I don't think it will happen but if they did sometime before or dering fearfest is when they would announce it.
  4. At the moment things are not for sure, if things keep up at the pace they are now it should not be a problem.
  5. How many here have been in the real one? anyone, anyone, guess I'm the only one.
  6. This just proves that PKI during the off-season makes major changes.
  7. Nice pics, and brad, I've see that flash. That has to be the biggest dork ever! I like the eyebrow action though.
  8. Very good job, keep it up. Just think of what it will look like with the expansion.
  9. I have to agree with PKD4life, it does look smaller.
  10. One more thing, This belongs in the community forums.
  11. I already notified ryan.
  12. Thats it, Can anyone just ban him now?
  13. Agreed, he's just spaming the boards!
  14. THATS THE FIRST TUNNEL, MY GOD. The fricken coaster has tunnels!
  15. For the last time, if I saw anything out off the "blue", I will tell you all!
  16. Well, at least I know who i'll be working with at PKI (brad). oh boy!
  17. This should solve the problem... Problem fixed, won't be getting posts like these ever again!
  18. OMG, they took out The Beast! LOOK, IT'S GONE! Really people, think of what your about to post, or everyone will from then on think of you as, well, an idiot!
  19. first the tunnel story, now this.
  20. Make sure you rate the pics, this will help me know what you like so I can do better next time.
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