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  1. I remember the first time I was at PKI I was scared to get on it. It's a good thing that I did end up getting on it.
  2. another good park i've been to is Lotte World. This park is in Korea but it is cool.
  3. Thats a sweet site. Now you got me into looking at all these maps!
  4. #1- Paramount's Kings Island #2- Cedar Point #3- Six Flags Great Adventure my top three.
  5. I don't really find a point to talking about CP's MaXair, we have our own and we can just talk about it. Though MaXair will be a good ride. What bugs me is the CP fans saying stuff like, "Did anyone else notice that were not getting a record breaker!"
  6. My Fav. park, That would have to be a cross between CP and PKI. I plike PKI more since it is my home park and I've been to it many more times than CP.
  7. Very good site. Good luck to you. I'm sure many paramount park fans will be happy with this.
  8. The rule should be more enforced. It happens al the time and I hate being behind a smoker.
  9. The worst rumor (more like a rule) is that smokeing is not allowed in the que lines. It happens anyway.
  10. Very interesting site. I learned some things from it.
  11. Let's get On-topic again. Another aria is the area is space inbetween TRTR and The Beast.
  12. At the time the tower can't handle it but do you think it would be the most extreme ride on earth if a topple tower was put at the top. During the winter the Eiffel Tower gets redone to hold the ride at the top. Then the top level of the viewing area would be closed and be used as the station. As for the line, It would start at the base under the tower going around the tower. An additional elevator would be added to the tower or an existing one would be used. The front of the line is the lift to the ride. With mod's to the tower a Topple Tower could be placed there. Topple Tower Web page
  13. I was thinking of it going next to FOF, on the other side of the helepad. Another place was the lake near Rivertown. As for the Flying eagles. It could go in that empty space next to Delirium. The Tique's could fit in the aria Day's Of Thunder is now, That is if Day'd Of Thunder was removed. Park Map
  14. I know that many of us are sad for losing the tique's and the Flying eagles, But where else could they have put the IJST. On top of this, Where could PKI replace the Flying Eagles and the Tique's. Yes PKI has alot of space but the rides they have fit into the area they are in. This is my question, Where else in the park could IJST have gone. Also, Where could the Tique's and Flying Eagles be moved to in the park without removing them?
  15. We have to remember this thread was made in 2003, there are new rides in each one now. Before Tomb Raider: The ride was made, Action Zone was my Fav.
  16. Though we all know the #1 choice on this poll is PKI, guess what my choice is? I choose PKI .
  17. *Smakes head* How could I forget that, But you did forget the most importent part the ending which I wont give away!
  18. I got the same error, is this a mailed or E-mailed question or is there something wrong?
  19. When I rode Scooby Doo for the first time I thought,What the heck was that. No story line, and no FUN. I miss Phantom Theater.
  20. The video is just half of it, When you see the train turn after it goes into the spash it boosts to it's past 100MPH speeds and does like a top thrill dragster type thing going up and back down!
  21. There everywhere, look around!
  22. All we really need is to have a staff member see this topic and maybe it can be talked over.
  23. same for me, i was wondering the same thing.
  24. just to let everyone know, it's Gabe for short but would rather be called Gabriel. And Tomb Raider is still my fav.
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