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  1. My eldery mother wants to come on Monday for her grandaughter's birthday. Luckily we will be getting a cabana and will be in the water park, but having beaten a stroke she is worried about the heat and humidity. What are people's recommendations for quickly getting out of heat in each area of the park? Are there any AC'ed restaurants in Soak City? Are there optional (paid) resources more than just the "shaded" vip area? Thanks for your tips, I want her to have the best day possible and feel this could be a good resource for others.
  2. Thank you for the quick answers! Sad it's not for hot beverages in winter, but I'll still take it for the soft drinks and hopefully water. The bring a friend coupons used to be free, the ones online are like $40. Have they done away with the old freebies and coupon book then?
  3. Hi all, I grew up in Ohio and went to KI (and Cedar Point) since the early 80s. Last year I came back to Ohio and went to Winterfest a couple times and fell in love again. I picked up a new Gold Pass and am considering the season drink pass, but had a few questions. Is there still a coupon book? Does it include bring-a-friend coupons? How many and are they only for certain days? What beverages does the drink pass get you? Can you only use it at the stand-alone drink sections, or can you use it inside other restaurants? Any you can't use it in? Is it usable for fall/winter as well? If so, can you use it for cider and hot chocolate? Sorry if this info was else where. I did a search but no luck. Any other tips people have for someone wanting to rediscover Kings Island?
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