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  1. Quick question, I have a friend who lives in Cleveland that I want to buy a bring-a-friend ticket for. I forgot when time frame of when those tickets decrease to lower than their usual $39.99. I am thinking it's in June or July they do that. Does anyone remember when that typically happens? (I am not looking to buy the tickets asap, only when it is further discounted)
  2. That new color scheme needs some time to grow on me. It's a bit too bold for my liking at the moment.
  3. After looking at the 2023 Calendar, It seems to have been modified recently. Now, the park will be closing at 9pm instead of 10pm until mid may. Also, some dates in august have been removed as well as the first friday of september.
  4. According to Hersheypark, they will be open every weekend until the end of 2023 starting April 1st. I really like seeing how (possibly through carowinds and kings dominion) parks may start dueling it out to squeeze out extra operating days!
  5. It looks like that will likely be the planter in the render
  6. There could be way more concrete beyond that camera view or it could be for utility routing. if only the camera was pointed towards the area.
  7. The Hershypark whip was not fun, when I went in 2021, me and my family rode it. It's not forceful at all, one of the saddest whips I rode. On top of that, the ride was VERY loud. They had earplug containers at the operator's booth because it was so loud. If you need earplugs to work a ride all day, there's a serious issue. We came off of that ride very underwhelmed.
  8. Imaging going up The Beast's lift hill and halfway up it gets pitch black. That just sounds amazing. Make it an A Kid Again event and you are set!
  9. As the self proclaimed *Conspiracy theorist* that I am, could this be a step towards yearly operations? This would allow for Fast Lane to become adaptable for what rides are open. If this were the move, this would give us one season of normalizing FLP rides on FL. Again, I am the one *overly optimistic conspiracy theorist* and none of my theories have any evidence.
  10. I love how almost all the comments are people thinking Delirium and / or Banshee is being removed for the new rides.
  11. Going to be watching this one very carefully!
  12. I'm going to assume these new lids are like the winterfest mugs, a flap to open and drink from.
  13. Someone really said "We can do better than gamer girl bathwater"
  14. If I had to guess, the decision to make Carowinds year round was likely planned out far longer than KD, I feel like the KD decision was more last minute which may not have allowed for time to fully plan out the maintenance schedule. If I remember correctly, Apple Zapple (The wild mouse) was not open for Winterfest 2022, it is now open again. My guess is that they were able to schedule a ride crew for after winterfest as well as move around the maintenance of the ride since it has so many cars because it is a wild mouse, as for other rides, they likely will have their maintenance programs optimized if this continues next year.
  15. The new colors make the ride look more mature, it's not super flashy, rather it is apart of the landscape. It will certainly complement Orion much better!
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