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  1. If backlot were to be running there would need to be track heaters added, that ride does lots of rollbacks towards the haunt season where temps are a colder. Adventure Express seems like it would be able to run, even when riding in cooler temps the ride seems to not lose much speed at all (To me). As for the wooden coasters, they all can run easily, however the ptc maintenance programs for the rides seems to be the only reason they don't run. Since mystic has millennium flyers it seems like the maintenance period for those trains are significantly shorter. DB would valley. Orion has so much speed that it would easily make it through, however even though some nights aren't that cold, some are very cold which could be a free ticket to hypothermia, so for consistency reasons it is not open. Banshee likely could make it through, (as seen via chad showalter's) it has cycled in below freezing temps with snow falling. Again, I don't know how it would be if it would be too cold for humans with the train design. The Bat seems like it could work fine, however with such a rare ride type I wouldn't risk adding more wear to it so it can last longer. Flying ace, I don't think it would be able to make it through, it goes pretty slow. Woodstock express is in the same boat as beast and racer, the ptc maintenance program is lengthy. Invertigo I have no idea, (I personally don't like that ride anyway so I wouldn't ever care if it was open). Surf Dog is always plagued with issues when operating during the normal season, I think the cold air would only make those technical issues worse.
  2. I believe the tower has brand new lights this year. It seems like the lights in previous years are the kind in which are seen hanging over the coney mall midways, now these new ones have the wire going directly through the center of the bulb which makes the lights stay in a straight line rather than rotating around the wire.
  3. Looks like there will not be a buffet at brewhouse this year. This is the year I was going to try it but this is fine too. Another place to warm up is a plus!
  4. It's very random when the lift lights are on / off. Sometimes mystics are on and db off, db on mystic off, ect.
  5. Not to be that guy, but this post gets more confusing the deeper I think about it. The juxtaposition of mostly all of the other trains being already taken apart days ago vs Banshee cycling today in the 30 - 34 degree range on the 12th of November is strange. My thoughts: - Getting on ride footage - Testing something out - Looking at how the ride performs in cold temps - None of the above, I'm overthinking it and this is normal https://twitter.com/chadshowalter/status/1591472087197171712
  6. Likely unrelated, but backlot's maintenance lights were all on inside the tunnel. It was certainly unique.
  7. The rules are simple, for each replayed advertisement in a row, you gain one point. The streak can last through 1 generic fun TV interruption (ex: weather, news, and ki ads that aren't feature length) anything like a music video, behind the track, and the larosa's advertisement ends your streak. My highest streak currently is the NJM ad, playing 7 times in the Orion line. That ad is the worst possible ad to loop, it drives me insane. Good luck!
  8. I know the time skip exploit With the power of sleep, we are able to see the announcement quicker!
  9. NEW FOR 2023 Top Thrill Dragster! After KD, CGA, and C adding yearly operation especially KD announcing it today this make me very intrigued. I don't know if there could really be any ride or restaurant additions that are big, yearly operation is a pretty huge thing. Though my question is, why didn't KD hype theirs up. This certainly is a strange time for any BIG physical additions.
  10. POV me wanting to say I rode a roller coaster in the middle of February in Ohio. Hopefully Kings Island can / will do this soon. I personally don't mind the cold if that means I can go to my favorite amusement park. Just to at least be at the park would be great for me and other people who go though winter withdrawal. It would definitely be a mood booster and a great way to spend a rough and bleak winter.
  11. The link sends me to a 404 Page. This seems to not exist
  12. A few questions for any sliders here on the forum. (If you know) What metal is used to make the sparks? I was thinking flint or iron Does the metal get hot after awhile? Who do you primarily go for? (If you're allowed to say) Is there any lore?
  13. Ladies and gents, candy canes have been spotted in the tower gardens!
  14. The classic dining and drink combo. 2 beautiful pass add-ons.
  15. With the way the park is structured, I would assume that this is the case. Something like this was my first thoughts. When more details come, I would not be surprised if this is the case.
  16. Interesting case since this park has had a chaperone policy for years yet things things like this still happen.
  17. Their website and socials do not reference nor have an announcement of this. Could you please link the source article?
  18. Correct. I had overheard some people saying GE might be there, I'm not sure of that though.
  19. Does anyone know if there will be a large company at the park on Sunday the 11th?
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