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  1. NEW FOR 2023 Top Thrill Dragster! :lol:


    After KD, CGA, and C adding yearly operation especially KD announcing it today this make me very intrigued. I don't know if there could really be any ride or restaurant additions that are big, yearly operation is a pretty huge thing. Though my question is, why didn't KD hype theirs up. This certainly is a strange time for any BIG physical additions.

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  2. POV me wanting to say I rode a roller coaster in the middle of February in Ohio.

    Hopefully Kings Island can / will do this soon. I personally don't mind the cold if that means I can go to my favorite amusement park. Just to at least be at the park would be great for me and other people who go though winter withdrawal. It would definitely be a mood booster and a great way to spend a rough and bleak winter.

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  3. A few questions for any sliders here on the forum.

    (If you know) What metal is used to make the sparks? I was thinking flint or iron

    Does the metal get hot after awhile?

    Who do you primarily go for? (If you're allowed to say)

    Is there any lore?

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  4. 21 minutes ago, XGatorHead 8904 said:

    I'm a lot older than you. My body can only take so much popping, sprinting, crouching and slouching! With these Sundays, I already feel like I need to start conditioning myself a lot better than I did this year. :lol:

    Popping for the people

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  5. 7 hours ago, Kenban said:

    Rumor is the gun did not go through security.  The individual supposedly threw the gun over a fence, then retrieved it after they entered the park.  This is completely unconfirmed and might not be correct.

    With the way the park is structured, I would assume that this is the case. Something like this was my first thoughts. When more details come, I would not be surprised if this is the case.

  6. With this wording I can 100% see why they would word it this way. People know TTDS as it is now, a hydrologic launch. To reopen the ride with a new launch tech and keep the theme as is it would seem like a downgrade. Rebranding entirely tells you it's not the same and you shouldn't have the same expectations. Kind of like jolly rancher remix for example (minus nothing happened to the ride system itself)

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  7. I think most people were just holding off on going to wait on Matugani to open. Once it was confirmed not to open many people likely just decided to hold off for the year. Let's be honest, would you travel all the way for a vekoma slc? It's a shame that they had to close early. I hope they can grow stronger next season, it's unheard of to have a brand new amusement park built so I am rooting for them!

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