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  1. @johnjniehaus You're welcome! Let us know what show was your favorite.
  2. Hey @johnjniehaus I haven't been yet, but I have looked at the app... & there's lots of info there that should help you. Download the app from the Google play store... and once you open the app, on the left you'll see a red box titled "shows & events" It will give you a time for each of today's shows- and I do assume that this is a complete list. I'm not sure if a paper map/events list is available at the Park or not... maybe someone else can answer that? In the app, once you click "shows & events" - you'll see a list of todays shows- each show will also provide you with the location - so if you click on "A Peanuts Guide to Christmas" - it says that it's in Charlie Brown's Christmas Town- and when you click on that, it will tell you it's in Planet Snoopy Hope that helps!
  3. I see the creepy clown now!! And I do like how the top of the building is painted with a compass... The guy that looks like a Ken doll is creepy too - lol I like the water feature on this ride
  4. I had to search for this ride, beccause I had never heard of it. The video I found had a thumbnail of a creepy clown - and my first thought was "That would be kinda cool during Haunt" - having a weird clown ride to go on that's already in the park, right? Then I watched part of the video, and (as you already know) - there's no clown theme at all! At least not that I could see. I do get the comparison to the "Small World" Disney ride, though...
  5. Sidenote/off topic - this is the kind of soundscape that would be perfect "white noise" to play in the background at home. Would love if there was a 1-hour track of this available.
  6. So, testing the idea that this might be a pivot to a year-round operating schedule... I checked the KI jobs site- https://jobs.cedarfair.com/kings-island And it does say that there are "year-round opportunities".... However, digging into the number of jobs & the types of jobs.... I don't believe that there's really anything on this page that would support that idea. On the other hand... it is possible, I think, for an announcement to be made that year-round ops would begin in 2023 - and, therefore, a massive recruiting effort to begin at that time (recruiting for roles other than food service, should the park need those roles).
  7. The first line of this document amuses me.... I hear sarcasm in it, even though that's not what's intended.... as in....he SAYS he is manager of Kings Island, but we have no proof.... LOL... I find humor in how these contracts & such are written.
  8. @Hawaiian Coasters 325 Thank you so much for posting this!!! I was in this parade- & I was so happy when I saw this post.
  9. For shame! (fistpalms forehead) If only they had a remote opening on their Corporate Communications team, they could hire me to help with stuff like this....
  10. This one *does* belong in the crime section... no apostrophe error here! https://www.fox19.com/2022/08/09/3-cincinnati-men-accused-theft-scheme-kings-island-prosecutor-says/
  11. There's no author credit on this one. It's "by" "WKRC"...
  12. @disco2000 I salute you, fellow grammar nerd
  13. I saw the Phantom Theatre show & loved it! It was funny, smart, witty...lots of jokes that made me smile and laugh. I really liked it. As for the retired ride.... next to the KI Theater could be a cool spot for a return of the Phantom Theater ride... It seems I might be in the minority here, but I actually like the Boo Blasters ride (although the laser tag guns really do need to be fixed. When I rode it, they weren't working). I would like to keep Blasters & also bring back Phantom. I have no preference on what to keep/change from the old ride.
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