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  1. This one *does* belong in the crime section... no apostrophe error here! https://www.fox19.com/2022/08/09/3-cincinnati-men-accused-theft-scheme-kings-island-prosecutor-says/
  2. There's no author credit on this one. It's "by" "WKRC"...
  3. @disco2000 I salute you, fellow grammar nerd
  4. I saw the Phantom Theatre show & loved it! It was funny, smart, witty...lots of jokes that made me smile and laugh. I really liked it. As for the retired ride.... next to the KI Theater could be a cool spot for a return of the Phantom Theater ride... It seems I might be in the minority here, but I actually like the Boo Blasters ride (although the laser tag guns really do need to be fixed. When I rode it, they weren't working). I would like to keep Blasters & also bring back Phantom. I have no preference on what to keep/change from the old ride.
  5. Dang it! Also an article on MSN here: https://www.msn.com/en-us/travel/news/kings-island-e2-80-99s-the-bat-closed-after-mishap-involving-train-wheel/ar-AAYRWdf Glad to hear no one was hurt, of course.
  6. Whaat? Dude, whoever is in charge of this, open it up to single rider folks. Wink, wink... come on - some real fireworks could happen amongst these people! Especially amongst folks who would rather mingle & mix at a civil place like KI instead of at a sleazy bar All kidding aside...us singletons are a real source of cash... seriously... Don't miss out on the money we have to spend. Those of us who are SINKS (single income, no kids) might surprise you with how much cash we have to drop - lol - And whoever is making these decisions needs to understand that a large portion of millennials are either delaying the choice to have kids, or they are not having kids at all... .and what does that have to do with this? It means that you need to keep this demographic of people in mind as you plan activities... adults without children are becoming a larger demographic that actually has the ability to pay for higher-priced things... if you include them... and don't put restrictions in place, like requiring them to bring a guest TXdrummer, have a great time whatever you're doing
  7. You're right and I do get it... we all have a limit, but it's hard to admit that health is more important and sometimes we have to wait it out until we're ok... hope you're feeling better & you don't have to wait too long to get back to the park
  8. Showing love to all these posts... haven't been to the park yet this season. Keep 'em coming!
  9. I saw the other day that the special pricing for season passes had been extended... I believe the deal was only supposed to last around Memorial Day, but the site said it was extended... I'm wondering if this means that they didn't sell as many passes as they expected? Or do they always say "this deal only lasts until Memorial Day"... and then extend it anyway? And now the special VIP experiences are being offered, so the connection I'm making here... less revenue than they expected from the passes, perhaps? Anyone else thinking something similar?
  10. Maybe putting metal bars around Snoopy will do the trick? Like at a museum, the stuff behind glass, and you can't touch it? Some people are just awful
  11. The whole "you'll walk around with a tour guide" thing isn't for me... I guess that's more for enthusiasts that are really into the inner workings of the park? (Like, maybe you could ask - "what's behind that fence?" and your "tour guide" will tell you what's "behind the curtain"? lol ) But having worked at the park before, still, it doesn't do anything for me lol
  12. What a fabulous view! Glad to see they're offering dining in the International Restaurant, sounds fun... Although I have to say I'm not a buffet person for the most part... (some exceptions do apply!) The buffet scene in Nutty Professor... it really grossed me out... I couldn't unsee it.... where the Klumps are just going at it... lol =) Maybe the IR will offer some select items in the future that aren't buffet... I'm thinking steak, cheeseburgers, salads, creme brulee... etc... a small number of items made really well could streamline things & make it worth their while
  13. ***I love, love, love this! **** The tribute to Nick Universe and the "short-lived return of Winterfest" makes me super-nostalgic! I remember that! Can this stay up? =)
  14. I said blog.. I meant forums... lol =)
  15. Ok, so I do find myself geeking out over the Phantom Theater poster!! =) It is pretty cool How about this.... if KI officials read this blog (do they? I don't know)... For 2023 and beyond.... I want to see the actual Phantom Theater ride return! A reboot of some sort, how 'bout it? You don't have to get rid of Boo Blasters, but bring back Phantom Theater, please!!
  16. You make a good point. I thought that Camp Cedar was owned/operated by a separate company... so the relationship between the two (Camp Cedar & KI) is fuzzy to me... but seeing the Camp advertised on KI's page blurs the line for sure...
  17. Was the Skyride shown in the Cincinnati Kids Brady Bunch episode? Is that the thing that ran parallel to International Street, above the fountain?
  18. Someone else mentioned more "carnival-type rides"...Not sure if anyone else has mentioned this, but I'd like to see more rides that truly anyone can ride.... There's kiddieland... And then there are the big coasters for adults But if you're an adult with some sort of bodily injury (think missing limbs, hip replacement, etc) - I'd imagine your options for a fun day at Kings Island are going to be limited to maybe Boo Blasters, Eiffel Tower, and the Carousel. So I'd like to see more rides that everyone can ride.... think Grandpa after he's fully recovered from a hip replacement or Grandma even if she takes heart pills & something that kids & teens would enjoy - something without cartoon theming...
  19. This is terrible. A ride COLLIDING...really?! Was anyone hurt? Are people ok? People STUCK on a ride... why did this happen? Long ride times. (3 hours?) I keep hearing that Kings Island has "amazing operations" - I'm not sure what to expect now based on these reports. If there's line jumping & a sense that the park is "in disarray" - that's concerning... I would think that last year's brawls at the Park would have been an opportunity for them to create a plan to respond to bad behavior. Guests should face the consequences for their own bad decisions... the Park should be able to deal with this at a moment's notice. Not looking back, but starting fresh THIS season. The whole off-season was a chance for them to think on this problem. Are they understaffed?
  20. Sweet dreams are made of this Annie Lennox lol
  21. I think I can understand where you're coming from. The pictures of Camp Cedar....they look like nice housing for a vacation stay. Nothing wrong with that, but that's not a campground. It's a much different experience than pitching a tent, sitting around a fire, making s'mores, sitting outside.... Perhaps you might enjoy camping at East Fork Lake for a day or two, & then making your way to KI the next day?
  22. I would expect some wear/fading over time, sure, but the first time you put it through the dishwasher? That's bad, really bad. I hadn't thought about what KI's return policy might be, but this makes me wonder! On a vacation a few years ago, I made a purchase from a shop that had a "no returns" policy.... which I initially thought was due to shoppers that were scammers.... nope, it was the owner that was a scammer! I bought a bag, and the straps broke off WHILE I WAS IN THE STORE! Immediately after I bought the item! The owner didn't want to exchange it or give me a refund... I did get my money back but won't ever shop from a place like that again.
  23. Re-open the International Restaurant. A lot of new, beautiful memories could be made there, dining with that amazing view of the Eiffel Tower. And talk about "park pride" - the older generations that remember eating there, or people who worked there - it could really be something special. It could be an amazing place to propose to that special someone, to spend New Year's Eve, or even renting it out for private parties (or heck, as a wedding venue).
  24. Thanks guys! Yeah, the mobile app shows that I have a pass.... and since I like to be super-safe, I'm going to take a print-out to prove what I purchased.
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