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  1. Mike Koontz also said at Coaster Stock that one of his Goals was to update Boo Blasters… I think it is all coming together.
  2. Surprisingly Orion has been having stellar operations lately with no break downs. And I have been getting awesome rides on it!
  3. I heard one time that there used to be a coaster called Invertigo next to The Beast.
  4. Why are the Sling Shot towers back? I just noticed them.
  5. I have heard that so many times!!!!! It’s looking like the park will be packed today!
  6. Was The Bat still down all day yesterday? Anything noteworthy happen yesterday?
  7. Your probably right I was just wishing. But at the same time, Kings Island instead of getting a new coaster, Cedar Fair could save money and just move railblazer give it a new name and that would cover their coaster line up for a couple years.
  8. Are you sure about that? I just checked and it shows camp snoopy stuff, and also it says their dinner: Coasters is getting updated.
  9. I wonder what will happen to the coasters there, will they be relocated though out the chain?
  10. Are you sure this isn’t from last night. If it isn’t and this is true this is crazy, looks worse than a weekend.
  11. Ok thanks. I checked the website and it says Mystic is 45 minutes??? Is this from last night like you said? It won’t let me pull up rides like Diamondback and Orion though.
  12. How do you see this website? Also how accurate is it.
  13. I agree they said this year was a test year and if they don’t bring really high attendance in this year I don’t think we will see it next year. And it is already looking like it will be low attendance for the concerts.
  14. So I can’t help but wonder on Tuesday how the crowds will be for the first concert back at Timber wolf. I am sure the park will be packed all of Tuesday.
  15. I was wondering the same thing. Orion and Mystic are 10 minute waits wow.
  16. This might sound weird but I would like the Intimidator at Carowinds to have Black track and white supports. It also might differentiate it from Intimidator 305 at Kings Dominion.
  17. I will try to take a picture soon I will post it here.
  18. When you enter initially and walk down the first steps after entering the queue it is to the left near the lift hill, I think that is where I saw it.
  19. I am sad to say it but it is looking very likely. If it does go, I will miss it very very much.
  20. I am wondering if they will pull the plug on it… that would make me so sad, but arrow doesn’t exist anymore… getting the parts will be really really hard.
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