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  1. Drop Tower seems down.

    Backlot says open I haven’t heard if that is confirmed.

    Orion says closed I don’t know why.

    Update: Orion now says open 10 minute wait. Must have just been something to do with testing and they fixed it.

  2. 22 minutes ago, Maddog said:

    Personally I agree with change.  Cedar Point as a destination park should only have early entry for Platinum and higher passes, along with resort guests (as it used to be).  $99 is too cheap and brought too many people to early entry at gate drop.  

    I agree, I do think a park like Kings Island where there are lots of things to do that are not just roller coasters is fine with gold pass early entry, personally I have not had a problem with to many people for early entry when I have gone.

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  3. 6 hours ago, FUN&ONLY! said:

    You can use the Free Fast Lane Plus every Sunday except September 4th which is Labor Day Weekend.

    I read the benefits again for the 2023 gold passes and it says you can use your Fast Lane August 11-October 30th 2022, then it says excludes Saturdays and Sunday September 4th so thank you for pointing the Sunday September 4th out to me, looks like you can’t use it on Saturdays though.

    Thank you!

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  4. 13 minutes ago, CoastersRZ said:

    There is a mention on the KI website that says the Prestige passes are by invitation only.

    They also are apparently introducing a Silver Pass, which is similar to the summer pass, except it does allow day time visits in the Fall. So essentially no Haunt or Winterfest visits.  Not sure if it will black on Saturdays since they have both the kid friendly activities and Haunt at night.

    I also noticed on the gold passes they released for 2023 it says you get a Fast Lane free if you purchase by august 14th but you can’t use it on Saturday or Sunday, so that means after daily operations end you have to use it on Friday.

  5. 3 minutes ago, FUN&ONLY! said:

    Kings Island re-introduces Grand Carnivale. It is a great event, but it is nothing new. Kings Island really doesn’t seem to have much new to offer for guests next year. Maybe Diamondback will get a repaint. That should happen anyways, though.

    I hope it gets the very much needed repaint!

    Not surprised KI didn’t receive anything since during the pandemic we received a 30 million dollar giga.

    I am very surprised that CGA is receiving a new ride this coming year especially since it will be closing within the next 11 years most likely. 

    CW flat ride looks amazing! And a new ride for the kids is a good bonus!

    CP boardwalk looks great! Next year KI will be the only park without a wild mouse in the Cedar Fair chain hopefully we get one sometime in the future.

    WOF Titan Track looks great! Love the spiral lift hill and excited to see how the ride experience will be! Layout looks great as well!


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  6. 2 hours ago, FUN&ONLY! said:

    If you look at Grave Peacock’s Twitter page (she is the head of PR for Canada’s Wonderland), you will notice that she has done some teasing.


    Really, Kings Island very well could be getting something for next year. Only Worlds of Fun, Carowinds, and Cedar Point have officially stated there will be an announcement tomorrow, but they never said when or where the announcement will take place (though teasers indicate 10:00 AM). Unfortunately, I don’t see any live announcements happening. I assume all announcements will just be conducted via press release. I assume all Cedar Fair parks will have “announcements” tomorrow morning in the form of press releases whether they are for new rides or just 2023 season passes.

    Who knows what KI will do, we shall see tomorrow during the announcements.

    Still no set time for the announcements?

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  7. 1 hour ago, Orion13 said:

    It’s strange that neither Kings Island’s or Canada’s Wonderland’s announcement has been announced yet. Since Canada’s Wonderland is most likely going to get a new attraction next year and Kings Island might, I find it weird that neither park has announced anything. I’ve been staring at the parks’ Twitter pages for hours, so I’ve been going a bit crazy waiting for the announcements to be announced. Will they just surprise us tomorrow morning and not let us know all of the parks that are getting new rides?

    I have as well, What I am thinking is that KI probably won’t get anything probably just more repaints.

    But is am surprised CW has not said anything since they have a vet high chance to get something but they are completely silent.

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  8. 21 minutes ago, Cedar Fair Fanboy said:

    Cedar Fair Announced today that all the Cedar Fair park will be announcing tomorrow online. It could be at noon in a live video on Twitter Facebook and YouTube and probably TikTok

    Did they say noon?

  9. 17 minutes ago, Coasterteam said:

    Hard to say if Gold Pass is being reduced.

    Rumored 2023 Gold Pass for Cedar Point lacks early entry perks while Platinum still gets early entry still. (I guess this is a good thing because a lot of people were complaining about CP giving Gold pass early entry)

    I didn’t mind it at KI, didn’t seem like it was crowded that much when I did early entry. I hope it stays around at KI.

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