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  1. I agree! I have so many fond memories with Woodstock express!
  2. Ok thanks. Time for some marathons at night!
  3. I wonder if theses concerts will draw lots of people from the park during the concert.
  4. Sorry I didn’t know about the give away so I can’t answer that, but I assume it already did before the 28th. That is my best guess.
  5. It is great to see KI using this restaurant! It gives amazing views!!
  6. Are the summer weekdays busy this year? Are wait times long?
  7. Does anyone know if Sling Shot was listed in the list of rides they were painting for the 50th this year?
  8. Do the stones go by every year? Or when something significant happens at the park. I could see something like a flat ride next year.
  9. Thanks that is good to know. Does anyone have anymore tips that would help with getting my first night rides?
  10. Ok thank you! I was planning to get my first night rides on Orion soon and this helps a lot!
  11. So just to clear things up if you get in line for Orion before 10 while the fireworks are going once they get the all clear you can still get on the ride?
  12. So Beast and Orion don’t run during Fireworks?
  13. What time do the fireworks usually start? So is it like after 10 when rides are closed for the night or is it when the rides are running?
  14. Does Diamondback have its splashdown back yet?
  15. I agree, did you get thrown back and fourth going into the station?
  16. It looks so good!! They did a great job!
  17. Maybe KI aren’t able to keep the water levels at the height that is needed for the water breaks to hit the water.
  18. Sorry I am a little confused, but why are drone launches so important at The Vortex plot of land?
  19. I don’t know if you are hinting something or trolling but I noticed this picture has Vortex in it. Are we supposed to notice something else?
  20. Wow that looks super weird, is it just me or does it also look like the train is crawling through the course.
  21. Something is going on, I can feel it. There has been a lot of activity going on at certain spots that only one can wonder if they have anything up their sleeves this next few years.
  22. I hope they can get it done! It really needs a paint job!
  23. Also a Flat ride like the one in front of Jolley Rancher Remix would look great here! Maybe themed to Banshee since you could get a good view from it.
  24. Looks really good now! It makes the area look a lot better!
  25. Wow! That looks amazing! KI did a great job!
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