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  1. I believe the next coaster should go in The Vortex plot but AZ is in desperate need of an overhaul. So my hope would be a 2025 AZ retheme but not a new coaster do it in the style of Aeronautica Landing at Carowinds and just add a bunch of theming and new flat rides. They can add a new coaster themed to the new AZ down the line after The Vortex replacement. I think it was @Hawaiian Coasters 325 who mentioned the idea of Haunted Hill for the name of the Action Zone retheme. I really like that idea.
  2. Even thought the ride experience isn’t as good with the vests compared to the old B&M restraints would be I think the vests make it easier to check restraints than the old B&M restraints.
  3. I thought about a B&M flyer but they are maintenance nightmares having so many components. And CF didn’t purchase one back when they were popular so I really don’t see it happening. Vekoma offers a similar reliability and I just think they would do a flyer way better. I hear that even Vekoma flyers have airtime.
  4. Wanted to give a shout out to the Banshee crew they have been killing it this weekend! Rolling those trains like I’ve never seen before on an invert!
  5. I recently thought of this and I thought I would share it. I think that CF doesn’t want to top one of their flagship attractions at another park. This can be seen with the addition of Orion that it didn’t top Fury and for some Millenium. That’s why I think KI’s next addition is going to be very unique. CF has been taking a bit of a different route these past few years. Think about how unique the roller coasters they have been adding recently. It all started with Tumbili, the only S&S free spin in the chain. Then Zambezi, the first ground up titan track roller coaster from GCI. Then a spinning wild mouse for CP. Now next year we have the worlds first strata coaster with a spike. A perfectly placed dive coaster with really unique and weird elements. Then we are getting the first family Vekoma boomerang in the US if we open ours up first. My point is CF is looking for unique attractions to bring guests from really far away to experience their new attractions. So that’s why after some thought I think there really is only 3 options that would be smash hits and drive up attendance. 2 that if done right could be the best in the park. 1. A B&M surf coaster. While this wouldn’t be the one I would chose this would be the best option from B&M and there really isn’t anything like this near KI. 2. Mack extreme spinner. I think this would be the best option in my opinion. I think it would need the magnet to control the spinning as RTH is too much for the average guest. 3. Vekoma flyer. I think this could be an interesting choice. It could pay homage to Firehawk. There isn’t anything anywhere near like a Vekoma flyer. This would be the most unique by far but it easily could become the best ride at KI. Let me know your thoughts on what I stated above.
  6. I was at the park last night and here is my review of Haunt 2023. The fog was not as much as past years but I do not blame the park it was incredibly windy and the fog machines endlessly were pumping fog but it wouldn’t stay. Lines were fantastic, longest wait was 45 minutes for Diamondback. Abandoned is a fantastic scare zone and by far my favorite at the park. Alien X was lacking compared to last year I felt. Most the scare actors were wearing the same costumes and last year I felt there was a little more variety. I finally got the chance to ride Sol Spin since it didn’t have a crazy long line. It’s an alright ride. I think I struggle more than most people because I can’t do spinning rides and it was a little more intense than I expected but I am definitely still glad it’s there. It was freezing last night. The wind picked up at least a few MPH around 10pm. Overall I definitely liked this year’s haunt than last year.
  7. That would be awesome. The only problem is there would be too many people waiting for one specific line hurting capacity even further since it would have to take up an entire car. I could see though at Coaster Stock they could take off the magnet and have the cars free spin. They could advertise it as the only two days of the year you can ride a ride that is like this in the entire country. I think that would bring in a ton of people. I’ve mentioned this before. I think people when they hear extreme spinner they think oh no I don’t do rides that spin I can’t ride that. But you really have to ride for your self to see. It is not at all nauseating whatsoever. I can’t do teacups or anything like that but I rode Time Traveler 7 times in one day and 5 rides in a row without feeling sick once. I even had a ride when I was the only one in my car and I was spinning like crazy but when I came off I did not feel dizzy at all. I got right back in line and rode again. It’s insane how re rideable it is!
  8. The spinning on Time Traveler is very similar to GCR. I’ve said before it’s only really extreme because your are going through inversions, airtime hills and quick transitions while spinning. It’s more like a slow rotation than a spin.
  9. It spins just enough that it’s thrilling and unique but not enough to make you sick.
  10. The controlled spin really isn’t like a spin it’s like a slow rotation.
  11. Here are my thoughts on the issues you mentioned: 1: Cost. I could see this being a problem but with attendance up and with 4 non Covid seasons after Orion, by 2026 I don’t see it being much of an issue. CF is willing to pay the big price tag if they know it will be a good return on investment. 2: Capacity. I could see this being a problem during Haunt but SDC has really seemed to get in a groove and TT line is the fastest line in that park. 3 trains and over 1,100 riders an hour not bad capacity but not the best. 3: The GP not liking spinning coasters. I think this would be an issue if we got the free spin on the cars like RTH. I hear that RTH almost never has a line and is too extreme for the average guest. Time Traveler on the other hand has a control spin and it works really well. I personally have gotten the chance to ride Time Traveler and I can’t do any Teacups or spin rides but Time Traveler is not at all nauseating it’s unbelievable how re rideable it is. In fact I rode it 5 times in a row with no dizziness whatsoever. Time Traveler is always the longest line at the park and I hear guests come off saying they loved it and want to go again. One other thing you mentioned. Yes I have heard that too, Copperhead underperformed for what CF needed. I mentioned this in another topic, Copperhead is a standard launch coaster I don’t really see guests driving really far away to ride a ride that will be similar they can ride a lot closer. Although I can see people on the east coast driving all over to ride an extreme spinner since the closest one would be in Missouri which is really far for some people. Here again is where that uniqueness factor comes into play that worries me about adding plain launch coasters. I do see some of these being minor issues but nothing CF and Mack can’t fix.
  12. I wouldn’t say it won’t happen. I definitely think the park knows how successful Time Traveler was.
  13. Maybe because they already have 3 B&M’s lol.
  14. Wanted to mention something here. Cedar Fair has stated that they want to add unique attractions to their parks to draw in new guests that don’t come currently. I think a Mack extreme spinner would fit that criteria perfectly. I worry that adding a plain launch coaster may not bring in the guests that they want.
  15. I had an awesome year! I still have some visits to KI and Dollywood this October but after that my 2023 will come to a close. KI takeaways: With last year being my favorite year all time in KI’s history, my expectations I think were a bit too high for this year. Employee moral seemed down compared to last year. Budget cuts were frustrating but not the end of the world. Diamondback’s repaint not being done is probably what frustrated me the most. I know it is hard but I really wish it could have been done for opening day. I would have rather have the ride been closed for repaint than half painted. Adventure Port seemed very rushed. It’s a nice addition definitely better than before but the area could really benefit from some trees. Looking ahead to 2024: I really hope the park can bounce back and have a better year in 2024, here is what I would like to see. Camp Snoopy finished and ready by opening day. It would definitely help having a new attraction at the start of the year. I’ve already mentioned this but I would really like to see more trees in AP next year. Not really an improvement but I hope we get to see the start of our next coaster in 2024! I know how good KI can be something just felt off about this year and I really hope the park can bounce back next year and the first step would be opening SSBR on time next year. My 2023 achievements: I had 0 RMC credits at the start of the year and now 4 which is amazing. Visited 4 new parks this year got a new number 1 and doubled my credit count. 2023 was an awesome year and 2024 theme park season looks even better!
  16. Ok thank you. I had heard there were some coasters that you had to pay lockers for your bags but I can’t seem to find anything if that’s true or not. If any coaster was to have lockers I would assume it’s Wild Eagle. Big Bear looks fantastic! I love that it has a low enough height requirement that my family can join me!
  17. I did not see that there is no vests! You are right, thank you for correcting me.
  18. It honestly could go either way we’ll have to see when an animation is posted or when the ride opens next year. There is an argument for both sides. The photo really doesn’t show any swinging but the park also stated that you will swing side to side as you go through the layout. The other thing is the trains don’t look the same as the ones on B&M’s family invert their website. Those offer vest restraints these seem to be lapbars.
  19. Does anyone know if Dollywood has bins on all the coaster platforms for my bag?
  20. The problem with a Mack powersplash is the new Intamin surf is going to OG not too far away and is a very similar ride experience. I think Carowinds could benefit from a Mack water coaster instead.
  21. I don’t think we would receive a B&M wing because GateKeeper is 3 hours away. Plus if KI wanted to do a launch, Thunderbird is just over 2 hours away as well so I don’t see that as a likely option. I don’t think capacity would be a huge issue if we got 3 trains like Time Traveler. Time Traveler has an hourly capacity of 1,100 riders with 3 trains on the track. If we got a ride similar to RTH then it would be a problem with only 550 riders per hour. If we got a Dive I’d really like to see a narrow track dive coaster. Or at least one without a mid course break run. It really hurts the pacing.
  22. I looked at the webcams last night and I couldn’t see anybody on the pathways because of the fog. The first time in years that has happened. The fog takes a while to get going but around 8pm it starts to cover the entire pathways It’s so awesome.
  23. I think either one would be exactly what we need. Time Traveler and Ride To Happiness have a 51 inch height requirement. 51 Inches would be the lowest on an inverting coaster in the park. If we weren’t getting SSBR then I think the next coaster would have to have a 48 inch height requirement but with that addition I don’t think it matters as much. Thank you for sharing! I would like a B&M surf themed to King Cobra as well somewhere down the line just not as the next coaster with 3 out of the last 4 additions coming from B&M. I think the free spin on RTH is too much for the GP and I have heard that it never has a line that it’s too extreme for them. I think the control spin makes it just right. I have ridden Time Traveler and I don’t do spinning rides well but the controlled spin is not at all nauseating.
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