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  1. My only complaint about the fog is thos huffing the fog as it comes out. I literally sat in pumpkin eater on Friday for 30 min and watched about 25-50 people (mostly minors) huffing the fog.
  2. in all fairness, haunt needs to disappear for a while until crowds can conduct themselves better during this time. that's one of the many reasons why i left.
  3. not to mention they would call off the experimental thursday due to weather then fridays would be worse and NOT call off those days... ...fun times ant the FUN & ONLY... ...come on, get happy...
  4. ME! does anyone else remember when before the canons there were rubber hoses that would spray in every direction? my aunt called them snakes one time. rotag whos as old as white water canyon.
  5. the key to having haunt actors as part of the ride is keeping them from tearing things up like a dog with a new chew toy.
  6. its Cedar Fair, not busch gardens
  7. id love to see a return of der spinning keggers or a trabant. id also like to see what i saw onetime on a ride manufacturers web page of a teacup ride themed around half barrel shapes. but more than anything i would like to see a giant skystar wheel like the one in the smokies for the island.
  8. last i heard, the footers didnt line up with the coaster so they have to pour all new footers.
  9. regular or flaming hot? i as well as for my choice id like to see something in a king fisher blue and royalty purple
  10. i dunno bout checking out but about an hour away in louisville is kentucky kingdom. but then again last time i was there was when six flags owned the park.
  11. you are welcome. just wish i couldve been up to do some riding.
  12. me and a friend decided on a spur of the moment trip to IB since it had been 5+ years for me and she had never been. we got stuck in rush hour traffic around indianapolis and we thought we were going to be late getting there for opening. thanks to gps and my driving we got there with half an hour to spare before opening. when they opened we parked on the side where you had to walk the bridge to get into the park (she was not a fan of how it bounced from all the foot traffic). first place we stopped at was the IB Crowes Nest shop. thought about getting a shirt since they had them in my size but decided we would later so we arent packing around merch while we were there. as we past my favorite ride LoCoSuMo, i made mention that i would like to ride that at some point today as the rides didnt open for another hour. we noticed as we passed by the slushy stand that one of the flavors was "red, white, and boom". upon asking, turns out its like a bomb pop which means i cant have as im allergic to cherry anything. we slinkered down the boardwalk and i noticed that there pirate ship they did shows off of was missing along with the boat that serves food. we stopped off and looked at all the carp, and we both came to the conclusion that its hard to stop looking at, yet they are a beautiful disgusting fish that are like puppies wanting fed. we finally made it down to fascination (which is my favorite game of all time) to discover that all game including this one are by a cool cash card only. so we had to back track down past the sweet smelling gourmet popcorn (which i noticed they removed all the clocks for each time zone) to the escape room challenge to get and load up $20 onto a cool cash card. after loading the card we proceed back to fascination to be told our card had no money. so we went back to escape room challenge and after the system glitched for a min or two, our card was fixed. so to test it out we went instead to the shooting gallery were some of the targets worked and my friends quick trigger finger made the 15 shots go by super fast. next we went into Dr. Frankenstein's Haunted Castle which is an attraction i love going through when i have others to go through it with me. we both had fun despite the fact she was overstimulized from the jump scares, half of the animatronics werent working, and we tried every door in the room of doors and the only way out was through the chicken exit. at one point i thought she was going to need my inhailer. afterwards we checked out the arcade and played my favorite arcade shooter that you dont see anymore called CarnEVIL. checked out the IB History Museum and made it back to the fascination parlour. we played several rounds of fascination. i was like a kid where after every win from either side i was like "AGAIN?!". then we mossied on down tow the souvinier shop where i see they finally stopped selling IB ceramic ashtrays (i died a lil at that moment). then we were going to go to guest relations to turn our one day ticket into a season pass. they was busy so we decided to go for food and drinks. well the rooftop gardens was closed, but the skybar was open. we found out that this season the rooftop gardens is for private events only (unlike years past). so we sat down at the bar and saw some new drinks to try and they now have whan you scan the QR code, you can order food from inside the park and have it delivered straight to you in the skybar. so from the pronto pup stand i ordered nachoes with chili, cheese, and jalapenoes, popcorn chicken with ranch, and deep fried pickles with ranch. i ordered a drink called the lazy river and it just wasnt for me. now my next drink, OMG!!! it tasted like BBQ! it was called a BBQ bloody mary. it had curveball BBQ whiskey with bloody mary mix and vodka. it was garnished with a pickle, an olive, and a spicy green been that i gave to my friend as i dont do green beans. and played about $24 worth of music in the jukebox. the bartender who was mopping the floor before anyone else showed up enjoyed my music selections and told me i cold come back and be her jukebox dj anytime. we decided it was ride time, so we decided to go do LoCoSuMo. the closer we got, the more we determind that it was probably best if we just go cause she was getting tired and i started to get winded. by the time we got back up to the bridge, i had to take a few puffs of my inhaler. the drive home was tiresome and filled with rush hour traffic again. at some point we stopped to rehydrate but omg did the trip home feel long. we both came to the conclusion that i need to get into better health before i head out to another amusement park.
  13. yes, i agree. never got a chance but they looked fun
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