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  1. So I decided to take one of my friends to the park today. It was her first time there. We parked in preferred parking and got a really good spot. Before entry into the park we we to the restroom. I should’ve known at this point that it wasn’t going to be an ok day as I ended up getting sick. Once done I thought I can tough this out for her. We visited 2 shops and we saw some merch that we would love to get but was like we’ll get them at end of visit so we not toting it around all day. After the shops we noticed there wasn’t anyone stopping us from walking the park so we went and got on boo blasters. She wolloped me with a score of 1250 to 990. Then as we walked around to db was reminded that it was a coaster event going on and moseyed along to the train where I saw my friend T. H. From coaster crew and caught up with him for a little before moving along. As we pass beast and the ol Vortex location to the back of coney maul and my friend was dying to do gobblet toss. Out of the 15 balls we won 5 small stuffed animals. We went over to area 57 (I think that’s what it’s called) and those rides hadn’t opened yet. So we meandered to the arcade then got on the scrambler as it was running. Had fun on that ride and went to the Eiffel Tower and rode elevator to the top so she could see what all was in the park. Afterwards we went back down and got a drink wristband. First choice of the day was red cream soda no ice. (I despise ice as it wastes the drink). Then she needed to use the restroom again so we went to the base of coney. Then it was time to eat so we went to coney bbq. I had burnt ends with sidewinder fries, spicy bbq sauce and vitamin water. During the meal which I took my time eating my friend kept asking if I was ok. I didn’t want her to worry so I told her I was fine but I was just at the start of not being ok. Next we went and rode Adventure Express. It was tougher than I remembered but I still had fun. On our way to Action Zone I asked if she would like to cut through festhaus so I could get some air. She once again as we went inside need the restroom again. As we exited we went to ice scream zone for refills and I got a lemonade with no ice. I noticed it went down faster than normal. So we put our stuff in a locker by Banshee and went to ride Congo falls. I got quickly annoyed as surrounding us was teenage boys promoting their friend to line jump to catch up to them and a bunch of elementary/middle school girls pushing and shoving each other. Once it was our turn to ride, I’ll be durned if the lil angels didn’t swarm the boat and take our spots before I could even step into the boat. The ride op had a heck of a time getting these heathens under control and body count correctly into the boat. That boat leaves and we were able to catch the next boat. As the boat started up the lift hill, it stalled and we had to wait for the lift hill to start again. We finally got our ride in and noticed the entrance to Congo falls was closed. We went to get our stuff out of the locker and as we was passing ice scream zone, that something felt off. I couldn’t tell if it was the heat or my blood pressure but something was off kilter. So we asked the folks at ice scream zone to get first aid. While waiting, they gave me 3 cups of ice water that also went faster than I expected. The first aid truck picked us up and drove us back to first aid where my oxygen was 98, my heart rate was 138, and they measured my BP twice cause it was elevated. They gave me a glass of water that I downed, a cold wrap for the back of my neck, my nose bled for about 5min and I almost got sick again. After I started feeling ok I had them drive us to my car and we drove home. Moral of the story is don’t let stubborn pride to show your friend a nice time at someplace they never been, outrank your health for the day.
  2. bet they only run second side when its super packed.
  3. last time i was down there was when it used to be owned by six flags. it was an 80% terrible time. hopefully it has improved.
  4. for the longest time it was a yellow sponge chasing a pickle. i do miss DoT the film ride.
  5. wonders if itll be a musical stage like what used to be where DB's que and station is now.
  6. first lets hope they make the land walkable before putting in a frontier style town. as for a coaster, if Vortex could be there all these years (and supposable sinkage) then i guess another coaster could fit in with little to no land redevelopment.
  7. Anyone planning a trip there soon. I’d love some locosumo/dr.franks/fascination in my life again.
  8. So let me get this straight. They ditch there old galaxi and a few years later get another one under a different name???
  9. Besides the drones; I didn’t see any topic this season for holiday world. So I thought I start one with saying I’ll be making a trip soon, so be on the lookout for a trip report by me.
  10. thats been a dead space for years and i too would like to see something put there whether it be a building like a brewhaus or a flat ride or one of them giant ferris wheels.
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