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  1. This thread gives me a question then - I bought a pair of camera glasses over the offseason under the impression that they were allowed at KI as long as they were secured with a glasses strap. However, some posts in this thread make me think that might not be the case. Can someone help me out here?
  2. There is already a thread for this..
  3. Was going to make a new thread but I found this one... When we last visited Great Wolf Lodge in early December 2022 the Hydro Plunge water coaster was closed for good and about half of it ripped out. There was signage all over the waterpark about a new attraction coming to replace it in spring 2023. Has anyone heard anything about this project or can share pictures?
  4. Who said anything about a video? That's a fair statement
  5. Awesome! Do you know what ride you will be running?
  6. Isn't Six Flags the one who is notorious for being cheap? If Six Flags would make an investment like that, CF absolutely could.
  7. Here's a concept I made for Adventure Express - would this be at all possible?
  8. Interesting how it was supposed to have a splashdown after the indoor section. That would've been cool.
  9. I went to Cedar Point during the last week of August and I was able to ride every coaster in the park, plus many flat rides, plus 7 re-rides on coasters. While not everyone may be able to do it, it's possible.
  10. If you are visiting this week Kings Island will not be open. It is not open until April.
  11. Why is Bavarian Beetle on the bottom?
  12. Thanks a lot. I'll try to fix it with a reupload, now that I know the real story. I searched endlessly for the origin, but the best I could find was this article which claimed it debuted along with the ride. I'm a huge fan of yours and very glad you were able to clear this up.
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