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  1. Why is Bavarian Beetle on the bottom?
  2. And a little exploitation of tragedies.
  3. Thanks a lot. I'll try to fix it with a reupload, now that I know the real story. I searched endlessly for the origin, but the best I could find was this article which claimed it debuted along with the ride. I'm a huge fan of yours and very glad you were able to clear this up.
  4. Interesting. I've tried both and personally they taste the same to me.
  5. @Oldschool75 I don't believe there's any false information in the video. Maybe rather than leaving a rude comment, you can tell me what I got wrong so I can fix it?
  6. Quick clarification: It's the single day FunPix, not season pass.
  7. Hey, My family is attending KI soon and is considering getting the FunPix. Do we just need to buy 1, or does every ticket need their own FunPix pass? Thanks in advance!
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