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  1. Is that just because SOB was made of Southern Yellow Pine? Becuase most of KI's woodies are made of that same wood.
  2. Cool that it's open, but sad that the Outpost 5 tweet had no mention of SOB
  3. Something I noticed.. All the teaser videos so far have had caption on Twitter such as Outpost 1,2,3, and most recently 4. This means that outpost 5 is next...
  4. Absolutely saving this image
  5. I thought you guys would enjoy this video I made about an S+S 4d Coaster coming to KI. Let me know what you think.
  6. IMO Zamperla doing it isn't realistic when they've never built a launch coaster more than 50 feet tall.
  7. Wait, does Diamondback still have its old color scheme?
  8. Here's a comment I received on one of my videos: "I’m from Wilmington Ohio. I went to Kings Island once as a young man. The only coaster I can remember was called The Beast… you could ride it foreword or reverse… does anyone remember that?"
  9. I have 1 extremely bold prediction: The Vortex plot will be filled with an S+S 4D Coaster with the same color scheme and themed to Vortex.
  10. Read the policy, it looks to me like I am considered "accompanied" as long as my parents are in the park and I can reach them by phone, and it seems that's how most people interpreted it as well.. Am I reading this wrong?
  11. After reading the policy in full I realize it won't affect me as I plan to enter with my family and then split up, and they will be available via phone. However, it's still frustrating for people who just want to go by themselves.
  12. This is annoying. I was planning on spending some time in the park by myself this year (i'm 15) and some bad apples have ruined it for everyone else..
  13. I read this wrong and thought Mystic was being torn down, lol
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