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  1. If I order pins from their online store, do I get the passholder discount or no?
  2. This should be as simple as handing you a FotL card when you first enter the park when they scan your Prestige Pass. It should pop up if you have received your FotL card for the day. If not, they hand you one. Simple and fast. Maybe it could even be incorporated into the special Prestige entrance. If you miss the time frame for the Prestige entrance then you would have to use the Fast Lane, Guest Service, Height Check stations? There has to be a more convenient way.
  3. Phantom Theater Encore was robbed!!!! "Kings Island took its 50th anniversary to heart with a wide lineup of entertainment. Two of its shows made it into the five finalists. “Fun, Fireworks and Fifty — A Kings Island Nighttime Spectacular” created a nailbiter in the race to snag the Golden Ticket. Its No. 2 spot was a tight finish. “Phantom Theater Encore” placed fourth. The latter was a nod to a former dark ride attraction that longtime fans have missed for a couple of decades. “We celebrated some of the most historic moments in the park’s history this year with seven new shows, highlighted by our ‘Fun, Fireworks and Fifty’ every night on International Street,” said Mike Koontz, vice president and general manager, Kings Island. “I literally tear up every time I watch the show. It takes me full circle from my first visit in 1972 to today,” said Don Helbig, area manager, digital marketing."
  4. The small outdoor lounge is not going to cut it. They need to invest in a large prestige indoor air conditioned / heated lounge. Something that SCREAMS VIP.
  5. This isn't my video, but if anyone would like to see the last performance from Sunday here it is!
  6. Would be awesome if they did one show without the makeup on; would be pretty neat to see the actors.
  7. Since we are talking about hot actresses in the show; Can we get some love for Willard the "Caught in the Ropes" girl?
  8. Hello! My family of five is new to Kings Island. We will be traveling 5 hours from Mid Michigan twice this summer for 7 nights each time. We have purchased a Season Pass for each of us as well as the All Season Dining & Season Pass Drink Plan. When ordering at a food establishment, how do we go about it with the food and drink plan? I know that the options are the ones with the Dining Plan logo. 1. Do I walk up and order the meal and just present my Season Pass when they ask for payment? 2. Do I first tell the clerk that I have the Dining Plan and then order the meal? 3. Same with the Drink Plan, do I just order the drink and present the pass as payment; or do I have to say "I have the Drink Plan, can I have a cup?" FunPix Question. If I add the All Season FunPix to my youngest daughter's pass, would the pictures with the roaming photographers be with only her? Or could the entire family be in the photo? How does it work when exiting a ride with a ride photo option? Is there a kiosk that you scan the FunPix card or do you have to tell the clerk you have the FunPix card? "Play & Save" - On the Kings Island website there is an option for a Play & Save bundle. https://www.visitkingsisland.com/play-save It says "Not Available". Is this just not available online and can be purchased at the park? If it is purchasable, what does it include? Thank you so much for taking the time to read my questions and for anyone who answers them. Emily
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