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  1. I made some concept art for what I would retheme Action Zone into. It still keeps the horror theme that The Bat and Banshee fit into, and replaces some of the older flat rides to fit the cryptid forest theme.
  2. I made this virtual ride-through of how I would bring Phantom Theater back:
  3. I don’t know if anyone would know anything about this, but I was reading the descriptions for the new Hotel St. Michelle and it honestly seems a lot like a Phantom Theater house. I might be just be making a stretch, but especially with it taking place in the 1920’s, and the detail of going through a boiler room, I have a theory that it may have been planned and partially constructed as a PT house, but have been changed during development to be a hotel.
  4. Here’s some concept art that I made for a possible Phantom Theater revival. I feel like there’s a strong chance of the ride being reimagined after the success of Encore. I feel like it would likely be placed inside the Boo Blasters building in order to save money on a new ride system/building. This may be wishful thinking on my part, but I think that there’s a chance the practical show scenes from the original could be modernized and reimagined instead of relying on screens or a shooter element. I also feel like a revival could include animatronics, but with less movement compared to the originals.
  5. Theory: If all of the Cedar Fair announcements are coming next week, could they be planning to announce that the Phantom Theater ride is returning on Sunday? The final day of the encore show was recently moved to August 14, rather than the 21st without any reason. I think this could be because they may plan to announce that they’re bringing the ride back at the final performance. A lot of Phantom Theater fans may be attendance to see the final show, and they would have the perfect opportunity to at the end when Larry corrects Maestro on when they’ll be coming back (“Actually sir we’ll be back at… because we’re not really in a Union)
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