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  1. Okay, so this trip has been postponed until this sunday. Life got in the way and now I'm still nervous. Although I saw someone comment about how squishy you are, and I'm pretty squishy so that should help. Here is a picture of me at a 3/4 angle if this helps. I want to ride everything if I can (I'm okay not riding the Drop Tower) And I really don't want to be pulled out of line to test the seats, or have to do the walk of shame if I can help it. I've only had to do the walk of shame once, but that was because I was riding with someone of = size, and they couldn't be stapled in. I went back in and rode with my brother and it worked out just fine. That was on the FoF about 4 years ago. I've gained since then as one does, and am super nervous bc everyone I'm going with this time is like a stick. I know none of them will have a problem on the rides, and I know they've never had to go through worry like this. Do you guys still think I should be okay? My brother is taking me and paying for my ticket, and I don't want him to have to pay all this money (We're all getting FastPass+) just for me to not be able to fit since it's my birthday we're going for. I am willing to get a sports bra if people will think that'll help. My bust is at 48 I believe. Although I have not done any measurements, this is the only one I can be sure of. (Also sorry for the picture, my hair was doing something weird, I forgot my shoes, and it was weird lighting)
  2. Well I read somewhere that the Flight of Fear has "roomier" seats on the even numbers. But I haven't heard of that since I've been there last and was wondering if that was true or if you've heard anything about it. FOF is one of my favorite coasters, and I don't want to be embarrassed if they can't staple me in.
  3. Hi everyone! I'm going to KI this Saturday, and as you can guess I'm a bigger girl. I am just shy over 300lb and 5'7". Although it's pretty evenly distributed, I'm still large enough to be worried. I've read a forum or two on here, but the newest one was from 2018. Roller Coasters are my absolute favorite, and I really want to try and ride everything if I can! But is there anything I should watch out for? or is there certain rows or seats I should sit in? Thanks everyone for the help!
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