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  1. https://www.worldsoffun.com/rides-experiences/zambezi-zinger
  2. IG was testing in early 2020 and opened 2022.....
  3. Is there a prestige only gate to enter the park?
  4. Walked up Fast Lane to find a crowded station. Passes on it today
  5. Rode this exact same zamperla at coney island this past July. Let that sink in, Cedar Point has a clone of a coney island NY ride. Lmao
  6. We will be at holiwood nights. Only one good coaster but the event is great especially the Waterpark ert.
  7. Holiwood nights sold out quicker for this year, sorry.
  8. Yes, that's the one hawaiian coasters says is opening summer 2024. We all know zamperla was probably the cheapest and if the project fails cf will file lawsuit.
  9. Will this actually stay open? Must have been a steep discount with the debacle of harley quin.
  10. They retracting the ride big deal, LMAO. Guess they need to generate some buzz to keep up with BGW.
  11. Straight drops has better airtime. A curved to straight like expedition GeForce would be ideal though.
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