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  1. What it takes to become a coaster youtuber is wealthy parents.
  2. Other companies lsm launches are like 60 to 70mph. How would Cedar Fair feel like they could trust somebody to to nearly double what they have done? Don't say an s&s air launch. It's unreliable with loads of moving parts as well. They had an attraction in Europe that ran like 3 days before being defunct.
  3. There's a Drop Tower already on the same midway....
  4. Supes used to be great but with the modifications and the recent trains with the u bricks there is no airtime.
  5. Why does the skywarp models have so many problems?
  6. The voyage is even more of a terrain coaster. It's constantly gaining elevation all tge way up and losing elevation all the way back.
  7. When was it ever stated that the perks were good at other parks? Sounds like they shut you out of their vip lounge but let you in and gave you the single front of line since they didn't know what they were doing.
  8. For a family of two platinum passes going through cw with 1 meal plan, 1 drink plan and two asflp I will save around $330 after tax and conversion.
  9. Did you have to "buy" an actual pass card or did they give you a new one for free?
  10. Seems like they were correct when your pass did not grant you access to the lounge. Maybe the employees just overrode the system to give you the one single ride flp? Cedar Point's website is less vague than ki's but still has issues like saying prestige plus will act like a "gold" at other parks. I have a suggestion @BoddaH1994 why don't you ask Don Helbig on your next podcast before more people spend 400$ to just be disappointed when trying to redeem features such as a single flp at another park besides the home?
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