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  1. Went to this December 20 with my parents. Due to my family's work schedule and traffic on the way (the backups were caused by traffic lights), we didn't get there until around 6-6:30. Aside from walking around and taking pictures, we ate at the Festhaus and watched Swingin' Into Christmas, watched the parade, and looked at ice sculptures, including one that was in progress. Next time, whether by myself or with family, I will try to get there earlier. Anyway, something has been bugging me. I have been looking for unique and original Christmas songs, past and present. For Swingin' Into Christmas, I figured out a couple I didn't know (Magical Time of Year and Cool Yule), but there is still one I can't figure out. It had lines like "You better run run run away run away Rudolph" in it. Googling the lyrics didn't help (I just get that Chuck Berry classic, which isn't this song). You know what song that is?
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