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  1. If and when you do, put me down for the “first copy.” Wink wink.
  2. What if Kings Island had managed to have Jungle Jim’s loan a monorail train for display during the 50th anniversary year?
  3. Or, they could look into the Pacific Northwest for a potential market for a new ground-up park or acquisition. Aside from Silverwood, Oaks Amusement park, and other fairgrounds, that market is mostly untapped.
  4. What if the K.I. and M.V. railroad had suffered the same fate as the Old Dominion Line?
  5. That’s Paramount for you. They probably wanted it in the most central location in the park for the most exposure in order to promote their branding. Though that is just speculation, mind you.
  6. I have two of the posters. One of them is of the K.I. & M.V. Railroad which is in the basement with the rest of my railroad paraphernalia. The other is of the Antique cars which is located appropriately in the garage. Who else puts their decor in locations that make sense?
  7. Yep. It would share the same name as the woodie at Worlds of Fun.
  8. While this idea of expanding the railroad to encompass the park has been talked about before, in the end, it faces a lot of hurdles. For one, you would need tons of infill dirt to create a smooth gradient for the line spanning the perimeter of the park which has varying topography. And before you can even consider that, there is the fact that the original manufacturer of the railroad, Crown Metal Products, went out of business in the late 1980s. The current owner of their assets, the Tweetsie Railroad in Blowing Rock NC, uses them only to maintain the currently running Crown trains. And even then, it takes a while. It took them two years to replace the boiler of the engine on the railroad at Worlds of Fun in Kansas City. I hate to be a downer on this, but that’s just the way it is. Kings Island just wasn’t designed to have in-park transportation. The closest thing it had to such was the Skyride which spanned from Octoberfest to then the Happy Land of Hanna Barbara. And even then it didn’t even last a decade. However, if by some miracle, a mode of in-park transportation can be built, whether it be train, chair lift, or even monorail, I would be behind it. Also, I think that the people who think the entrance should be changed don’t fully understand the reason why it was designed the way it was. To be a kind a of cavernous gateway between the real world and the park within. As you enter the dark and “see the light at the end of the tunnel” you are at first treated to a small glimpse of fountains and buildings which entice you to continue forward. Then, the buildings, fountains, and Tower at the far end are slowly revealed, and once you are fully in the light, the full view of the street and tower is revealed, creating a grand entrance which welcomes you to explore what is there.
  9. I wonder if anyone has an answer to my question. If I renewed my pass right now, and got the gold pass but didn’t get the all parks passport, would I still be able to get into Cedar Point later this month since my pass is currently a platinum? Or not?
  10. Interestingly enough, you are not wrong. RFYL used to be a part of Rivertown when it opened with the park.
  11. They not offering the all-season Fast Lane anymore?
  12. What if Paramount decided to build The Italian Job: Stunt Track somewhere else? If not Action Zone, then behind The Racer next to Flight of Fear. Would we still have Les Taxis today and possibly a revived Overland Livery? Or would Cedar Fair have just torn them out anyway for something else? Such as another restaurant like they did at Cedar Point’s Frontier Town.
  13. I concur. Why not something like “Formula Two Racer”? This name is a play on “Formula one” racing with the “two” indicating that it is the second incarnation of this coaster. Or refer to its now two vertical sections.
  14. Time to get back on track here. How do you think the season long add ons will be affected by this new thing? Dining, drink, Fast Pass, etc.?
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