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  1. There appears to be no practical way to reduce long lines at amusement parks. It's a quirk of their design, and should just be accepted as a ritual of the culture. One alternative is to eat off-park, but since about 5,000 others will likely have the same idea, expect to travel a little farther to less-busy areas in order to avoid huge lines at off-park restaurants as well. Unless you have preferred parking, you'll have to factor in the very long walks to and from your hot car/truck, and also deal patiently with pedestrians, other vehicles, etc. on your way to the parking lot exits. Cherish the joy of each ride, meal and show, because you will have put a lot of time into waiting your turn.
  2. She calls the ladder clowns "monsters."
  3. My girlfriend's three-year-old granddaughter can't wait to see the "Purple Monster Show" when it opens in the Kings Island Theater on the 27th.
  4. Because I'm me, and I really have to overdo visually that which I can't otherwise easily articulate, I give you:
  5. I think, if it hasn't been changed, it goes from "KIC Tourist" to "KIC Local," etc., right up until you can simply name your own rank. I think if you play around with the members filter, you might be able to detect at which level each "rank" is awarded. I find it kind of fun, and a way to gauge how much time and energy KIC fans have devoted to the fabric of the forums.
  6. Great points, but one could apply the same argument for scramblers, troikas, and flying scooters.
  7. I actually had a gaggle of mixed geese stop by my back porch occasionally when I lived in Landen. These were Canada and greylag geese, sometimes accompanied by other anseriformes like mallard ducks. They had been spoiled by the previous occupants, who must have fed them a lot, because they would cautiously waddle up to our patio and, once they realized they weren't getting fed, would simply lay down and tuck their bills into their feathers and sleep. Because of this, I developed a love for the species, but I understand how they can annoy some.
  8. I just love the name of the company; it sounds like a cruise missile manufacturer. On the likability front, Invertigo and FAAC are the only two I'm aware of that I've ever ridden in my life, so I can really only sit on the fence and observe.
  9. LOL maybe, if they'll let me get away with it!
  10. Oh, there will be cannons! There wi-hi-hi-hi-hilll be cannons! Mwa ha ha!
  11. There is an Army Reserve center directly behind the park. I don't think they have a landing pad there or not. 39.347201, -84.245793
  12. Wanted to share a video I created over the weekend, after spending a couple of weekends at the park with my girlfriend and her kids and grandkids (shh... we're only in our mid 40s) I blended in some footage from across the last two seasons, and shared it to Facebook and YouTube, to convey to friends and family all across the country the "feels" of visiting our beloved park. Enjoy! (More coming after I pick up my 4K camera next month, when things get into full swing!)
  13. Rhymes with "Lump." My girlfriend told me that Diamondback splashdown is gone (again?) Did I miss something this year?
  14. The lights were on all night, at least every time I came by to film them. So happy to see them back!
  15. IT seems like it's time to modernize to submersible LED fountain lighting anyway, if the decision makers so desire. I can think of some practical uses for drones as it relates to scaring away Canada geese.