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  1. I've seen a couple of items on FB about some kind of horseplay in the parking lot by some rapscallions. I've seen or heard no media news on it yet.
  2. I'm back. Much love, all! :)

  3. The age-old argument for a set of restrooms in that area could see some fresh light.
  4. I have a feeling that it is going to be Skylab, which is an Enterprise like Witches Wheel... which is … going away from Cedar Point.... and is made of iron... hmmm :(
  5. The "fly" commercials when X-Flight came to town. Did I say X-Flight? I meant "Firehawk." "Experience the feel of flying." The experience turned out to be more "feel like you're constantly about to be tossed headlong out of a rubber water bladder!"
  6. It turned out being 2h 50 mins for us that day. The FL line was out onto the midway. A lot... I mean a lot... of give-ups walked out of the line ahead of us (probably 1-day guests not wanting so much of their precious park time standing in lines), shortening the wait a little bit. Boy did they miss out. That coaster is the greatest roller coaster I've EVER ridden. Ever.
  7. I went for a swim at my community's pool last Wednesday, and a group of people who look uncannily like the Gravity cast were chilling out by the pool. (Few people I've encountered have "Phil's" "Carmine Ragusa" hair!) My girlfriend and I wanted to ask them if they were, but decided to just leave them alone and be happy with the notion that a Cirque cast might be our neighbors. Can't wait to see the laser bit again.
  8. The cool thing about MS Paint is how we can quickly overlay track ideas onto map images and submit them without losing pace with the conversation. Even I can't keep up sometimes, given the passion this community has for coaster innovations Sometimes I'll pull out PowerPoint, draw up a nice, 3D-looking thing, and by the time I post it, we've moved on to other areas; in those cases, Paint is your friend! @Hawaiian Coasters 325 your designs are pretty awesome, esp. the tunnel elements.
  9. Island Club. You can literally watch the fireworks and the Eiffel Tower light show from the walkway in front of our apartment. You'd think it was comfortable walking distance, but there are no sidewalks on Columbia Road, and trying to traverse the thick, wooded buffer between our complex and Western Row Road would prompt "Gimli" from "Lord of the Rings" to ask "What madness drove them in there?"
  10. Magnificent! I saw the 5:00 show on Saturday. One of the bicycle acrobats wiped out, got right back up and completed the show! It was the first ever Cirque for one of my girl's friends, and she was "blown away." I don't care too much for some of the bathroom humor in the warm up audio, but I guess it's harmless enough
  11. Sorry for the double post. Malem filled me in on the situation It's just fun to try the old hand at doing visuals again.. it's been awhile. Can't wait to see the final product. -Tb
  12. The tower has gotten something of a new attitude in the intervening years, as well... well, at night anyway.
  13. I had submitted an idea nine or ten years ago. Something like this:
  14. Maybe they can let nature reclaim it; let it breathe for a couple of decades instead of further damaging earth's fragile ecosystem for the sake of a few profits a[BOOT TO THE HEAD!] ...uh... I mean... Giga. Yeah, that sounds good.
  15. It's over. We can't go back. The lovely music was nice when it lasted, and we all have our memories of it. That's where it will stay. It's just an amusement park -- a money-making enterprise that attracts masses of people who seem to care less and less about theming and ambiance as they adjust their virtual environment with their phones... each in a different, custom world of their own as they seek to satisfy whatever daily "need" tickles their individual fancy. The wonder is no longer shared, so why present it that way?
  16. Wish they'd do the same with that ugly, gray cone antenna on the Southeast side wall of the tower head ... or put one on each side to make it symmetrical.
  17. What is the Edith Piaf-sounding song during the flexible streetlamp act? I can never get Shazam to work in there... Thanks in advance!
  18. I really like how they filled in the conspicuous gaps in the tramp act, by having the robotic spots shine on the drummer for some nice solo work between the various trampoline demonstrations. Smart!
  19. There appears to be no practical way to reduce long lines at amusement parks. It's a quirk of their design, and should just be accepted as a ritual of the culture. One alternative is to eat off-park, but since about 5,000 others will likely have the same idea, expect to travel a little farther to less-busy areas in order to avoid huge lines at off-park restaurants as well. Unless you have preferred parking, you'll have to factor in the very long walks to and from your hot car/truck, and also deal patiently with pedestrians, other vehicles, etc. on your way to the parking lot exits. Cherish the joy of each ride, meal and show, because you will have put a lot of time into waiting your turn.
  20. She calls the ladder clowns "monsters."
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